Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 933

Chapter 933 Aftermath

Chapter 933: Aftermath

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Fang Yuans cultivation had already reached a point where he could resurrect using a drop of blood. He could also split his spiritual will.

Earlier, he intentionally allowed his palm to be cut off so that he could seize an opportunity to punch the seal!

He grasped the perfect time to unleash his attack! Using a Pangu Giants flesh as a sacrifice, he released his full power. Celestial Thearch Mount Mang had used all his strength to seal Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment off. Meanwhile, the two Zenith Heavens had concentrated their attacks on Fang Yuan!

Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water trembled. An opening appeared on Demon God Myriad Thunders enormous seal!

This was Fang Yuans plan. A single fist to end it all!

Hahaha I can finally see the light again!

Demon God Myriad Thunder knew how to make good use of this once-in-a-lifetime chance. In an instant, he exploded most of his body, turning it into wildly dancing lightning.

Meanwhile, his main body turned into a streak of lightning and disappeared into the void.

While Celestial Thearch Mount Mangs attention was diverted, and the two Zenith Heavens chased after me, if he couldnt escape even after I created an opportunity like that, he deserves to die!

Fang Yuan arrived at the human realm and looked at the stars in the sky, his pupils not moving at all.

That fist he had left behind was enough to fulfill his promise with Myriad Thunder.

As for the Infinite Devourer, that was an unexpected joy.

Within the human realm, the fates of the countries are aligning and gathering together. Lin Shoucheng is doing a good job as the founding monarch. Hell sit securely on this position for a hundred years. After all, he shouted for the previous rule to end and for a new dynasty to be established. With Celestial Thearch Mount Mang backing him, theres nothing left for me to worry about!

Even though the Celestial Thearch could choose to change the Son of Heaven, this would undoubtedly cause turmoil.

Furthermore, Lin Shoucheng and the country of Lin did not do anything wrong. If the Celestial Thearch forcibly did so, he would suffer a backlash.

In any case, he was now an emperor in the secular world. Even if he knew that Lin Shoucheng was associated with Fang Yuan, Celestial Thearch Mount Mang would still choose to let it go.

But it seems like there are some major changes in the immortal sects

There was no doubt that the returning two Zenith Heavens would reorganize the Immortal Daos forces. There was no way Fang Yuan could continue to dominate them.

Fortunately, he had taken the opportunity to squeeze as much as he could out of the Immortal Dao. He had even sent them out to help unify the human realm.

Now that his plan had taken root, even if Supremacy Carefree and Supremacy Numinous Treasure wanted to replace the human emperor, the Celestial Thearch would not agree.

Of course, the reshuffling of authority in the Immortal Dao was unavoidable. However, this did not matter to Fang Yuan.

Since his pawns had completed their task, he let the situation unfold on its own.

Furthermore, the vast majority of the Spiritual Realms Golden Immortals and Heaven Immortals were under his control die after his second lecture. Even if they returned to the Zenith Heavens temporarily, their future was still uncertain.

After all, they were under the influence of his Great Dao and the Derivatives. It was double-layered insurance that Zenith Heavens could not overcome.

The matters in the secular world and the Immortal Dao have come to a close. The next step is to enter seclusion and increase my strength!

Although this battle over the Spiritual Realm was short, it gave Fang Yuan a brand new perspective on heaven and earth.

After Excellency Mount Mang succeeded the position of Celestial Thearch, he was almost like a Netherheaven Demon God, greatly shocking Fang Yuan.

If he had not directed all his attention to sealing Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment, Fang Yuan would not have had anything to do. No matter what plan he had in mind, it would not have worked. The best outcome would be escaping.

After Myriad Transformations is Netherheaven. But since Ive just broken through to Myriad Transformations after accommodating two Great Daos into the Dao of Creation, wanting to advance to Netherheaven immediately is wishful thinking!

Of the three Demon God realms, Void Amalgamation and Myriad Transformations required continuous accumulations. The amount of accumulations needed during Myriad Transformations was even more horrifying. A Demon God at this stage had to comprehend as many Great Daos as possible to perfect their Dao path. Once they completed that, theyd be able to ascend to Netherheaven.

Without the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique, it would take ages to accumulate that much

Even as a Dream Master with the Dream-Traversing Technique, Fang Yuan was not confident he could accumulate enough to progress during Myriad Transformations.

If this was the case for him, ordinary Demon Gods were in an even worse situation.

In fact, most Mental Demon Demon Gods were at Void Amalgamation and only had one Great Dao.

Anyone in the Myriad Transformations realm was a rarity, but anyone resembling Fang Yuan was an absolute freak.

Since I cant go to the Mental Demon Realm, I might as well stay in the Spiritual Realm. This realm doesnt have many restrictions, there arent many at the Demon God level, and the Celestial Thearch takes up less than half of the Qi in the Spiritual Realm.

Deep in thought, Fang Yuan transformed into a ray of light and arrived at the edge of an ocean.

Celestial Thearch Mount Mang and the two Zenith Heavens were finally out of trouble. Their next move was obviously to clean up the Spiritual Realm.

