Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 923

Chapter 923 Gods Investiture List Opens Killing Tribulation Begins

“So, this is the background story of the gods and immortals in Huaxia?” The viewers in this world finally reached the end of Investiture of the Gods.

“What about Jiang Ziya?” many people asked.

After all, even Shen Gongbao had been granted the title of East Ocean Water Splitting General.

“What godly title does he get?” many members in the tour group who were watching the TV Series with Mr. Fang asked him in a hurry.

Ignoring what the Chan Sect and Jie Sect had done, Jiang Ziya’s achievement in the gods’ investiture was unprecedented. Although he wasn’t as powerful as the immortals on the Gods’ Investiture List, he had done his best on this journey. During the process, he had almost died and lost his powers several times. For example, in the Ten Ultimate Arrays, he had been in mortal danger with only one hun and one po left.

However, the viewers listened to the investiture of the gods for a long time but didn’t hear his title.

Nalan Mingxue looked at the Gods’ Investiture List and said, “Now that all the 365 main god positions are given out, does it mean that Jiang Ziya won’t be able to become a god?”

“Does it mean” Su Tianji also said in surprise, “He remains as a mortal?!”

It must be noted that even though Jiang Ziya had cultivated in Kunlun Mountain, it was only a couple dozens of years; he was still a mortal.

“Um” Mr. Fang said, “Jiang Taigong has no godly title, but he has the God-Thrashing Whip. He is responsible for supervising the gods. Just as the saying goes, ‘Taigong is here, and gods must retreat.'”

[TL Note: Jiang Taigong is another name for Jiang Ziya who is also known as Jiang Shang. Taigong means great grandfather, which is a respectful title given to elders.]

“A mortal can supervise the gods?!” these people had never imagined that a mortal could have the right to supervise gods.

It was unthinkable.

Then, the viewers watched as King Wu of Zhou Dynasty granted titles to the feudatories. The world regained peace as the gods took their different duties. A new era began on this miraculous land.


“Awesome!” Not only the viewers in the old shops, but the elves at the West Continent also savored Investiture of the Gods and were reluctant to see it end.

Meanwhile, they were envious that this miraculous land named Huaxia had so many ancient gods and immortals guarding it.

They felt lost as the TV Series came to the end.

However, they were sure that this excellent legend would circulate and be passed down for thousands of years even in this land; it expressed their own beautiful wishes and hopes for immortals and gods.

“I feel uncomfortable at the thought that there’re no more updates to Investiture of the Gods in the future” Elf Girl Sala said regretfully.

“Yeah.” Elf Queen Kellybel agreed, “I feel a little bit lost.”

“Let’s watch it again.”

“Okay! Okay!” The elves immediately went to watch Investiture of the Gods for the second time.

– At this moment –

Mr. Fang checked his task progress.

[Task: Challenger’s Tutorial

Task Reward: The Soul of Lords of Cinder*1, System Upgrade Big Gift Bag*1, 5-day access to the new upgraded system cultivation room]

[Do you want to claim the reward?]


[System Upgrade Task: Acquire Many Energy Crystals (Completed)*2]

[Do you want to claim the reward?]


[Do you want to open the System Upgrade Big Gift Bag?]

[Do you want to open the Mythological Gift Bag?]

Mr. Fang clicked on [Yes] to all these questions and opened three gift bags!

Instantly, several purple-golden light beams shot into the sky!

[You obtained item: Sky-Turning Stamp!]

[You obtained item: Chaos Essence Golden Dipper!]

[You obtained item: Ten Ultimate Arrays blueprint!]

[You obtained item: Nine-Turn Yellow River Array blueprint!]

[You obtained item: Advanced Carrier Rock*5, Godly Summon Rock*1!

[You obtained item: Immortal-Slaying Flying Saber!]

[Event Item: Gods’ Investiture List!]

System said, [Gods’ Investiture List can’t be stored in the system storage space. Please find a place to hang it.]

– On the Demon-Slaying Platform in Innumerable-Immortal Sea –

Almost 10,000 immortals gathered here. In the name of killing demons in the Lower Region, the eight major families had recruited countless hermit immortals living in the mountains and oceans. With miraculous superpowers, these immortals were a great force for this imminent war!

Furthermore, this expedition to the Lower Region was personally led by the immortal masters and supervised by sages. If necessary, they would reveal the biggest hidden cards in the major families the primeval sages and saints might even show up!

“The Ultimate Holy Item of Fortune…” A sense of coldness appeared in Wondrous Spell High Holiness’s eyes. “Regardless if it’s true or not, since you dared to have contact with this item, even the demonic gods from the Nine-Fold Darkness can’t protect you!”

