Commanding Wind And Cloud Chapter 600

600 How Much Further Away?


Three arms collided, and red blood mist instantly permeated the air before bone-cracking noises sounded. Then, muscle-exploding noises resonated in the area. The series of dense and compact noises made others have a hard time to breathe.

Qian Jin's fist that turned into a forging hammer at this instant broke loose like a wild horse that got off its leash. It instantly penetrated Lucifer Zhifeng's chest like the current of a surging river, and many rib bones in Lucifer Zhifeng's chest shattered. A large area of this demon's chest caved in, and his black wings even separated from his spine and flew out as blood jetted out of his nostrils, eyes, mouth, and ears.

Under the empowerment of the Destruction Soul Realm, the Fourth Hammering Technique carried Qian Jin's unyielding iron will and formed the most hardcore power current. Even though Lucifer Zhifeng used the most brilliant technique that he knew, he couldn't block it.

Bam! Fei took one more step forward, and his torso pushed his fist further into Lucifer Zhifeng's body. In the next moment, Lucifer Zhifeng's body exploded. Many pieces of flesh flew in all directions, and most of them landed on the tree branches and dyed several trees red.

Lucifer Zhifeng who had two bloodlines and was a peak soul-power warrior got smashed into pieces; Qian Jin killed this talented young demon warrior who had limitless potential with one punch.

Qian Jin couldn't even believe this! He only merged a little bit of the combat experience and the inspirations of the ancestors of the Lucifer Family; he hadn't completely digested those memories yet. However, he was still able to explode a peak soul-power warrior.

Although Qian Jin's strength couldn't rival with half-saints, it seemed like the only warriors who were below the Half-Saint-Level and could rival him were all in front of him.

"Direct and clean!" Duren Burg praised. "Next time, let me try out my power!"

Qian Jin nodded. Right now, Duren Burg's strength had increased several times, so it made sense that he wanted to battle with a powerful enemy to test his strength. With the Teleportation Soul Realm, this hydra bloodline warrior could battle with others who were stronger than him.

"A beautiful strike!"

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice sounded in the quiet forest, and a demon slowly walked out from behind a tree.

"Bhang Jianying!"

Everyone looked at this demon who suddenly appeared, and they got ready to battle to the death. After all, this bloodline demon warrior held the third seat on the Potential Saint List.

Lucifer Serage wasn't even in the top ten on the list, yet he was already a half-saint. Qian Jin suspected that this demon in front of them already became a saint warrior but never showcased his true strength in front of other people, and that was why he was still on the Potential Saint List.

Hiding their true strength was something that many human warriors and demon warriors liked to do. This was also a special way to protect themselves.

Before each war, battle, and competition, all information about the participants would fall into others' hands, and they would study the information and make calculations again and again. When two parties were of equal strength, the side that had more publicly available information would be at a disadvantage.

Therefore, hiding strength was already the habit of many warriors.

Qian Jin didn't forget what Lucifer Serage said before the latter went to chase the Heart of Lucifer. The Crown Prince said that he could become a saint warrior at any moment, but he suppressed his strength since he wanted to use the Heart of Lucifer to charge to an unimaginable height.

Since this was the case for Lucifer Serage, it was quite liking that Bhang Jianying was the same."

"Why are you guys so nervous?" Bhang Jianying took a small step back and got further away from Zence Matten. He frowned and said, "Your spiritual magic is too strange. Oh, I don't want to battle to the death. It is Bhang Wusheng who sent you here, right?"

Qian Jin didn't detect Bhang Jianying's desire for battle, but he didn't lower his guard. Hearing Bhang Jianying's question, he simply nodded. At this moment, denying it was meaningless. Although he still had the appearance of a demon, he knew that he couldn't fool this powerful demon even if he denied.

Bhang Jianying threw out a map, and it landed in Qian Jin's hand. It was a map that Qian Jin studied many times and memorized.

