Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Mystic Technique

Chapter 934: Mystic Technique

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Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique!

Inside the palaces main hall, Fang Yuans fingers extended gently, as though he were playing the harp. Rays of light shot out.

The Creation Sword Array revolved, evolving into Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Furthermore, the Pangu Giant was suppressing him together with the Impermanence Great Dao and the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao.

Various restrictions silenced the Infinite Devourer.

Heaven Devourer means devouring the Heavenly Dao. It seems like the Demon God who created this technique was quite ambitious. Furthermore, he wasnt at the Netherheaven realm either!

If he had reached the Netherheaven realm, he could directly hunt and devour the Great Daos of other Void Amalgamation and Myriad Transformations Demon Gods. Why would he need to research other techniques?

Only a Demon God below Netherheaven would require such a technique.

However, if you think about it, the Mental Demon Realm is a harsh environment. Its a dog-eat-dog world

By harsh environment, he did not merely mean that the vitality of heaven and earth was scarce. Even worse was facing the threat of death every day!

Those Netherheaven Demon Gods were like top-grade predators. If ordinary Demon Gods did not huddle together to protect one another, find a strong patron, or obtain some reliable treasures or unusual techniques, it would be difficult for them to survive, unsure if they would survive to see the next light of day.

It was no surprise that those Demon Masters and Demon Gods enjoyed exploring other worlds instead.

Other than increasing their strength quickly, doing so was also a form of escape for them!

Away from the Mental Demon Realm, they escaped the terrifying Netherheaven Demon Gods!

It seems like choosing not to go to the Mental Demon Realm back then was the right call!

Fang Yuan collected his thoughts and directed his attention to the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique again.

This technique was best for suppressing others. It used a Demon Gods Great Dao to infiltrate another Demon God and refine their Dao paths.

As such, it carried a certain level of danger.

However, after sealing the target, the effect is much better. Ive captured the Infinite Devourer for a while now, obtaining quite a lot of vitality from him, and even his Dao paths nomological rules

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and pulled up his stats window.

Name: Fang Yuan

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: Demon God (Myriad Transformations)

Pathway: Creation Great Dao, Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao, Impermanence Great Dao

Technique: Pangu Eagle Body [Strengthen Witch Bloodline (1st Tier)], Creation Sword Array [Ninth Sword (100%)]

Specialization: Botany [Level 6] (Maximum), Heavenly Eye Seer Spell, Body of Origin Power, Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique (Level 1)

Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique Level 1: Demon God-level mystic technique. With a total of three levels, it uses a Demon Gods own Dao path to devour the nomological rules of another Demon Gods Great Dao. Can not be used on existences of the same level! Unable to devour a Great Daos core!

With the help of his stats window, several symbols representing the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique appeared.

So the complete Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique has three levels! Fang Yuan said.

The first level refines nomological rules. The second level refines the power of a Great Dao. Only the completed third level allows one to refine the core of a Great Dao, thoroughly seizing a Demon Gods Great Dao. As for Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillments Heaven Devouring Great Dao, thats probably the fourth level? It might even be the fifth level. In any case, he broke through the limit. Its probably impossible to teach it to others. One can only obtain it by deducing it.

However, since its on the stats window, its still a top-class specialization. I can use proficiency to upgrade it quickly!

He began cultivating immediately.

In an instant, a month passed. The stats window blurred, and the description for the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique and its symbol changed, becoming even more mysterious.

Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique Level 2: Demon God-level mystic technique. Uses a Demon Gods own Dao path to devour the power of another Demon Gods Dao path. Can be used on existences of the same level. Unable to devour a Great Daos core!

Nomological rules evolved into a Great Dao. Nomological power was below the power of a Great Dao.

The core was the most crucial part of a Great Dao.

As long as the core remained, one could recover any amount of a Great Daos power. However, once the core was gone, such as the Great Dao being seized, it could never recover.

Ill take this opportunity to go all out and get it to level three. Then Ill devour the Infinite Devourer once and for all!

Fang Yuan revealed a ferocious smile before launching himself into cultivation once again.

One year passed.

When he opened his eyes again, he opened the status window for the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique. He frowned.

Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique, Level 2 progress: 99.9%?

Fang Yuan thought carefully. He could not help but bitterly laugh. Have I hit a bottleneck?

He could only increase the efficiency with proficiency, but a bottleneck was not something it could overcome. It was like the time Fang Yuan was in Da Qian. He had to plant a high-level spiritual plant before he could overcome Botanys bottleneck.

At this time, the progress of the technique was stuck here. He had to fulfill a unique condition or devour a particularly rare item before he could truly complete it and start seizing the Dao paths of Demon Gods.

The Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique has a special characteristic. Every Demon God needs to fulfill a different condition

Fang Yuan stood up and frowned. This is bad my senses are telling me that the Spiritual Realm doesnt have the material I need.