Since Fang Yuan had released Demon God Myriad Thunder, he could share the pressure.

Become a sect patriarch? Hehe, how could the trivial position as one of the Zenith Heavens entice me?

As long as Fang Yuan wanted, he could go to any world. He was Supremacy Creation, beloved in any world.

However, all of this was merely floating clouds. Only his improvement was permanent.

The Spiritual Realm is vast and boundless. The human realm is only a small part of it!

He arrived at a particular part of the ocean. Diving deep into the ocean, Fang Yuan used his will to push the waters apart. He created a one-hundred-acre space in the middle of the ocrea.


With a thought, the power of his Creation Dao flowed out.

The mud and coral reefs turned into flat, solid ground. Large bricks rapidly piled onto the ground to create a luxurious palace.

Pearls, gems, and various precious deep-sea specialties were put on full display.

All of a sudden, a cave appeared underwater where nobody else was around.

To mortals, it looked exactly like an underwater dragon palace.

If Demon Gods like me choose to hide, even Celestial Thearch Mount Mang wouldnt be able to find us. On top of that, hes far from the human realm.

Fang Yuan stepped into the golden jade palace, sat on the throne, and shut his eyes.


Above his head, a colorful cloud emerged, and a Great Dao materialized. It was the Creation Great Dao!

The Creation Great Dao had grown two times larger compared to when he had first condensed it.

Following the swirling Great Dao, a black dot surfaced from the Great Dao river and gradually approached him.


Fang Yuan waved his hands.

Eight pillars erected themselves within the palace, and a sword attached itself to each one.

Creation Sword Array Ive already expanded its ability to seal to the greatest extent.

He sighed and released the black spot from the Great Dao. It went to the center of the pillars.

Buzz buzz!

The void trembled, sending out strong waves. However, it was sealed by the sword pillars, and not a single wave could reach the outside.

The black dot gradually grew larger and larger. Finally, it revealed its true body. It was a large, round ball that was bound by multiple chains. A terrifying cry came from it. Ill devour you! Ill devour you!

Infinite Devourer, stop wasting your energy! Fang Yuan said calmly. Since I dared to rescue you, theres no way Id be afraid of losing control.

The Infinite Devourer was nothing more than an ordinary Void Amalgamation Demon God. Fang Yuan was already at the Myriad Transformations realm and grasped three Great Dao!

At that level, suppressing the Infinite Devourer was simple.

Ding ding!

Multiple chains wrapped around the sword pillars. They winded round and round, reinforcing the seal.


The Infinite Devourers volume lowered by half, sounding muffled.

Dream Demon I swear I will devour you!

His broken voice traveled choppily.

Haha, Ive never responded to the cry of a defeated dog! Fang Yuan crossed his arms and looked at the massive seal before him. Do you know why I chose to bring you out here?


The Infinite Devourers choppy voice was like a broken recorder.

Naturally, its because Im interested in your Great Dao! The Devour Great Dao can consume both tangibles and intangibles. Even concepts!

Fang Yuan said somewhat regretfully, Youre only one step away from the Dao of Heaven Devouring. Its a shame! Truly a shame!

He had a strong premonition that if the Infinite Devourer obtained the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique, perhaps Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment would no longer be around.

Even though there was nothing the Infinite Devourer could not devour, there was nothing he could do in the face of an illusory Great Dao because this was the specialty of the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique.

Fang Yuan had brought him because he wanted a glimpse of the Devour Great Daos secrets.

Since Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment had condensed a Heaven Devouring Great Dao, Fang Yuan was confident he could create a true Heaven Devouring Great Dao by using the Devour Great Dao as the foundation, the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique as the channel, and other techniques as the framework.

Since were all Demon Gods here, I wont hide anything from you. I need your Devour Great Dao!

Once Fang Yuan said this, the palace fell silent.

Myriad Thunder! the Infinite Devourer roared. He was so angry that he wanted to bite that guys head off.

If it werent for Demon God Myriad Thunder handing over the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique, how would Fang Yuan have come up with this idea?

What made the Infinite Devourer even angrier was that Myriad Thunder had this technique all along, but he had never revealed it to him.

The Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique had a compatibility of at least sixty percent with his Devour Great Dao. It would have been more than enough for him to enhance it to an unbelievable stage.

However, an opportunity like this was lost for no reason.

On top of that, Myriad Thunder was an accomplice to this outsider devouring him. Why wouldnt the Infinite Devourer be angry?

Fang Yuan had obtained the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique. Without a doubt, he was very dangerous. There was a possibility he could completely die here.

In a life-and-death situation, the Infinite Devourer seemed to have finally regained his sanity. He advised solemnly, Dream Demon you cant do this! If the Demon Gods in the Mental Demon Realm found out that you devoured another Demon Gods Dao path, theyd chase you down till the day you die

For existences like me, nothing can change my mind once Ive decided! Fang Yuans expression was firm. Of course, the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique is profound. If I want to cultivate, Ill need time. You should treasure it

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