Commanding Wind And Cloud Chapter 599

599 Shocking Change Three Pairs Of Wings

While Lucifer Zhifeng moved fast, he was surprised that the three princes completely disregarded him, so it was impossible to fight over the Heart of Lucifer with them. Right now, the only way was to chase down Lucifer Lucy and others.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lucifer Zhifeng made the decision and dashed toward the direction where Qian Jin and others took off. He told himself, "Those few demons had absorbed a lot of essence from the Heart of Lucifer, and it shouldn't be digested yet. As long as I kill them, suck their blood, and eat their bodies, the essence I can recover probably will be more than ten percent of the total essence."

"A wastrel that doesn't even dare to compete!" Lucifer Stars looked back and sneered as he dashed toward the Heart of Lucifer.

"The Heart of Lucifer is mine! The Crown Prince's!"

A beam of light shot out of Lucifer Serage's eyes, and it struck the Heart of Lucifer which was moving in the air. The trajectory of this item changed a little, and it was much easier for him to grab it now.

 "Are you the only one with the Demon Eyes of Destruction?"

Lucifer Stars and Lucifer Zhengshi both used their Demon Eyes of Destruction. Since the ultimate awakenings were going to happen in this generation of warriors, the young warriors of the ultimate bloodline families were exceptionally powerful.

For a moment, explosions repeatedly occurred in the sky above the Fallen City as the three princes fought over the Heart of Lucifer.

The incident with the Heart of Lucifer continued to change, and the result was far beyond Qian Jin and others' expectation. The Crown Prince who should have left the Fallen City was still here.

Crown Prince Lucifer Serage didn't believe any demons or forces from the beginning; he even knew about Seventh Prince Lucifer Zhengshi's plans, and he only played along and didn't point it out.


Suddenly, Cech Flet spat out a mouthful of blood, and he suddenly fell to the ground. Since he was moving forward fast, he rolled on the ground when he landed. His handsome face paled, and his entire body shook violently.

"It is ok…" Cech Flet said as he tried his best to stand up. Just as he was about to try to move his legs, Duren Burg dashed over and said, "Ok, don't force it. What happened? Let me carry you instead…"

"I…" Just as Cech Flet opened his mouth, his body shook violently again, and a pair of black wings opened from his back.

This wasn't Cech Flet's first pair of black wings. His fallen angel bloodline was activated a while ago, and his original perfect pair of wings was on his back. Now, the second pair of black wings appeared.

Compared to the first pair of wings, the second pair of black wings were much larger, and more magic elements circled it.

"Bloodline power awakening?" Qian Jin thought to himself, but he quickly shook his head. "No. If this is the bloodline power awakening, he shouldn't directly get a second pair of perfect wings. Also, as a bloodline warrior, he should be able to suppress the bloodline power awakening and not do it now."

A black demonic pattern slowly oozed out of Cech Flet's forehead and quickly spread to the surroundings. Then, his bones emitted a strong sense of power; it wasn't an increase in warrior power; it was only the strengthening of aura.

In other words, Cech Flet's aura became powerful, but he didn't get much stronger.

The black demonic pattern looked exotic yet beautiful, and it quickly spread over Cech Flet's entire face. It looked like a kind of special oil paint, and it added to his handsome and mysterious appearance instead of ruining it.

The black demonic pattern continued to spread. When it got to the center of Cech Flet's palms, it seemed like it reached the climax.


The third pair of black wings!

 That is right!

In legends, the fallen angel bloodline warriors could only obtain the third pair of black wings after reaching the Ultimate Awakening.

It was pitch-black! Every single feather looked crystal-like and glared like the energy cores, and each of them looked artistic. At this moment, Cech Flet looked like the true beloved child of the stars.

Compared to the first two pairs of black wings, when the third pair of wings opened, others felt like the entire land was being enveloped by it.

At this moment, Cech Flet's aura wasn't powerful but holy! It was holy and saint-like! It was haughty yet not overbearing, but the unique holiness made others want to kneel and worship him.

The black demonic pattern slowly disappeared from Cech Flet's skin. However, it didn't disappear. Instead, like ink drops that got absorbed into a piece of paper, the black demonic pattern sunk into Cech Flet's skin and disappear from the surface.

Three pairs of wings!

Qian Jin was shocked by what he saw, and he thought, "What is going on? Cech didn't activate his bloodline. Right now, he isn't even close to the Saint Warrior Realm. However, he got three pairs of wings. This is the unique form of fallen angel bloodline warriors who achieved Ultimate Awakening! Monster! Another Monster!"

Qian Jin looked at Duren Burg and then at Cech Flet who seemed to be in a mystical state and hadn't recovered. He shook his head and sighed. "Except for me and this hydra, there is another monster."

