Commanding Wind And Cloud Chapter 598

598 Mantis Yellow Bird And Hunter

More and more fallen angel shadows flew out of the Heart of Lucifer, and they landed on Cech Flet and Lucifer Lucy. A series of mysterious rune sequences appeared on their foreheads, and their bloodline battle form slightly changed with every passing second.

The strange warrior heart in Zence Matten's forehead emitted the most amount of light, and his spiritual energy increase again. The fallen angel bloodline was great at both warrior power and magic power. At this moment, all the experience with cultivating magic power became Zence Matten's nutrients.

A ton of essence was being pried out from the Heart of Lucifer. In a few moments, about half of the essence left the metal sphere. At this moment, the magic conductor that was doing the work started to crack as if it couldn't withstand the presence. The metal claws were about to break, and eye-piercing light dashed out of the cracks.

"How dare you take my item? I'm the Crown Prince! Die!"

Suddenly, ferocious warrior power and intense murderous spirit rose in the forest, and Fei detected that a figure was fast approaching him with strong power. It seemed like he was going to get hit in the next second, and his spine was going to shatter.

"Finish absorbing everything?" This idea flashed in Qian Jin's mind.

There wasn't enough time!

Suddenly, he appeared ten meters away, and the place where everyone sat down cross-legged got destroyed. A big crater was in place, and grass and dirt flew into the air.

Before the loud explosion could echo in the sky, it was absorbed by the trees in the forest.

Teleportation soul realm!

At the critical moment, Duren Burg used his soul realm and moved everyone ten meters away. Since everyone's hand was on the Heart of Lucifer, they were together and were one piece through the connection of this saint item. Therefore, Duren Burg's teleportation soul realm moved everyone at once.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Huh? This?" A confused expression flashed on Lucifer Serage's ferocious face, and he said, "You dodged? Interesting. However, let's see how many times you can dodge!"

Top-tier warrior soul! With his warrior soul merged into his body, Lucifer Serage instantly entered the true Half-Saint Realm!

At this moment, the Crown Prince of the demons unleashed his real power. He was rumored to be a wastrel and useless, but he was a half-saint warrior!

"I came here long ago, but I didn't move since I want to see if your magic conductor is effective." Lucifer Serage said while his body shivered, leaving an afterimage behind. He already appeared before Qian Jin and the others, and he grasped down with his fingers open.

For a moment, everyone on the ground felt like Lucifer Serage's hand was coming for their heads. At the same time, Lucifer Serage's voice sounded again, "Teleportation? What can you do with teleportation that can only move you ten meters? I could have become a saint warrior long ago, but I chose not to since I want to extract the essence from the Heart of Lucifer and reach the peak! Do you think that I don't know about my seventh brother's thoughts and plans?"

When everyone appeared ten meters away, they realized that the hand coming down for their heads didn't disappear.

For Lucifer Serage's speed, ten meters was nothing; he could instantly move over it. Teleportation of ten meters might be useful during sneak-attacks, but it was useless when trying to escape.


There wasn't enough time to put away the Heart of Lucifer or to do anything else. They couldn't even defend!

After absorbing a ton of experience, Qian Jin knew that Lucifer Serage's strike was too much for them to handle, so he instantly shouted.

Without hesitation, everyone else let go of the Heart of Lucifer and quickly moved back in unison.

Meanwhile, Qian Jin bent his knees and used the two Ultra-Fake Soul warrior seals alongside the Destruction Soul Realm. Then, he initiated Innumerable Shadow, and his speed was faster than teleportation. With his left hand on the Heart of Lucifer, his right hand used one of them Eighteen Blade Elevating Strikes while attacking Serage from behind.

Instead of looking back and defending, Serage exerted force through his toes, ankles, and knees, charging toward Lucifer Lucy and opened his palms again. It seemed like he didn't see Qian Jin's strike.

At that moment, Serage instantly got out of Qian Jin's attack range and formed the latter to save Lucifer Lucy, turning the passive situation around.

"If I capture one of them, I will have control of the situation!" Serage thought to himself. After observing for a long while, he noticed that the relationships between his opponents were great, and the magic conductor was real and could unleash the essence in the Heart of Lucifer; it wasn't a fake item to fool him.

Even though these people absorbed a portion of the essence, Serage was confident that with his talent, as long as he absorbed the rest of the essence, he could even kill the current demon king and become the new demon king.

"Lucifer Zhifeng! This Heart of Lucifer is my gift to you!"

After missing the strike, Qian Jin didn't chase after Serage. Instead, he shook his wrist and threw the Heart of Lucifer to Lucifer Zhifeng, the dual-bloodline demon warrior who was hiding at an even more secretive spot in the forest.

