Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 708

However the expression on Lu Huaiyan’s face was still solemn. “The team of Lingyin College is also very strong. They have a lot of strong cultivators. They suddenly proposed that the tournament was moved forward.”

Hearing this, the look of Baili Hongzhuang and the others looked heavy, they had not entered their own rooms right away but gathered in one together.

Tomorrow was the day that the college tournament began, they believed that the two mentors had something to explain to them.

After all they had absolutely no knowledge about the Lingyin College so far.

The so-called know yourself and know your enemy determines the victory. They needed to know at least a little information about the other party so that they could prepare for the fight tomorrow.

“The strongest of the cultivators in Lingyin College is the Crown Prince of the Qing Dynasty – Nangong Aochen! Nangong Aochen is now eighteen years old. Two years ago his strength had already reached the innate realm, now that two years have passed, I don’t know how much he has grown.”

“Nangong Aochen is eighteen now, wasn’t he only sixteen two years ago?” Xia Zhiqing exclaimed. A sixteen year old innate realm, this talent was truly one of a kind.

Lu Huaiyan nodded slightly. “It is said that he will graduate from Lingyin College next year, so they want to use him as their trump card to win this time.”

As soon as he had said the words, Gong Shaoqing and the others understood that. “This Lingyin College is truly too treacherous!”

Since he would not be there in two years when the tournament was supposed to have happened, the chances of winning would be lower and thus they moved it forward.

Lu Huaiyan and Fu Hongbo’s eyes were also filled with contempt. Lingyin College had done all this step by step, so many dirty methods had been used.

“In addition to Nangong Aochen, the strength of the second prince, Nangong Xiujie has broken though into the innate realm, and the third prince, Nangong Yujin is not that far from breaking into the innate realm.

“Besides them there are other cultivators, but these are from the royal family. The three princes are the trump cards of the Lingyin College.

“Because of this, the pressure on you is immense.”

Fu Hongbo’s voice was heavy. If there was only Nangong Xiujie and Nangong Yujin they still had Baili Hongzhuang and Gong Shaoqing, those two could deal with them.

However the strength of Nangong Aochen was simply too massive, the chances of winning were low.

Xia Zhiqing and the others faced one another, this situation was much more serious than what they had initially thought.

They did not expect that Nangong Xiujie and Nangong Yujin were this outstanding. This was going to be a difficult win.

“I have received news that Nangong Aochen will not appear in the beginning, he won’t come out before the finals, so you won’t meet him tomorrow.” Lu Huaiyan added.

The strength Nangong Aochen held allowed him to obtain this privilege. In front of this tournament, if you wanted to fight Nangong Aochen, then you had to win. It is not meaningful to just participate in the tournament, it was best to give the chance of fighting Nangong Aochen to someone strong.

“Mentor, then what about the cultivators of Beihai College?” Liu Qinyue could not help but ask.

Bai Junyu was also puzzled. “Yes, what about them? They have also lost two consecutive tournaments, why are they so proud?”

He really could not understand this point. Obviously they were also losers.

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