Three pairs of wings! Qian Jin didn't believe that Cech Flet's strength didn't change after such a transformation took place on his body. However, it seemed like they could only find out about what happened after Cech Flet recovered his normal strength.

"What about you?" Qian Jin looked at Lucifer Lucy curiously and asked. This female demon was wearing the Dark Demon Armor, which was a unique saint item of the fallen angel bloodline.

Since Lucifer Lucy had this item on her, there was no way that she obtained the least amount of benefits from the Heart of Lucifer. Instead, she probably obtained the most benefits out of everyone here.

In terms of absorbing the essence of the Heart of Lucifer, it wasn't directly correlated to individual combat strength. The essence from that metal sphere had the highest compatibility with these two fallen angel bloodline warriors, so they obtained the most amount of benefits.

Strange transformations already took place on Cech Flet's body, but it seemed like nothing happened to Lucifer Lucy. Therefore, Qian Jin was curious as to why this was the case.

"What about me?" Lucifer Lucy looked at Qian Jin in confusion and said, "I don't feel anything."

Qian Jin smiled and thought, "She is a monster too. After absorbing that much essence, it is only normal to feel something. Right now, I feel like my body is burning. If this place is suitable for digesting the essence, I would be doing it right now."

"After Cech is finished, we will instantly…"

"Go? Go where? None of you can get away!" In his bloodline battle form, Lucifer Zhifeng dashed down from the sky. When he landed on the ground, his aura skyrocketed. He froze when he saw Cech Flet, and he said, "This? Ultimate… Doesn't matter! I will kill him and drink his blood first."

"Also you, the beautiful princess." Lucifer Zhifeng smiled as he looked at Lucifer Lucy and said, "You are the only demon here who doesn't need to die. However, I will push you to the ground and f*ck you. I have been thinking about it for a long time."

"But before that…" Lucifer Zhifeng suddenly stepped forward and clench toward Qian Jin's head. "You need to submit to me first!"

As soon as Lucifer Zhifeng opened his palm and straightened his five fingers, the sky seemed to lost color. His peak-level warrior soul dashed out, and the magic scrolls on him were all ignited. Various magic buffs appeared on him, and his combat strength increased by more than 30 percent.

A streak of defiance force vaguely appeared in the air. It was hard to tell where the strike was coming from, making the warrior power in others' bodies go chaotic and get out of control.

It was level 2 [Defiance] fighting technique, Chaos of Defiance; it was one of the two ultimate techniques of the fallen angel bloodline warriors.

This wasn't just about defiance; it was about chaos as well. When chaos and defiance merged, it was much harder to control.

The Lucifer Family merged their views and tactics for managing a nation into their fighting techniques.

This strike from Lucifer Zhifeng was chaotic, making others not know how to suppress it.

"Chaos?" The combat experience of the ancestors of the Lucifer Family suddenly appeared in Qian Jin's mind. It was better to direct the flow of chaotic energy rather than trying to stop it completely. The best way was to go along with it! Conform to the chaos and make the chaotic energy not able to find a target of resistance and continue moving. Using the power of conformity to deal with the power of defiance.

"Conformity?" A disagreeing smile appeared on Qian Jin's face, and the two Ultra-Fake Souls entered his body. Then, the Destruction Soul Realm was activated, and Qian Jin took several steps forward against the palm strike that was chaotic and defying. With every step, the ground shook, the grass shivered, and the trees swayed. The direct and powerful aura seemed like the troop who was here to squash the rebellion.

Lucifer Zhifeng's strike was like a town that was launching a rebellion, and the people were killing and robing. Suddenly, it was met with a heavy troop made of 10,000 cavalrymen. These official soldiers charged into the town like a giant hammer, and the rebels, the co-conspirators, the people who didn't stop them were all destroyed together.

"Huh? This?" Lucifer Zhifeng was an experienced warrior, and he suddenly felt like he was facing an iron-blood troop. It seemed like heavy cavalrymen were charging at him from all sides, and he couldn't dodge at all. The only way was to move forward and take this force head-on!

It was going to come down to who had the stronger momentum, and who was more unstoppable.

Qian Jin used the Fourth Hammering Technique of the Eighteen Blade Elevating Strikes, and it perfectly combined the first three hammering techniques. When his fists struck down, its power completely engulfed his opponent.

Lucifer Zhifeng suddenly sensed an unprecedented level of pressure and danger. Instead of moving his legs, warrior power rushed into his head as he raised his neck; he looked like a giant reef that was unshakable in front of a tsunami.

At that moment, the warrior soul that was attached to Lucifer Zhifeng let out a roar, and it sounded like the thunder of the spring. This demon moved his arms forward and tried to capture the trajectory of Qian Jin's strike.

Seeing this, Qian Jin was too lazy to add more variations to his strike. He turned all variations into pure strength, and he struck down with all his power without mercy.
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