Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1553

In front of the top treasure of Great Wilderness Sect, even being afraid of Zhang Ties power and reputation, Swords Immortal didnt think too much about it. If he couldnt prevent Zhang Tie, he could only watch Zhang Tie taking away that top treasure.

However, tactics and rules were emphasized in this case. In such cases, if these powerful knights with strong backgrounds couldnt solve their problem verbally, they would definitely deal with it by force. Whereas, if they were not rivals with vendettas, they were not destined to kill the opponents at their full efforts; instead, they would keep the opposite alive at the least.

Heavenly knights were powerhouses with exceptional control abilities. In such a competition, if heavenly knights didnt mean to kill the opponent, the opponent would know it immediately the moment the brawl started.

Swords Immortals swordsmanship was really something. The moment he launched his attack, a heavenly Knight-level sword aura had shot out of his hand and charged at Zhang Tie in the shape of a glazed long dragon. However, that sword aura stopped less than 100 m away from Zhang Tie when it turned into a huge net comprising of numerous tiny sword aura with the shake of the glazed long dragon, blocking Zhang Ties way right away.

Such extremely brilliant swordsmanship and battle skill!

Previously, Swords Immortal just wanted to stop Zhang Tie for a second; unimaginably, his strike caused much greater trouble to Zhang Tie.

When the net of sword aura approached him, Zhang Tie thought of his substitute; however, he devoted it at once.

Almost at the same moment, Zhang Tie felt the other heavenly knights, namely Clouddragon Immortal the deputy head of Heavens Holding Pavilion, Moonsreflecting Immortal the deputy head of Qionglou Pavilion and Treasureflame Immortal of Demons-kill Valley, almost appearing in this Dongtian.

The other heavenly knights also found the two towers of time and that totem giving out brilliant, golden and silver light above them.

Like what Zhang Tie and Swords Immortal were thinking about, all the heavenly knights moved towards the totem in the air at their maximal speeds almost at the same time.

Body-separation skill was Zhang Ties trump card, which even helped Zhang Tie to survive himself in the battle at the bank of Weishui River. If he exposed this trump card for a treasure whose function was unknown, he might have to sustain a series of outcomes.

The others might choose the totem at the cost of exposing this trump card; however, as for Zhang Tie who had Great Wilderness Sutra, Castle of Black Iron and lotus-flower eyes was actually not very immersed in looking for treasures. To tell the truth, the treasure of Great Wilderness Sect couldnt match his trump card which could save him in emergencies.

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie determined to not expose his body-separation skill.

Given the great consumption of Bai Suxians spiritual energy, if he triggered his counterstrike ability of divine dominator, Zhang Tie could only choose to detour the net!

If Zhang Tie could trigger his battle qi, he could definitely break the net of sword aura; if he had spiritual energy, he could also break it easily; he could even break through it by his protective battle qi and protective sword qi. As long as he had recovered, he could have a myriad of counter-measures. Pitifully, Zhang Tie had not recovered as he could neither trigger his battle qi nor run his spiritual energy.

Zhang Tie could only scare them away. If he had to fight them, the fact that he had not recovered would be exposed right away. If he used Bai Suxians spiritual energy to counterattack, her spiritual energy could never be available to the constant consumption of his skill as a divine dominator.

Even if he broke this net of sword aura using Bai Suxians spiritual energy, he had to do the same thing for the second time or the third time. Although it was easy for a heavenly knight to launch such a strike, Bai Suxian couldnt bear such a great consumption of spiritual energy. By then, Zhang Ties factual situation would be exposed either.

After detouring Swords Immortals net of sword aura, Zhang Ties vantage point in speed was offset at a stroke.

Swords Immortal and the following heavenly knights were all shocked by Zhang Ties choice.

As heavenly knights, they were all very sagacious. At the sight of Zhang Ties reaction to the net of sword aura, they immediately knew that Zhang Tie had not recovered and they were all frightened by him that day.

That day, Zhang Tie held Bai Suxians hand when he frightened the others; so did he today

Theres definitely something wrong with him!

Hahaha, Qianji Hermit is really something. Besides strong power, you also have a myriad of tricks. We were almost frightened by you. Its said that all the skills of divine dominator are driven by spiritual energy. I guess that Princess Bai is constantly injecting her spiritual energy into your body. No wonder Ive not seen you manifest your own battle qi and power Clouddragon Immortal of Heavens Holding Pavilion said as the battle qi behind him turned into a cloud of mist, which enabled him to speed up abruptly and surpass Moonsreflecting Immortal and Treasureflame Immortal at once. At the sight of Zhang Ties response, a weird look flashed across his eyes as his words reached the dome, which then was reflected downwards, filling the entire space.

Clouddragon Immortal, do you want to have a try? Haha, youre so smart! You hit it Zhang Tie burst into laughter in front of him.

Zhang Ties frank admission made Clouddragon Immortal frown at once. Out of suspicion, Clouddragon Immortal didnt know whether it was another trap of Zhang Tie


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