Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1969

Chapter 1969 Striking While The Iron Is Hot

Chapter 1969: Striking While the Iron is Hot

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Among those faces which gathered around Zhang Tie, some were familiar; some were strange. Many familiar faces had changed over the past 30-odd years. Additionally, those strange faces also looked a bit familiar because of the resonance and intimacy of blood lineage.

It was the first time for Zhang Tie to hear many people call him grandpa.

Zhang Tie glanced over those genial and excited faces with a smile. After that, he nodded towards them and said calmly, “I appreciate your hard work.”

“You finally came back…” Yan Feiqing wiped off her tears as she tried to stay calm. After that, she looked around those tens of thousands of knights who gathered around and told those members of Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect, “Suzerain is already back. Let’s go back and talk about it later!”

They all had many things to talk to Zhang Tie about. However, it was not the right moment for them to talk about it.

“Yea, yea, yea. Let’s go back and talk about it later…” Zhang Yang also nodded after wiping off the tears.

Now that Yan Feiqing and Zhang Yang both opened their mouths, all the others of Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect could only follow their order.

Zhang Tie also took in a deep breath. It was not the right moment for him to stop. He had many things to deal with overnight.

Zhang Tie’s face instantly turned solemn as he talked to Mountain Lifting Hermit, “Brother Mountain Lifting, please arrange people to put those knights of the three major sects behind upon bars. Interrogate them when their fantastic ice melts down. Someone among them must know the secrets that the three major sects once exterminated Great Wilderness Sect and organized Royal Alliance!”

After hearing Zhang Tie’s words, they realized that those frozen knights of the three major sects were still alive.

Of course, Mountain Lifting Hermit could get Zhang Tie’s point. If not expose the dirty things that the three major sects once did, the other people across the country would mistake Zhang Tie as a tyrant after his return. Of course, they shouldn’t underestimate the impact of the public opinion. They must tear off the hypocritical mask of the three major sects and disclose those dirty things that the three major sects once did secretly. They must expose the three major sects’ heinous secrets to the public. Otherwise, the death of Old Man Taiyi and Grand Master Shenkong today and the death of Xuanyuan Wuji three decades ago would not be justifiable.

Mountain Lifting Hermit nodded towards Zhang Tie solemnly. Closely after that, he flew downwards and called disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect to move those frozen knights of the three major sects into the prison.

“Lord Cheng…” Zhang Tie moved his eyes onto Cheng Honglie, the commander-in-chief of Northeast Military Region as he continued, “Please inform Xuanyuan Hill, let them assign top four armies and cheji generals of all the provinces to block the mountain gates of the three major sects. Forbid all the remaining knights of the three major sects from leaving their bases. Additionally, strictly control those clans which had close relationships with the three major sects in each province in case of any trouble. I will assume the consequence for everything that happens today!”

“Yes, sir!” Black Face Cheng cupped his hands with a solmen look.

To be honest, Zhang Tie was not a senior official of Taixia Country. Therefore, he was not qualified to deliver an order to a commander-in-chief of the Northeast Military Region. However, given Zhang Tie’s power of killing two sage-level knights easily, Cheng Honglie knew that Zhang Tie was absolutely the No. 1 powerhouses among humans in Taixia Country. The entire country was going to be turned upside down. The overall situation facing holy war might also change completely. Zhang Tie alone might even be more powerful than the total of the 6 major sects. Based on the prestige that Zhang Tie had accumulated among humans over these years, Jinwu Palace’s power in Taixia Country and Zhang Tie’s amazing battle force of killing two sage-level knights easily, even though Zhang Tie was unknown, nobody in the country dared despise his words.

Additionally, strictly, Zhang Tie was not unknown. He had another identity——general of guerrilla warfare of Taixia Country. Since the war at Weishui bank, this identity had been with Zhang Tie. As the general of guerrilla warfare of Taixia Country, he was also entitled to contact Xuanyuan Hill and express his opinion to the powers in emergency like Cheng Honglie did.

If those lords in Xuanyuan Hill heard about the battle in Youzhou Province, as long as they didn’t want to die, Cheng Honglie believed in that they would take actions on the three major sects as fast as they could for both public benefit and private benefit. If they dealt with it a bit later, when the three major sects aroused a turmoil, they might be another Heavens Reaching Church. Taixia Country couldn’t endure such great domestic consumption anymore.

