Blossoming Flowers Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Underhanded Deals

Han Qingshan was also stunned by Zhou Yan's appearance, but he felt that something serious was happening. Usually, he would only appear in case of something having happened to Jiang Yingyue.

Thinking like this, the expression of Han Qingshan turned solemn. He looked at Zhou Yan and saw that there was a seriousness in his face, apart from some sadness, and he gently patted Jiang Yingyue's hand. "Go upstairs," he said, "I will come soon. I need to speak with Zhou Yan about something."

Jiang Yingyue frowned as she looked from one man to another, but in the end, she did as she had been told. She nodded her head and got ready to go upstairs. Since she had been told to do so, then it was evident that there had to be some sort of reason for it.

As soon as Jiang Yingyue had left for the elevator, Han Qingshan looked at Zhou Yan, his gentle features changed, and he looked solemn and aggressive.

"What is going on for you to appear here?" Han Qingshan asked, his voice not at all polite.

"I have some bad news," Zhou Yan said. "I might cause some problems for Jiang Yingyue; you need to look after her well."

"What is happening?" Han Qingshan's face was dignified and very unhappy. Zhou Yan had nothing to do with Jiang Yingyue, so why would he cause her problems?

Thinking like this, he was in a bad mood, but Zhou Yan still just sighed and felt conflicted.

"You know of the Mu family?" Zhou Yan asked, after a bit of time, instead of answering right away.

Frowning, Han Qingshan was not sure of where this was going, so he nodded his head, "I know."

The Mu family was different from the Zhou and Han families. It was a massive family like them, but where they were more or less illegal. The Mu's were a family that flourished underground. They were a family of gangs, the largest gang in the country.

"The Mu family's youngest generation only has two descendant, a young woman and her older brother," Zhou Yan said, and Han Qingshan nodded his head; he was aware of this.

"The Mu family wants Miss Mu to marry into the Zhuo family," he continued, "and the Zhou family has been interested in this marriage contract, so some have considered it an engagement already. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I just haven't agreed yet, and neither has my grandfather, so it is not official. The woman just thought so, and she has been hanging onto me for a long time.

"Miss Mu used to be my good friend, but when she found out that I have no interest in marriage with anyone else than Jiang Yingyue, she started to get strange. I cannot accept her strange behavior, nor the danger she might put Jiang Yingyue under.

"You know what kind of methods that the Mu family uses, so it is no secret what her plans are for Jiang Yingyue. We need to find a way to solve it."

"How do you know about this?" Han Qingshan asked with narrowed eyes, and Zhou Yan sighed. "I have made Lin Qiang be by her side, making her think he works for her, rather than me. Fortunately, he showed his real loyalty today, but I am worried about what she might have planned."

"He Yuyan is involved," Han Qingshan said. "The rest of the He family is likely unaware, but He Yuyan is definitely involved in this."

"Oh?" Zhou Yan raised an eyebrow, "we should get rid of her then."

"I plan on doing so," Han Qingshan agreed, "but my original plan was to use her to lure the snake out of its hole, but since you have now told me who is actually against us, I no longer have a use to keep her around."

"But what should we do about Miss Mu and the Mu family?" Han Qingshan was feeling slightly worried. "Since she wants you, and Yingyue clearly doesn't want you, why don't you sacrifice yourself for her happiness and marry Miss Mu? Then she will feel much more at ease."

Zhou Yan snorted in disdain when he heard this. "That won't work," he said, annoyed. "She knows what Yingyue means to me, and thus, she will never let her off."

"This is a problem," Han Qingshan admitted, feeling slightly troubled. "Although our families are mightier than the Mu family, we are mainly following the path of legal actions; it would be tough for us to fight against the Mu family who excels in using underhanded deals."

Zhou Yan nodded his head. "Will you be able to control the entire Han family to protect her?" he asked.

"I can," Han Qingshan did not doubt this point. "My grandfather was not a big fan of her at the beginning, but I am sure that he too will protect her from any danger."

"I see," Zhou Yan's eyes flashed with pain, as he was reminded of how well she was being treated and how happy she was now that she had gotten rid of him.

But after contemplating for some time, he took a deep breath. "I can control the Zhou family to look after her too. I owe her a lot from our childhood, and we Zhou family members always repay our debts.

"If the Han and the Zhou family go together, I am sure that we will be capable of beating back the Mu family. We do not need to defeat them, just enough to make the Elders stop indulging Miss Mu."

Han Qingshan spent some time thinking about what he had said. They did not need to defeat the Mu family; they just needed to make Miss Mu pull back. That should be possible if their families worked together to put pressure on the Mu family.

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