Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Baishi Appears

Fu Hongbo’s face showed a bit of helplessness, “That is because the first place in the last two college tournaments has been Lingyin College, while second place has been Beihai College. Canglan College has placed third both times.”

Baili Hongzhuang and the others suddenly understood, one after another, they had been last, it really sounded quite bad.

Seeing the expressions of Baili Hongzhuang and the others, Lu Huaiyan could not help but say, “the reason that Canglan College is always last, is because Lingyin College and Beihai College have joined forces.

“In the previous tests, the students of Lingyin College severely hurt our students, so it was naturally impossible for them to get good results on the second day.”

Lu Huaiyan an Fu Hongbo’s eyes gleamed with anger. If the other side did not use such underhanded means, they might not have failed, but because of their actions, they lost in this way. How could they accept it?

“Seriously, the Lingyin and Beihai Colleges are simply too much!”

Bai Junyu cursed, this was despicable and shameless, the other party did not even want their faces.

Lu Huaiyan was helpless, “there might be injuries in this tournament. The other party will claim it was by accident, we are helpless to do anything.”

“This time you must be careful. Even if you can’t win, make sure you don’t die. Although the results are important, in our eyes, you are more important,” Fu Hongbo said seriously.

When the words came out, everyone’s hearts were touched.

Compared to many mentors who only cared about results, Lu Huaiyan and Fu Hongbo always put their safety first.

“The strongest amongst the cultivators of Beihai College is Xiao Lanmei, he has also broken through to the innate realm. Once you meet him you have to be extra careful.”

As the two mentors explained the situation of the different students from the two colleges, the mood of everyone turned heavy.

Lingyin College had two cultivators in the innate realm, there was also one in the Beihai College. These two colleges had united, while Canglan only had Baili Hongzhuang at the innate realm.

As a result, they were in a difficult position.

Gong Shaoqing was right on the verge of breaking through the innate realm, but a slight bottleneck was in the way.

It was a pity that breaking through to the innate realm required opportunities. Only by grasping the opportunity could they successfully breakthrough, otherwise they had no other choice than to wait.

Although the face of Gong Shaoqing was expressionless, his heart was a bit eager. If he could successfully break into the innate realm, then their success rate would increase a lot.

When Baili Hongzhuang returned to her room, Little Black and Little White had jumped directly from her head and sat on the table opposite to Baili Hongzhuang.

“Master, this situation is not very good,” Little Black frowned. “We do not know how strong this Nangong Aochen is.”

Little White nodded, “He broke through to the innate realm two years ago, and with the cultivation resources and heritage of the royal family, I believe he has at least reached the fourth stage of the Red World.”

Baishi climbed from the arms of Baili Hongzhuang onto the table, it’s face filled with expectations, “Master, can I participate together with you?”

Hearing this, Little White’s eyes shone brightly, “Yes! Baishi is master’s contracted beast; it should be able to fight alongside you.”

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