‘I wonder where’s Lord Li. Will he come back to search Xuantian Peak after returning to Xuanyuan Hill, heh heh heh…’ Black Face Cheng smirked inside when he recalled someone who was still on the way…

“Additionally, Lord Cheng, please tell those elders and disciples of the three major sects and those major sects who’re closely related to the three major sects with my words——I don’t like killing. However, when I determine to kill someone, I will never show any mercy on him. It depends on their decision!”

Cheng Honglie nodded towards Zhang Tie solemnly.

Zhang Tie then glanced over those knights, elders, Feng Cangwu and Wu Dingtian of Heavens Fortune Sect and Demons-Killing Valley, then those knights who were especially here to prop up Jinwu Palace and Iron Dragon Palace from other provinces and sects. After that, he cupped his hands towards them heavily and bent over towards them, saying, “Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect will never forget about your help today!”



All the onlooking knights hurriedly returned him with a bow.

Given the battle force that Zhang Tie performed just now, his words were too polite. Therefore, all the others were completely convinced by him. Actually, besides Wu Dingtian of Demons-Killing Valley who once blocked Grand Master Shenkong, none of the others had ever got an opportunity to help Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace yet. All the battles on the battlefields today were between Iron-Dragon Sect, Jinwu Palace and the three major sects.

When they saw Zhang Tie, all the knights, owners and elders of those major sects and ordinary sects who were closely related to Jinwu Palace knew that they hit the jackpot today. Many people still felt like they were having a dream till now.

“When will you make a proposal to my granddaughter in Demons-Killing Valley?” Wu Dingtian suddenly asked Zhang Tie.

“Pandora has long been my wife. It’s needless for me to make a proposal to her at all!” Zhang Tie answered.

“Hahahaa…” Wu Dingtian burst out laughing as he said, “Not bad, not bad. Your words live up to Pandora’s deep affection to you. You know, after the battle at Yinhai Desert, Pandora said that you were still alive. Therefore, she was always in secluded cultivation and intended to promote to a sage-level knight. After that, she wanted to look for you through the space crack above Yinhai Desert. Your return finally makes me reassured. The girl will not enter secluded cultivation for another hundred years. If one only wants to be more powerful, it will be meaningless…”

“Yea, if one only has this target in his life, it would be too desolate!”

“After hearing that you cultivated Great Wilderness Sutra, I remembered one thing. Was that you who unveiled that Han Zhengfang, the finance minister, was the owner of Heavens Reaching Church?” Wu Dingtian asked another question.

After hearing Wu Dingtian’s words, all the others remembered that event that many swans formed big words in the sky to unveil that Han Zhengfang was the owner of Heavens Reaching Church dozens of years ago. It was also a pending criminal case in Taixia Country. The turmoil on the 15th day of that month aroused by that case destroyed Heavens Reaching Church’s plan in Taixia Country and aborted the conspiracy of blood ponds across Taixia Country. It was of an inestimable, profound influence. Over these years, that case had been a pending criminal case in Taixia Country. Nobody knew who on earth did such an amazing thing in Xuanyuan Hill.

“Hmm, it was me who unveiled the conspiracy of Han Zhengfang and Heavens Reaching Church in Xuanyuan Hill!” Zhang Tie admitted it frankly.

“What about Han Zhengfang and his two sons? They have been missing after that turmoil. It’s said that they were hiding in a secret place of Heavens Reaching Church for secluded cultivation and recovery. Although they have been wanted by supreme court over these years, nobody had ever found them!”

“To be honest, I’ve already killed Han Zhengfang and his two sons after the turmoil!”

“Heroes are always special when they were young. You deserve your current achievements…” Wu Dingtian heaved a sigh after hearing Zhang Tie’s reply.

“I just did what I should do!” Zhang Tie said as he looked around. After that, he cupped his hands and said, “Please take a rest in Iron-Dragon Sect tonight. You’re the guests of Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace. I’ve got one more thing to deal with today. I will go back soon…”

After saying these words, Zhang Tie left some words to Bai Suxian and Zhang Yang before rushing into the sky and disappearing…

Many people wondered what else was Zhang Tie going to do after returning to Iron-Dragon Sect. ‘Is he going to meet Pandora in Demons-Killing Valley or wipe out all the recalcitrant members of the three major sects?

Only very few people among them could guess what Zhang Tie was going to do.

When Zhang Tie left Iron-Dragon Sect, the news that Immortal Qianji who disappeared at Yinhai Desert suddenly returned and killed Old Man Taiyi and Grand Master Shenkong outside the mountain gate of Iron-Dragon Sect had already spread over the country and aroused hot discussions…

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