Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1554

Flying in front, Swords Immortal launched strikes for consecutively a few times in an overwhelming manner, forcing Zhang Tie to detour, offsetting the latter’s vantage point in speed at a stroke.

In this case, Swords Immortal approached the totem first.

The moment Swords Immortal stretched out his hand to take the totem of two snakes which was giving out brilliant, golden and silver light with an ecstatic look, another light caught up with him from behind, hitting the totem at a stroke. As a result, the totem was sent flying far away while rotating, sliding away from the tips of Swords Immortal’s fingers, breaking the ecstasy of Swords Immortal at once.

The light was carried by Zhang Tie’s bolt-in-palm. It moved so fast that even Swords Immortal didn’t catch its existence. Additionally, its angle was erratic. Before it touched the totem, it made a turn in the air. Therefore, after being hit, the totem rotated and flashed downwards with an inclination.

“Zhang Tie…” Swords Immortal roared as his face turned purple, adding, “Do you mean to oppose Taiyi Fantasy Sect?”

“Hahaha, it’s a ritual to exchange gifts with each other. Immortal, can’t you stand it? If so, what do you mean by striking me just now?”

Zhang Tie burst into laughter as he neglected Swords Immortal’s feeling and chased after the totem. However, Swords Immortal hated Zhang Tie so much at this moment that he instantly launched a fiercer swords aura that covered Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie and Swords Immortal brawled with each other at a stroke.

They were soon caught up with by Celestial Treasureflame, Celestial Clouddragon and Celestial Reflectingmoons. Watching the treasure of Great Wilderness Sect flying downwards, the three people sped up after it at the same time.

Celestial Woodbuilding arrived in this space a bit later than the other heavenly knights before Zhang Tie released his bolt-in-palm. When Celestial Woodbuilding appeared, he saw everyone chasing after the totem of snakes. Only after a short thought, he had given up scrambling for the treasure of Great Wilderness Sect; instead, he rushed towards the two towers of time on the ground.

Although there were hundreds of birds in the wood, it’s no better than having one bird in your hand. As for Celestial Woodbuilding, he preferred to occupy one tower of time rather than scrambling for an unknown treasure with the other extremely powerful heavenly knights.

As he was here a bit later than them, he had already lost the vantage point in time. Even though he joined the scramble, he would have a very low possibility to get it. When none of the other heavenly knights couldn’t get the treasure, some of them might head for the towers of time, by then, it would very difficult for him to scramble for one tower of time. Therefore, Celestial Woodbuilding made such an unexpected, yet reasonable response.

After all, Celestial Clouddragon, Celestial Moonsreflecting Moons and Celestial Swords were partners who had reached many secret agreements. In this case, the moment Swords Immortal wrestled with Zhang Tie, the three heavenly knights had already reached a tactful action.

There were only 6 heavenly knights here, besides Celestial Woodbuilding who didn’t join them, only Zhang Tie and Celestial Treasureflame could threaten three of them. That was to say, as long as Zhang Tie and Celestial Treasureflame were prevented, the treasure of Great Wilderness Sect would belong to them.

“Celestial Treasureflame, easy…” Celestial Clouddragon said with a smile as he released a “meteor” battle qi, blocking Celestial Treasureflame at once.

With a sound of “boom…”, Celestial Treasureflame launched a counter-strike as his eyes turned cold. The first close collision between the two heavenly knights sounded like a thunder in the Dongtian while the vigorous battle qis swept over dozens of miles. Besides, the entire space was brightly lit as if fireworks were launched.

“What do you want?” Celestial Treasureflame reproached as he threw a distant glance at Celestial Clouddragon in rapid flight.

“I’ve long heard about the Six-yang flame of Celestial Treasureflame. Coincidentally, I want to try it here…” Celestial Clouddragon said as he burst into laughter.

Celestial Treasureflame threw a glance at Celestial Reflectingmoons while Celestial Clouddragon had already blocked him. Celestial Reflectingmoons then chased after the brilliant totem of snakes.

The privity displayed by the three major sects of Taixia Country shocked Celestial Treasureflame while Celestial Clouddragon became his biggest obstacle…

In the blink of an eye, Celestial Treasureflame disappeared at once; closely after Celestial Clouddragon. The space was then filled with wrestling lightning bolts while thunder-like collisions resonated across the entire space like firecrackers.

When these heavenly knights scrambled for the totem, Bai Runshan, Immortal Deyang and the other shadow knights of the major sects had poured in the space, closely followed by earth knights. At the sight of the boisterous scene in the space, almost all the shadow knights shot over there.

Celestial Woodbuilding flew towards the two towers of time in a low height; unimaginably, the happy lot fell towards him. After being touched by Zhang Tie’s bolt-in-palm, the totem was flying towards Celestial Woodbuilding at a high speed, closely followed by Celestial Reflectingmoons.

The moment Celestial Woodbuilding felt ecstatic, he had heard the icy voice of Celestial Reflectingmoons, “Is Jiang Clan going to imitate the extermination of Great Wilderness Sect?”

After hearing that, Celestial Woodbuilding’s heart pounded as he saw the berserk battle qi strikes and the icy eyesight of the old witch of Qionglou Pavilion, which after crossing thousands of meters, cascaded towards the head of Celestial Woodbuilding like that in a real duel…

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