Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 935

Chapter 935 A New World

Chapter 935: A New World

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Within the underwater palace.

Ill search in my dreams

Fang Yuan lay down and fell into a deep sleep.

All around him, there were numerous arrays, seeming like secret paths leading to strange worlds. Thousands of varieties of flavors arrived, impossible to distinguish.

My dream world

Within his dream world, Fang Yuans true self agglomerated and stood above chaos.

Countless voids sparkled brightly around him, carrying a strange aura.

This is a high-dimension universe. Similar to the lower realm, there are many different types. The Spiritual Realm and the Mental Demon Realm are simply stronger and more well-known. As for the rest, theyre a mystery. In terms of exploring new worlds, Dream Master techniques are far more useful

Using his will, he spread it across the star-like light spots and began absorbing information from each of them.

When he was at Void Amalgamation Demon God, he was unable to do this. However, after he ascended to Myriad Transformations, he was finally able to fully integrate the Mental Demon realm traversing technique into his Dream Master techniques.

Exploring new worlds isnt easy at all. This high-dimension universe is like outer space. Even though there are lots of planets, there are only a few that are suitable for life. Being able to find a world where actual lifeforms can survive is like panning for gold in the ocean.

However, using my Dream Master techniques, I can split my will into many parts to investigate faster. Furthermore, I can use divination techniques too!

If he wanted to increase his strength, Fang Yuan could have gone to any world.

After all, he had not been to all of the coordinates that he had obtained.

However, Fang Yuans main objective was to find a suitable material to break through to the third level of the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique.

As such, he had no choice but to exclude some good worlds.

I hope the Dream Divination Technique is more reliable!

Fang Yuan was in the heat of the moment. Within the dream, he extended his hands and grabbed on to a silver river.


The beautiful galaxy burst open, and millions of light spots appeared.

His will moved quickly, entering the light spots to investigate them one-by-one.

Isnt this

This world isnt bad I can record it. Unfortunately, it doesnt have what I need!

Hmm, this

After a moment, Fang Yuan captured a particular light spot. His eyes sparkled. The Dream Divination Technique tells me that I will be able to find the material I need in this world! Hmm, time passes quickly here. If I cant find it, I can make use of this to cultivate and strive to break through to the next level of the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique!

In fact, if he were willing to spend hundreds or thousands of years cultivating, maybe he would be able to break through the third level of the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique with time.

After all, the material would only allow him to instantly break through his bottleneck.

However, time was the most crucial thing for Fang Yuan!

If he could refine the Devour Great Dao even a moment sooner, he would be able to occupy an advantage in the following changes in the Spiritual Realm a moment sooner.

Even though Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment was sealed, Myriad Thunder was on the loose. It would be strange if the Celestial Thearch and the Zenith Heavens could sleep peacefully.

Life is like a dream!

Fang Yuan stretched lazily and got up. He spread his palm open, and a point was shining brightly.


Near him, an array gate rumbled loudly. A ray of light flew out, landing lightly on his palm.

Ive already obtained the coordinates of this world. Looking back, its still shining so brightly.

Looking at the coordinates in his hands, Fang Yuan revealed a hint of a smile. Dream Master techniques are amazing. After reaching the Myriad Transformations realm, it has reached a new level!

Without waiting any longer, he went to an array and activated it.

Many halos circled with a mystical rhythm.

A gaping hole opened in the middle of the array, revealing complete chaos inside.


He raised his hand gently, and the coordinates turned into a meteor. It dived into the chaos like a guiding light, illuminating the path ahead.

Lets go!

Seeing this, Fang Yuan sat down cross-legged. A small True Spirit flew out, diving straight into the chaotic void.

What a magnificent world In terms of the area, it seems bigger than the Spiritual Realm. On top of that, this aura

Time and space shifted. Fang Yuan arrived on the outskirts of the world. His spiritual will had a touch of excitement. Not bad the material for the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique is definitely in this world! It was a good idea to use the Dream Divination Technique and the Dream-Traversing Technique!

While these two techniques were fundamental for a Dream Master, they were also necessary for exploring new worlds.

Previously, Da Qians Dream Masters relied on these calculations and incarnations to explore new worlds. That was how the golden era of Da Qians Dream Masters began.

If he had sufficient time, Fang Yuan was sure that he could recreate that golden era in this high-level dimension!

When I get into the world, Ill recover my abilities first. Then Ill use the Dream Divination Technique. Ill probably find that material soon

With his plans laid out, Fang Yuans True Spirit began to approach the world membrane.

Just like in the previous world, there was an ownerless Great Dao on the outside. Back then, it was a one-in-a-million chance. He did not dare to wish for the same level of luck.

No matter how strict this worlds restrictions are, I have the stats window. Ill break through it easily. I just have to make it through the weakest phase at the start

Fang Yuans True Spirit flew through it quickly. All of a sudden, a terrifying premonition overcame him.



