Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1906

Chapter 1906 Leaving Dragon Emperor Pavilion

On July 28, the 3593rd year of Emperor NvWa’s Calendar…

In Qianji Agency, Dragon Emperor City…

“I think we have to deal with those bandits in Brokenstars Sea. When His Majesty Grand Dragon Emperor was here, our immortal palace assigned airboats and immortal generals to patrol in Brokenstars Sea every month. Although Brokenstars Sea didn’t belong to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, we could at least maintain the safety and stability in that region. At that time, there were no such bandits in Brokenstars Sea at all. Few airboats, merchants or travelers passing by Brokenstars Sea met accidents at that time…”

Elder Long Jiutian said as he took the cup of tea water and sipped it. Then, he took a look at the other three elders and continued with a faintly nostalgic look, “When I patrolled in Brokenstars Sea by airboat at that time, all the passing-by airboats would show their politeness to us when they saw the airboats of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace by hanging over the banner of etiquette. However, when Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace gradually lost the power to patrol in Brokenstars Sea, those bandits started to threaten those passing-by airboats. Now, Two Blackblood Sages and the other backbones of Blackblood Alliance had been cleaned up by His Majesty. Nobody could block us in Brokenstars Sea. Therefore, it’s time for us to recover the routine to patrol in Brokenstars Sea…”

“I agree. Additionally, I think we can directly occupy the city that Blackblood Alliance built in Brokenstars Sea over these years and take it as the base of the airboat fleet of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Brokenstars Sea. It’s reasonable for us to occupy it now. Nobody else would complain to us about doing that!” Ying Gucheng said at once.


“I agree!”

Luo Yunshang and Hou Moyuan nodded too after thinking about it for a few seconds.

“Who’s suitable to do that?” Elder Luo Yunshang asked.

“How about assigning Sui Bo who’s dealing with the follow-up affairs of Blackblood Alliance in Dragonsea City? As a water immortal general, Sui Bo is always loyal to our immortal general. He’s experienced and reserved. He could deal with those small fish and shrimps in Brokenstars Sea of Blackblood Alliance!”

“Good idea, we will assign Sui Bo there together with a team of immortal generals. After occupying that city, we will name it Pinghai City. Additionally, we will build another branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace inside the city!”


Only after a short talk, those elders had already reached an agreement on dealing with the remains of Blackblood Alliance in Brokenstars Sea. Then, they all nodded and sipped tea water with a smile.

At this moment, the assistant of Qianji Agency entered the hall with full spirits and glowing ruddy cheeks. After bowing towards those elders, he said with full respect, “Ji Li, the grand owner of Ji Clan in Huitian Medium-sized Domain, has come to Dragon Emperor City. He wants to pay a formal visit to His Majesty. Here are the letter and the list of gifts!” the assistant said as he put the two things on the desk between those elders.

Ji Clan was a major clan in Huitian Medium-sized Domain. Ji Li, the grand owner of Ji Clan, was also a prestigious supreme-level immortal general in Motian Realm. Huitian Medium-sized Domain was over 200,000 miles away from Dragon Emperor Big Domain. If these elders heard these words and experienced such an occasion one month ago, they would have been excited and felt hot blood rushing to their brains; but now, they had been numb about such occasions.

Over the past one month, the envoys and suzerains of two emperor-level immortal palaces, supreme-level immortal palaces and major clans and sects had been gathered at Dragon Emperor City. Even Tong Xuangui, the immortal lord of Five Elements Immortal Palace, was kneeling down outside Dragon Emperor’s Pavilion to show his contrition. He had already been kneeling down there for over 20 days. It was hard for an immortal lord to be such humble in order to meet Zhang Tie. Who had ever seen such an occasion before? Who could imagine that Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace could recover its prosperity in Motian Realm one day?

Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace had reinvigorated so fast that those elders couldn’t even adapt to it. However, they still formed a strong immunity to this change within a short period of time.

