Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1552

The value of the two towers of time was immeasurable. Even Zhang Tie’s heart pounded at the sight of them.

However, what was more attractive than the two towers of time was the item giving out golden and silver light above the towers of timea totem of two metal snakes, tails in mouths, which was the symbol of Great Wilderness Sect.

‘A metal totem, giving out two brilliant colors, floating in the air, a totem of Great Wilderness Sect…’

Anyone who integrated these pieces of messages would know that the two metal snakes were the unparalleled treasure of Great Wilderness Sect.

At least Zhang Tie held that opinion. At the sight of the totem, he had realized that the two snakes were definitely more valuable than that of the two towers of time.

After triggering his lotus-flower eyes, Zhang Tie felt bizarre energy around the two snakes. Like Centralpillar Mountain, it carried a strange gravity; additionally, the two snakes appeared having formed an unknown energy circulation.

When Zhang Tie caught sight of all this, another person had already accelerated towards the two odd-looking snakes floating above the two towers of time as fast a lightning boltSwords Immortal of Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian also moved very fast; however, Zhang Tie retained his real flight ability. Therefore, Swords Immortal arrived at this space of Dongtian ahead of Zhang Tie.

Of course, Swords Immortal saw what Zhang Tie had seen and thought almost like Zhang Tie.

Watching Swords Immortal rushing over there, before Zhang Tie opened his mouth, Bai Suxian had already enlarged her infusion of spiritual energy into Zhang Tie’s body.

“Hahaha, Swords Immortal, nice to see you again…” Zhang Tie burst into laughter as he took Bai Suxian towards the two snakes above the towers of time. In this sense, Zhang Tie would never allow Taiyi Fantasy Sect to occupy the treasure of Great Wilderness Sect ahead of him.

Taiyi Fantasy Sect had definitely joined the action of Imperial Alliance on destroying Great Wilderness Sect. It would be intolerant even by God if such a murderer could grab the treasure of Great Wilderness Sect at this time. Otherwise, those late members of Great Wilderness Sect would never be reassured in their afterlife! If Jiang Clan or Demons-kill Valley grabbed the treasure of Great Wilderness Sect ahead of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, although Zhang Tie wouldn’t feel happy for that, at the least he would not feel unhappy. However, if the Imperial Alliance grabbed the treasure of Great Wilderness Sect, Zhang Tie would never feel comfortable as he would feel sorry about the fact that he was cultivatingGreat Wilderness Sutra.

Even though Zhang Tie himself couldn’t get it, he would never let Imperial Alliance get it. In fact, Zhang Tie was infuriated about Imperial Alliance’s brutality inside at this moment.

When Zhang Tie entered the space, he scanned the octahedron under the two towers of time by his lotus-flower eyes.

Like the former one, this octahedron still had six gates, which seemed to be leading to the next floor of Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect. Whereas, Zhang Tie felt strange that these six gates didn’t have patterns on them, but flowing runes and faint, flickering luster.

It seemed unimaginable. When a rich man decorated his villa, if the first floor was with Hua characteristics, the second floor would be with styles of other subcontinents, which felt extremely uncoordinated and weird.

When he imagined about the abnormality of the natural phenomena gates on the first floor, Zhang Tie felt a bit strange. However, he had no time to discern them and figure out the reason.

Swords Immortal almost reached 6 times the speed of sound; however, Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian moved faster. The moment Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian accelerated, they had already reached 10 times that of the speed of sound. Only after a short while, they had already caught up with Swords Immortal.

The exits of Zhang Tie and Swords Immortal were both on the dome of this space with a distance of a few miles, right in the center of the stamen of the huge lotus flower. Within nearby a few miles, there were four more exits. The towers of time and the weird totem were only about 200 miles away from them. As for heavenly knights, it was too short a distance. At the speed many times that of sound, it would take Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian less than 2 minutes to finish this distance.

Swords Immortal didn’t even hear Zhang Tie’s sound at all. Because he moved too fast that Zhang Tie’s words couldn’t catch up with him. However, the moment Zhang Tie caught up with him, Swords Immortal found them at once.

After sensing the faint waves behind him due to rapid flight, Swords Immortal turned around as he saw Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian approaching him from 7 o’clock behind him at a terrifying speed.

Of course, Zhang Tie targeted at the totem that gave out brilliant golden and silver light above the two towers of time.

Noticing their high speed, Swords Immortal sensed the terror of a divine dominator for the first time. Meanwhile, he understood why Zhang Tie could survive the battlefield at the bank of the Weishui RiverZhang Tie was flying with the ability of divine dominator rather than his chakras. Ten times the speed of sound was far greater than the maximal speed of heavenly knights. It could almost match that of sage-level knights.

At the same time, Swords Immortal also noticed that Zhang Tie was flying together with Bai Suxian, hand in hand.

‘That’s unreasonable. At this critical moment, the faster the better, why Zhang Tie would stick to Bai Suxian?’

A question occured to Swords Immortal.

Like how Zhang Tie felt strange about the six portals downside there, Swords Immortal also felt something strange. Similarly, Swords Immortal didn’t think too much about that. Thankfully, Bai Suxian beside Zhang Tie could reduce Zhang Tie’s speed.

After noticing Zhang Tie’s amazing speed, Swords Immortal had already intended to adjust his direction. Like two vehicles moving neck by neck on two lanes of an expressway, when Zhang Tie almost surpassed Swords Immortal, the latter’s eyes suddenly turned cold as a brilliant quality sword appeared in the hand of Swords Immortal before being hacked towards Zhang Tie without demur…

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