Blossoming Flowers Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Personal Gains

Han Qingshan took Jiang Yingyue to the office. He could see that she had something to say, but what it was, he did not know.

When they were in the office, Jiang Yingyue quickly explained the whole situation to Han Qingshan.

"I think something is wrong," she concluded. "He Yuyan would never beg me, nor would she ask for forgiveness, kneel in front of me or kowtow in front of me unless she benefits from it in the end."

Han Qingshan frowned when he thought about it. Jiang Yingyue was correct. Han Qingshan was very well aware of He Yuyan's personality, and he knew that what Jiang Yingyue said was right.

He Yuyan would never volunteer to do this, nor would she do it just for the sake of the He family.

"Don't worry about this," Han Qingshan said as he smiled. "I am going to deal with this."

Having said this, he fished out his phone from his pocket and dialed a number that Jiang Yingyue did not know.

"It's a long time since I last heard from you, Young Master Shan," an apathetic voice sounded on the other end of the phone, and the voice caused Han Qingshan to grimace slightly.

"I need you to check up on who He Yuyan has had contact with lately."

There was a slight silence before a grunt of acknowledgment. Afterward, the phonecall ended, and Jiang Yingyue looked at Han Qingshan with puzzlement. Who was that?

Han Qingshan smiled wryly when he saw her confusion, but he did not explain it in detail. He was afraid that if she knew the real identity of that person, she would no longer feel so positive about him.

'That person' was the guy who dealt with everything that Han Qingshan couldn't deal with himself. That could be anything from making people vanish from the face of the earth, to investigate the background of someone and their secrets.

"He is a hacker," Han Qingshan glossed over the subject, "he usually finds information for me."

Although Han Qingshan knew that Jiang Yingyue loved him, he was afraid that she would not be able to accept the part of him which was not law-abiding.

Jiang Yingyue was unaware of what was bothering Han Qingshan, but she caught a glimpse of unrest that flashed across his eyes, making her chest tight and her heart worried.

Had Han Qingshan kept some secrets from her? Was he intentionally hiding something? The moment the thought arrived in her heart, she pushed it away and shook her head.

She was not going to doubt Han Qingshan. He had already given her so much, and he had never judged her for her own shortcomings. Who was she to suddenly judge him? Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The smile that had faltered slightly returned to how it was before without Han Qingshan noticing anything.

Her swift internal conflict ended without Han Qingshan noticing anything, and she felt even more confident than she had before. She had also found a sense of inner peace, and the smile that adorned her face was so sweet that Han Qingshan was lost in it for a short while.

When he finally regained his wits, a smile appeared on his face, and he dragged Jiang Yingyue into his embrace, tightly embracing her and placing a kiss on the top of her head.

She was his treasure. He wanted to do anything for her and shower her with affection and love. He only wanted her to know of the bright sides of life and never get involved in anything that might harm her.

Jiang Yingyue let Han Qingshan hug her as he pleased, a sweet smile was on her lips as she leaned into his embrace. She was genuinely feeling blissful at moments like these.

Her lithe arms wrapped themselves around Han Qingshan's waist, and her head was resting against his sturdy chest, his steady heartbeat ringing in her ear, bringing with it tranquility and peace.

They were standing close like this for a few minutes before they unwillingly released the other. Although they would want to do nothing more than bask in the light of their love, they had a lot of responsibilities that needed to be dealt with.

Han Qingshan sighed in regret as he moved to the desk, where he flipped through some of the documents on the table before he sat down and began working on them.

Even Jiang Yingyue was busy. The Han Corporation had many things that Han Qingshan needed to deal with.

Jiang Yingyue, who was his personal assistant, was always rushing from one department to another to deliver papers, request papers, or order people to deal with specific projects.

Everyone was very polite towards Jiang Yingyue. They knew that she was not only the personal assistant of Han Qingshan but also his sweetheart.

While some looked at her with envy, others felt that she was lucky, and yet some were feeling nothing at all.

But all of them were cautious. Even if she was not their current lady boss, she was still the current lover of Han Qingshan, and if she got annoyed with someone, wouldn't they end up losing their jobs?

Jiang Yingyue knew that these people were all looking at her with various emotions. Some held hostility towards her, which originated from jealousy; others held curiosity and a mindset of wanting to see a show. But one thing all of them had in common was that they did not believe that the relationship between Han Qingshan and Jiang Yingyue would last.

Their background was too different. Although they were a couple now, there was a chance that the family would not approve of her, and thus, their relationship would slowly die out.

Also, Han Qingshan was a young man. How could he possibly settle for one woman when he was a young master that could get anything he wanted?

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