Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 205

Volume 1 Chapter 205 Thoughts For A Reason

Su Ci Yi and Su Ming hadn't reached their car yet when a stout man approached them. On his neck hang a laced I.D. overlooking his personal information. He approached them while handing over his agency's business card.

It was New Star Holding Entertainment.

An agency with a lot of young famous artists on the line. Su Ci Yi is not familiar with it, though she knows one or two about how this operates.

"Miss, can I have your time for a moment? Someone wanted to speak with you." The man inquired as soon as he reached the two women. He spoke directly without derailing on the subjectmatter.

Su Ming looked at her direction. A round of applause for her sister's popularity! Her acquaintances were both left and right. Much more, they were not just ordinary people but someone who hold weight on their names.

A fashion designer earlier and now, an uprising artist wanted to talk with her!

"Is this reallyimportant?" Su Ci Yi didn't want her time to waste over some trivial talk. Chua Ting's disposition earlier is an exception since she is her client.

The man felt irritated from her reply and he even didn't bother to hide his distaste. "Oh come on, are you coming or not?"

Su Ci Yi raised her eyebrows, such person with an 'attitude problem'.

"Tell the person who wanted to meet us thatwe do not have time to mingle today. As I can see, you don't want to meet us either."

She then dragged Su Ming away from him and left the man alone.

"Hold up."

What now?

They haven't had taken a few steps and someone blocks their path. Seriously? What's with this day? How come there are a lot of people who wanted to meet her.

"Come here. Let's talk for a while." it was another man. He had a lanky figure, that Su Ci Yi needed to tilt her head high to look up to him. Is there someone so handsome like this that she knew of?

The man took her hand without her permission.

The man only took her and brought her to a spacious office at the back. He seated up on the chair and pulled out his phone. He started to make himself busy and she thought he had forgotten her.

"Excuse me?"



Didn't he bring her here to talk about something?

"I'm going back home."

"Stay first. I haven't had time to deal with you. How long has it been? A year? Seriously. After the show had finished that day, I didn't see you anymore. Even your profile was missing and no information was left behind regarding your details. But that's not the concern now, there's an audition for a role next week. The main theme and the program is about action. I see that you possessed extraordinary strength, and I want to train under you."

Hold up. He's talking beyond her pace. She still hasn't remembered him at all!

Su Ci Yi tried to remember where she had met him the last time, but one year is too long to even remember someone like him!

"I forgot your name."

The man in front almost slipped on his chair, befuddled with her reaction he almost choked down his saliva. How could she forget about him!?

"Ling Mo. We were together on that scary show that somewhat didn't get any satisfactory ratings and dropped."

"You're that overweighted chief?"

"I'm Ling Mo, not Ming Su. That old fart is still at the mental now. I'm the celebrity there, how can you forget about it?"

Su Ci Yi remembered now, " You're that sissy bum, huh? The useless one on the entire night?"

Ling Mo was shocked at her declaration, " W-hat did you say? Sissy?..."

Su Ci Yi pricked her ears, "Seriously, at that time you're useless. Can you even hold a single vase?" She scrutinized Ling Mo's overall appearance. Surely it's too pretty. His skin is porcelain and has a baby-smoothed like face. The type ofperson that hadn't had any slightest problem in life because he had everything readied for himself.

However, a person like this is like a cotton ball. Fluffy and soft outside but totallyempty on the inside.

Are all the matinee idol like this nowadays? He's like pretty boys working on a brothel back then on her sect. A person like this was being looked down back there, but in this world, they are popular?

"How is it? Will you teach me?"

"Nope." Su Ci Yi firmly rejected.

"I'll pay you." Ling Mo didn't back down and insisted. He saw her today, to think it's too much of a coincidence when he's thinking of employing some martial experts to help for his audition and he bumped into her.

"Let me think about it." Su Ci Yi is not interested at all. He can find someone other than her. She got a lot of load on her plate.

"I'll pay for the whole package. You name your price and I'll pay for it." Ling Mo tried to bribe his way on her.

Su Ci Yi's eyes glittered and exclaimed, "I'm in!"

Just like that, Su Ci Yi accepted the job.


"What was that all about?"

Su Ming inquired as soon as they reach the villa.

Su Ci Yi immediately went to her room and collapse on her bed.

"An extra income."

Su Ming didn't diverge into it deeply. She knew Su Ci Yi had a lot of an underhanded sideline beyond her knowledge and she didn't need to pry over it.

However, there's one thing that she'd like to ask.

Su Ci Yi took only a few minutes to take a rest before standing up again and went over to collect her travel bag. Then, in a split of a second, she flew up on the window ready to jump.

Is she a monkey? How come her favorite exit place is always the window?!

"Sis! Where are you going again? You just came back."

"I'll go to the forest. It's feeding time for my beast there."

"Will you eat dinner here?"

Su Ci Yi thought for a while and replied. "Maybe I'll spend the night there."

Su Ming had wanted to ask her about the status of their company's affair. Since Song Mao is still out, she had no idea what's the current progress anymore. Su Ci Yi said that there's nothing to worry about it, but Su Ming without knowing the intricate details cannot sit back and relax.

Seeing her rushing over to get out, she didn't bother her anymore.

She'll just ask Song Mao when he got back later.


" It's already been settled. That commission is on the hot seat now, together with the giant audit committee. It's probably that the leadership willbe replaced in next week's time or before the month's end."

Qin HuZao reported as soon as he entered the CEO'S office. Qin Yu was on his desk and signing some doc.u.ments.When he finished writing, he turned up to him.

" Good. Is the person we prepared ready for the position? There won't be any mishap on our end if we planted him?"

Qin HuZao nodded, "On it already. That person is already on standby whenever he will be instated on the position."

"Thank you for your handwork. You may go now."

Qin HuZao stayed on his position and didn't go out yet.

Qin Yu noticed him and arched his eyebrow, " Is there anything else?"

Qin HuZao hesitated to speak but had no choice and voiced it out loud, "That old man, Qin Yulin. Just last night, he announces your engagement to Lin Fei Fei at the party he was invited to. We are able to contain the news that leaks out, but rumors cannot be stopped from fully spreading."

As soon as he finished speaking, the surrounding area inside the room became intoxicated. Qin HuZao felt suffocated from the amount of heaviness in the air that he couldn't make up where it came from.

Qin Yu thought for a moment and his hand stopped from working.

That Qin Yulin... is like a slug that will suck him off until he fully bows down on his will. Is this another gimmick of his for whatever purpose he had plannedahead?

Qin Yu had just come back from the grave and almost got killed because of the person he hired to assassinate him. Now, he's tactic had changed; he was hooking him to her daughter now? What was he thinking?

"Contain the rumors, don't let it spread like wildfire. Any suspected person who spread it, leave no one of them out, and fire them. The company only needs hard workers not some, talkative and useless gossipmonger."

Qin HuZao didn't complain but ratherobediently nodded, "Understood. I'll search for those people and fire them immediately."

As soon as Qin HuZao got out, Qin Yu leaned at the back of his swivel chair. Letting his mind settled first and puff a big amount of sigh.

His head turned to look at the calendar. Three days before his long vacation. How come the days are too slow nowadays?

He couldn't wait to bring her along to his parent's home and spend the days leisurely once in a while.

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