After taking a look at the letter and the list of gifts, Luo Yunshang put them back and said, “Arrange Ji Clan’s representatives to settle in Heavenlywind Palace. Tell them that His Majesty is still in secluded cultivation and won’t receive guests for the time being…”

After hearing Elder Luo Yunshang’s words, the assistant of Qianji Agency left there.

All the envoys of Star Emperor Immortal Palace, Force Emperor Immortal Palace and Emperor NvWa’s Palace were still waiting for Zhang Tie in Dragon Emperor City. Besides, the envoys of the other supreme-level immortal palaces, even immortal lords were also waiting in Dragon Emperor City. If Ji Li queued up, he might have to wait long. Even though Zhang Tie exited his backroom, he might not have time to meet the owner of Ji Clan in Huitian Medium-sized Domain.

“Which elder would like to meet the owner of Ji Clan in Heavenlywind Palace at night?” Luo Yunshang asked as she looked around the other elders.

“I will go there…” Ying Gucheng said.

It was almost impossible for Ji Li to meet Zhang Tie; however, out of courtesy, given the list of gifts that Ji Clan presented, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace should at least send one elder to pay a visit to him in Heavenlywind Palace and communicate with him so as to further enhance the relationship between two parties.

Over one month ago, there was only one assistant in Qianji Agency; but now the number of assistants had become five. Even so, they were still too busy in some cases.

After the assistant left there for less than a minute, another one had entered and reported another piece of news, “Those immortal generals and family members of Yun Clan who escaped away were discovered and caught by the owner of Firedragon Sect in Sands Region. They had been taken back to Dragon Emperor City under the escort of the owner of Firedragon Sect. The president of the Supervision Department is over there.”

Pieces of good news arrived one after another. Everything was becoming better and better. Everything was vigorous. In the blink of an eye, the wanted circular delivered by Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace had already seen its effect. Those elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace started to understand the proverb that God helps those who help themselves.

“Sigh, if Elder Wang is still alive and could see the prosperity of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, he must be very happy.” After that assistant left there, Elder Hou Moyuan heaved a deep sigh.

All the other elders became silent too.

“Elder Wang sacrificed for Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. His Majesty Dragon Emperor has already avenged Elder Wang’s death in Deities Plain.”

This might be the best form of comfort to the late.

“I wonder when will His Majesty finish his secluded cultivation this time…”

“Don’t worry, Dragon Emperor Palace will inform us when His Majesty comes out…”

The Forbidden City was destroyed by Versatile Demon Emperor and had not been restored yet. After Zhang Tie came back, he immediately entered the backroom of Dragon Emperor Pavilion for secluded cultivation. It had been over one month. However, Zhang Tie still didn’t come out of there; therefore, the entire Dragon Emperor City, even Motian Realm as a whole were gazing Dragon Emperor Pavilion…

That common park had gradually touched the nerves of everyone in Motian Realm.

When those elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace were in Qianji Agency, Zhang Tie who had exited the back room and came back to the ground with a bit pale look had lightly pushed open the door of Cangxin Pavilion and entered the courtyard leisurely.

The courtyard was fully under the bright sunshine in July. The pond of lotus flowers inside the courtyard was in full blossom. The fragrance of lotus flowers instantly attacked him. At the same time, some birds were twittering in the trees. The entire courtyard was full of vigor.

When he saw this courtyard and sniffed the air which contained various scents of flowers and grasses, Zhang Tie who had not seen such scenery for long really enjoyed it.

When Zhang Tie raised his hand, a bird capered into his palm and started to twitter cheerfully.

When Zhang Tie was playing with the bird and listening to what had happened in Dragon Emperor Palace over these days, he suddenly heard a human voice from aside.

“Your… Your Majesty…” Liu Meng stammered with wide eyes as he couldn’t believe his eyes. After rubbing his eyes, he became ecstatic as his voice turned louder. When Zhang Tie wanted to ask him to lower his voice, Liu Meng’s eyes turned red at once. Closely after that, he widely opened his mouth and started to scream like a loudspeaker. As a result, the entire Dragon Emperor Pavilion could hear his voice, “His Majesty has returned. His Majesty has returned…”

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