Meanwhile, 10,000 godly light beams surged up outside the Gods’ Palace as troops were getting ready for the war. Dressed in a golden suit of armor, the God of Radiant Light Judgement sat on a huge gold dragon.

About ten of the greatest gods who were born before the Heavens and lived in the central godly mountain of the Gods’ Palace now looked at the great army by lowering their heads.

The downfall of the Radiant Light Godly Palace meant the complete rebellion of the lowly humans in the Lower Region. It concerned the reputation of all the gods, and they wouldn’t allow anyone to bring shame to the gods!

“I’m the Godly King of Radiant Light!” A booming and magnificent voice came from the godly palace. “We must show the mortals in the Lower Region the horror of gods’ fury!”

“The ultimate holy item belongs to us!”

When the gods were furious, the whole world would collapse!

Meanwhile, below in the Plane of the Nine-Fold Darkness

A gloomy voice came from the total darkness. Before it, countless figures were on their knees. Even demonic gods trembled in the deep darkness from which many greedy eyes stared at the mortal world. “Through the endless void, we will enter the vast Heavenly Realm.”

Perhaps in their eyes, mortals were only bugs that they could trample at will. In their eyes, their enemies were only in the Heavenly Realm.

The mortal world was just their battleground!

“I wonder how much of my power can this world withstand?”

This day, at the Yellow Spring Sea outside the harbor of Half City in the Continent of Immortal Relics.

The cultivators at the monitor station on the Heaven-Swallowing Turtle saw winds and clouds surging up in the sky. Huge waves shot up from the dark ocean, and the land beneath their feet shook as if the whole world would collapse!

Above the ocean, mist surged up like a primeval huge mountain. Then, they saw giant shadows slowly emerging from the mist!

In the East Continent, thunder boomed in the sky! Lightning bolts pierced the thick clouds in the Ninth Heaven. As if the heavenly gate was opened, several golden clouds flew out with surging purple essence. Different from the ancient sages who were in seclusion cultivation, these immortal masters were the rulers of the major families. Led by them, members from the eight major immortal families, various elders, and countless masters from overseas immortal mountains gathered together. Above the layers of clouds, figures stood in dense rows with flapping immortal flags. The presence spread all over the Heaven and Earth!

In the ruins of the Radiant Light Godly Nation at the West Continent, countless godly light beams shone on the mortal world like golden light that had separated the Heaven from the Earth. The golden light beams turned almost the whole sky above the vast West Continent golden!

“Look!” In the Canglan City Shop, many people put down their virtual reality headsets in puzzlement and followed the others out of the shop. They looked up and saw that the entire sky and the clouds seemed to be covered in a layer of gold dust!

“What’s happening?!”

“Heavenly and Earthly Phenomenon!” Elder Hyru looked grim. “This is a Heavenly and Earthly Phenomenon ”

In the new shop at the East Continent, Elder Senior Sister Yu Yin, one of the core disciples of the Heavenly Faction, led a group of disciples out of the shop after watching Investiture of the Gods. They saw groups of immortals standing outside the shop as murderous presence swept across the land and murderous shouts resonated in the sky.

The whole shop was tightly surrounded!

“Where’s the owner of this place?! Hand over the item that you’re not supposed to touch, and we’ll let you die in one piece!” a voice boomed in the sky like a clap of thunder. It was from the Wonderous Spell High Holiness.

He had been defeated last time. But this time, he had immortal masters behind him! He had primeval sages of immortal families behind him!

Murderous presence swept across the streets outside the shop as the temperature dropped to zero. The whole place became chilly with murderous spirits!

“You people repeatedly invade our territory in the mortal world. Considering that it is hard to obtain your cultivation strengths, I’ve let you go several times,” a voice sounded from the shop. Different from the mild tone in the past, this time, the voice was full of murderous spirit. “You don’t show any repentance. Do you really think that you won’t experience killing tribulations in the mortal world?!”

“Gods’ Investiture List! Open!”

The killing tribulation began!

A bright golden light fell from the sky!

Stars moved as if they carried primeval essence. The chaotic sky opened as a huge stone tablet on a round platform appeared on the top of Phoenix-Cry Mountain in the Continent of Phoenix-Cry Mountain. It pointed at the vast sky like a sharp sword!

In the dazzling light, three huge ancient golden words on the tablet illuminated the Heaven and Earth!

The Heaven and Earth shook violently as if they were answering to its appearance!

A figure walked out of the shop. Everyone looked up and saw clouds gathering and immortal light floating in the sky while several golden seal-script-style words appeared beyond the sky.

[Gods’ Investiture List!]

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