Materials for the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique were precious and rare, not easily obtained.

I wonder how Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment cultivated Perhaps he was lucky. Maybe he happened to find the item in the Spiritual Realm or on another Demon God?

Fang Yuan fell into deep thought. Then he opened the Creation Sword Array.

Dream Demon! Ill devour you! Ill devour you!

The Infinite Devourers hatred accumulated into dark energy that dissipated midair. Gathering and separating periodically, it turned into ferocious monsters.

Quit wasting your time.

Seeing this, he did not even blink. He waved his hands casually.


Currents of Sword Qi burst out, immediately sweeping away the monsters.

Dream Demon, your plan will never succeed! I will break free. In the name of the Devourer, I swear to devour your every single piece of flesh! the Infinite Devourer protested angrily.

Other than eat, isnt there anything else in your brain? Fang Yuan shrugged nonchalantly. But Ill tell you a piece of good and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first? Hmm, forget it. Ill pick for you. The bad news is that my Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique has reached a bottleneck. I cant devour a complete Great Dao!

Haha, I knew it The Infinite Devourers voice carried a hint of mockery. How much work does it take to cultivate a Demon God-level mystic technique? It requires an immense amount of effort. For someone unqualified, theyd never make it even after a million years!

Even Myriad Thunder and the other Demon Gods invested a lot of effort into going through various worlds before they found enough materials to practice the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique.

Even with that, Myriad Thunder and the others did not see much progress. They were only at level one or two. On the other hand, some Demon Gods that had fallen managed to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique to the highest level. But in the end, their achievements ended up in the hands of Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment.

However, Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillments ability to use the Heaven Devouring Great Dao resulted from a different cause. It was not only because he had obtained all the fallen Demon Gods legacies, but also his fusion with Supremacy Wish Fulfillment.

The fusion of Spirit and Demon, along with a unique Dao path, complemented each other, allowing the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique to reach the next level and condense into a Great Dao.

Thats all for the bad news. Now, well talk about the good news! Fang Yuan continued expressionlessly. Im at level two in the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique. I can test it on you now!

What? the Infinite Devourer yelled as if he were violated. Impossible. How long have you been gone? Have you cultivated the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique before? Or did you happen to have enough materials on you?

Heaven Devouring!

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan could not be bothered to spare another word for him. He extended his right hand.


The Creation Great Dao emerged. The Impermanence Great Dao and the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao turned into two individual currents launching toward the seal.

Streams of the Great Daos powers interlaced, forming an inescapable net and dissolving into the seal.

Ah! Ah!

The Infinite Devourers screams rang out. The pain of a Great Daos power being extracted was like a thousand knives scraping at him.

Furthermore, it did not just scrape the surface of the skin. It began from his True Spirit and soul, and it slowly dug deeper into the deeper parts of his core.


Like a fishnet, the net formed from the power of Great Daos extracted a shimmering light.

Is this the Devour Great Daos power?

Fang Yuans eyes lit up. Without hesitation, he used the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique to refine the Great Daos power, devouring it for his cultivation.


In an instant, his True Spirit cheered excitedly, as though he had drunk a large bowl of iced water after a drought.

On top of that, the Creation Great Dao glowed brightly, seeming to have become even deeper.

This was worth my effort of cultivating hard for ten and a half months!

With this outcome, Fang Yuan nodded quietly and recorded various details.

Another time!


One more time!

You greedy devil!

The Infinite Devourer screamed continuously. Finally, he became so weak that he could not say another word.

Fang Yuan used his will to sense the core of the Devour Great Dao.

Unfortunately, no matter how he used the technique, it was futile.

After absorbing a Great Dao to a certain extent, the second level of the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique cant go any further Fang Yuan rubbed his chin. Furthermore, as long as the core remains, the Infinite Devourer can recover quickly given time. As expected, I have to reach level three to truly devour a Demon Gods Great Dao!

Hmm. From now on, Ill come here for a refresher once in a while and take the opportunity to weaken the Infinite Devourer while at Im it!

In Fang Yuans eyes, the Infinite Devourer was an orange that could produce unlimited juice. He could raise him like a pig, cutting flesh and harvesting blood.

Unfortunately, even though absorbing a Great Daos power is good, its nothing compared to obtaining a complete Great Dao!

After he closed the seal, Fang Yuan fell silent, losing all traces of laughter, feeling like this was not enough.

The Devour Great Dao was his original goal. Now that he had made it this far, there was no way he would miss out on it.

I dont know how long the Spiritual Realm can remain peaceful. I have to advance the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique to completion as soon as possible and devour Infinite Devourers Dao path

Fang Yuan set down his resolve. I have the help of the stats window. As long as I can obtain the material I need, Ill break through the bottleneck. If the Spiritual Realm doesnt have them, Ill look for them in other worlds!

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