Untouchable! Indescribable!

Amid the chaos, a large shadow appeared like a manta ray. It spread open its body, engulfing the entire region.

This forced Fang Yuan to recall the meaning of terror!

This was the existence that had deprived Da Qians Dream Masters of their Dao path!

After such a long time, it finally found the problem in the Dao path and realized Fang Yuans existence!

This feeling

Of course, compared to the past, Fang Yuan was no longer that same bug as he was in Da Qian.

A Myriad Transformations Demon Gods cultivation gave him enough power to face this destiny!

Abominable Lord!!!

From the enemys power fluctuations that created Dao Marks, Fang Yuan received the others name.

The Abominable Lord had stolen the Da Qian Dream Masters Dao path. He was the one who nearly forced Da Qian onto the road of extinction!

Using his spiritual will, Fang Yuan felt like he found the root of evil. Any mortal being who dared to make eye contact with this existence would be reduced to ashes in an instant. Even if they managed to salvage their lives, they would be influenced by the source of evil, turning into a terrifying beast.

Im not strong enough to fight him yet! Fang Yuan analyzed calmly. This existence is at least at Netherheaven. Even now, it might be too late for me to escape.

As he thought about this, he used his will to summon the Creation Great Dao. Multiple streaks of light pushed the chaos aside, and he accelerated his entrance into the world.

Escaping was not possible now. Fang Yuans only option was to enter this world and hide first.

With the Great Daos power, his enemy finally slowed.

As he watched Fang Yuan enter the world membrane, the dark shadow roared angrily. Without an ounce of hesitation, it dived in as well.


Once Fang Yuans True Spirit entered this world, he entered a current, involuntarily swimming along.

This is this worlds Heavenly Dao? It seems a little strange!

Just as he was surprised by that, a loud noise traveled over. It felt like a giant rock had entered the stream. Fang Yuan was on full alert. He knew that existence was chasing after him!

Since youre so determined, I dont care if this world turns into my deathbed! Come to think of it, hes devoured the Da Qian Dream Masters Dao path, so of course he knows the Dream-Traversing Technique. Similarly, he knows that I can use it!

Fang Yuan thought about this seriously. In this world, hell probably do everything in his power to capture me and extract information from me!

In fact, Fang Yuan felt that this was too much of a coincidence.

When he was in the Spiritual Realm, the Abominable Lord could not find any information on him at all.

However, to find a suitable world, Fang Yuan had used his techniques, leaving behind his trail.

Of course, the biggest surprise was that the Abominable Lords Dream Master incarnation had been traversing near the borders of the world. After he discovered Fang Yuan, he started chasing after him immediately.


The Heavenly Dao river was long and wide. The raging noises behind him drifted farther and farther away. Fang Yuan let out a sigh of relief.

However, this worlds Heavenly Daos power seems to be easier to resist. Is this because of the Abominable Lords presence?

In the distance, a reincarnation black hole appeared. Fang Yuan pulled together the remaining energy from his Great Dao and made a spurt!


He was like a carp that hopped out of the water, escaping the Heavenly Daos current.


Instantly, he appeared in the middle of the sky. He turned into a blood-red meteor diving into the atmospheric layer of a sky-blue planet.

That blackhole from before was the reincarnation spot for this world. If I start from scratch, itll allow me to integrate into this world better. However, I dont have time anymore!

Fang Yuan found a random continent and selected the best candidate to take over.

If he reincarnated into a new body, he could integrate his True Spirit into it. Naturally, there would be many benefits.

Unfortunately, he did not know where the Abominable Lord was. Fang Yuan was not going to bet on the possibility that he would not find him in a short time.

Knowing that the Abominable Lord was in this world, Fang Yuan had to make every second count!

Even though the enemy did not have a stats window, he was at least at Netherheaven. His Great Dao could almost compete with a Heavenly Dao. No matter what world he went to, he could recover in no time.

Hmm, the humans in this world have strong auras

Fang Yuan transformed into a red meteor, passing by the sky above a city. He was suddenly startled.

The city below looked futuristic, and the scientific advancements were obviously very high.

However, there were many powerful individuals within that possessed a terrifying aura. Clearly, they were extraordinary.

My True Spirit is very weak now. Im also under complete suppression of the Heavenly Dao. Picking a fight outside of my home ground is impossible. Itll be difficult to take over a strong body. If Im not careful, they might even turn the tables on me. That would be no laughing matter.

Fang Yuan let go of the idea of taking over a cultivators body, and his options for the future narrowed significantly.

There are many lifeforms there. Theyre young too. It should be something like a sect or a university

After he passed through the atmospheric layer, his True Spirit only carried a small amount of energy. He was like a firefly, barely visible.

Since they were all ordinary young people, their foundations were about the same. Fang Yuan delved straight into one who had just lost his soul and then began his spiritual possession.

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