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Chris And Hazel summary:

Hazel's life was almost perfect till her new boss showed up. 'What is he doing here?' she wondered. Her new boss,Mr. Christopher Finch, was her college crush and her only love. He rejected her back in college and doesn't remember her at all. Well that's not a surprise for Hazel but his two kids were. So he's married now? 'Haze, he never really deserved you in the first place' her friend consoled. Well is it that easy to move on like people say? After all she has loved him for six years now. But let bygones be bygones she has decided to move on. Will it be easy? 'What could possibly go wrong now?' she asked confidently. And that's when the real battle began........ Author's note:Hey readers, I am glad to have released my first novel in webnovel. I hope for your support and love to keep it going. I would love to hear how much you like my novel.

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