After absorbing the essence in the Heart of Lucifer, Qian Jin's sensation reached a peak that he never sensed before! Now in battle, Qian Jin who was a top-tier archer instantly spotted Lucifer Zhifeng who was hiding deeper and wanted to get all the benefits by coming out last.

The Heart of Lucifer flew out, and the powerful air-piercing energy created a series of rumbling noises. It was dashing directly toward Lucifer Zhifeng who was hiding in a tree.


Lucifer Zhifeng cursed, but he had to reveal himself and try to grab the Heart of Lucifer.

"Seventh Prince, can you still endure and hide?" Qian Jin shouted again and shot a throwing knife toward another location with a flick of his wrist.

"Good eyes!" Lucifer Zhengshi howled and jumped out of the forest as well. He dodged the throwing knife and flew toward the Heart of Lucifer.

"Die! That is mine!" Lucifer Serage couldn't try to kill Lucifer Lucy and let these other two demons get their hands on the Heart of Lucifer. After all, killing Lucifer Lucy was meaningless now. Instead of dashing forward, the Crown Prince switched his trajectory in mid-air before shooting out two beams from his Demon Eyes of Destruction. While each beam shot toward one of the fallen angel bloodline warriors, Lucifer Serage reached out for the Heart of Lucifer.

"Eighth Prince, this is for you!"

Qian Jin flicked his wrist again and threw out the magic conductor needed to release the essence in the Heart of Lucifer. Then, he dashed toward Duren Burg and others while shouting, "Let's go!"

The most talented demons in the young generation of the Lucifer Family all showed up here. Now, Qian Jin realized that he had underestimated these young demons of the Demon Royal Family; each of them had more endurance than the next, and they were all great hunters.

In Fallen City, Qian Jin couldn't do anything to them.

The benefits from the Heart of Lucifer couldn't be instantly used after absorbing; the process of digestion and consolidation was required before the benefits could be realized.

If he truly absorbed all the benefits that he got, Qian Jin was confident that he could rival Lucifer Serage, but that wasn't the case right now.

Who was going to get the Heart of Lucifer? Qian Jin wasn't interested in knowing. Right now, only about 50 percent the essence was left, and the magic conductor could only extract about 10 percent the essence before it would break. Except for Qian Jin, no other runemaster could repair it or create another one from studying it.

It was fortunate for Qian Jin that these young royal demons were all intelligent; they formed an indescribable balance. If he had to face the Crown Prince, the Seventh Prince, the Eighth Prince, or Lucifer Zhifeng alone, it would be tough to escape from this place.

The Heart of Lucifer and the magic conductor for extraction; these two treasures flew in different directions and dashed toward different people.

After the Eighth Prince moved fast and grabbed the magic conductor, his wings flapped as he tried to also get his hands on the Heart of Lucifer that the Crown Prince hadn't seized yet.

At this moment, Duren Burg and others also knew that this was the only opportunity to leave this place. Without hesitation, they all dashed in the opposite direction as those fallen angel bloodline warriors.

Qian Jin turned around and pulled on his bow, and three sharp arrows shot forward. The friction between the metal arrowheads and the air created a series of sparks.

The three arrows turned into three shooting stars. Two of them forced back the Crown Prince and the Eighth Prince. Under the assistance of the Destruction Soul Realm, these two powerful arrows could even injure these two masters.

The arrows might not be able to kill them, but they were enough to injure them. In this situation, no one dared to get injured; being injured was giving other opponents opportunities.

When these two young masters slightly backed away, the third arrow hit the Heart of Lucifer. The third arrow was insanely fast, and its body curved up when it hit the Heart of Lucifer, looking like a crescent moon as if it were getting squeezed from both sides.

Bam! In the next moment, the arrow exploded; even the warrior-weapon-level arrowhead shattered. A medium-sized, visible tornado appeared where the collision happened, and many tree leaves were pulled into the tornado and turned into green liquid before splashing onto everything in the area. The powerful impact force sent the Heart of Lucifer higher and further into the sky.

If people were standing on the ground and looking up at the bright Heart of Lucifer, they would have an illusion and wonder why two moons appeared in the sky, and why the second moon was moving so fast.

The four fallen angel bloodline warriors were all attracted by the Heart of Lucifer, and they leaped toward it, ignoring Qian Jin and others.

"Crown Prince Your Highness, Eighth Brother's strength is even above us…"

"No problem. After we get everything, the two of us can hash it out later."

"Eighth Prince, as long as you swear to the Demon God and say that you will give me ten percent of the essence and won't hurt me, I will help you fight for the Heart of Lucifer."

"I'm Lucifer Stars! The Son of the Universe! Do I need anyone else's help? The Heart of Lucifer is mine!"
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