"The treasure that you are looking for is me." Bhang Jianying pointed at himself with his thumb and said, "Bhang Wusheng simply wants you to find me. I greeted you last time just to see if you would agree to come to our Bhang Family."

Qian Jin was confused by Bhang Jianying and all this.

"That old man told me a while ago that if he found a human or a demon to inherit his will, he will send this figure to the demon territory for a test, and I'm the last examiner."

Bhang Jianying lightly patted his chest and said with a faint smile, "Originally, I should sneak-attack you when you come to Bhang Family and looking around for the 'treasure' in this specified room; I will see if you are qualified to become the successor. If you are not qualified, you would be killed by me, and I will become the successor."

"Sneak-attacked by such a demon?" Qian Jin thought to himself. Instead of getting scared since such a powerful demon almost sneak-attacked him, he got a sense of untold excitement and some disappointment since that he couldn't be sneak-attacked by Bhang Jianying.

Bhang Jianying closely observed Fei's expression, and he nodded and said, "Good. Hearing that I almost sneak-attacked you, you got excited instead of scared."

"However, you won't have the chance of being sneak-attacked by me." Bhang Jianying looked at Lucifer Zhifeng's broken corpse and said, "Your last strike showed that you are qualified to become that old man's successor. However, the issue with you becoming a saint warrior… I'm afraid that the old man will sneak back to Bhang Family to steal a saint item for you to advance…"

Soul weapons weren't the only things that could help peak soul-power warriors advance and become saint warriors; saint items could do the same. However, just like soul weapons, the saint items would break and shatter after the advancement process.

Although using a saint item to become a saint warrior was much more beneficial compared to using a soul weapon, even the top-tier bloodline families and the royal families wouldn't waste them. After all, there were only so many saint items in the world, and they couldn't be repaired or remade.

Qian Jin glanced at Lucifer Lucy subconsciously, and the Tenth Princess of the Demons instantly crossed her arms in front of her chest as she looked at Qian Jin in alarm. "What do you want? Don't even think about my Dark Demon Armor."

"Dark Demon Armor? The last saint item of the Lucifer Family?" Bhang Jianying looked at Lucifer Lucy with interest as he said, "I'm suddenly interested in fighting you, but you still have a ton of essence that isn't merged. However, I can wait."

"Ok, your test is done." Bhang Jianying waved at Qian Jin and others, and he said, "Now, you can get back to the Frontier with the fastest speed."

Qian Jin looked at Bhang Jianying again and made sure that this third seat of the Potential Saint List wasn't interested in battling. Then, he dashed away with everyone on the pre-arranged path.

"Go and pick up Eunala."

With his hands behind his back, Bhang Jianying looked at Qian Jin and shook his head as he murmured, "I want to battle him. That punch contained an indescribable sensation. It seemed like all obstacles were weak in front of him."

Running! Running! Running!

The team was riding fast warhorses and quickly escaping from the demon territory.

In the last two days, Qian Jin realized that there were no obstacles, and no news about the Lucifer Royal Family passed around.

It seemed like that night where many demons fought over the Heart of Lucifer didn't occur.

If Qian Jin didn't touch the Heart of Lucifer himself and didn't have the essence inside his body, he would have believed that it was all a dream.

After several days of traveling, there was still no news about the Heart of Lucifer and the appearance of a hydra bloodline warrior being passed around on the demon territory.

However, a shocking piece of news for demons got into Qian Jin's ear.

The Crown Prince, the talented Seventh Prince Lucifer Zhengshi, and the first seat of the Potential Saint List, Eighth Prince Lucifer Stars were all missing.

The Dark Group sent out many demons to search, but they got nothing. It seemed like these three princes suddenly disappeared out of nowhere.

Hearing this news, Qian Jin and others were all stunned, and they thought, "How is this possible? Out of the three princes, one has to be the winner."

However, the fact was that all three princes went missing. When Qian Jin tossed out the Heart of Lucifer to help them get away, he had no idea that it was going to make three princes go missing.

"They shouldn't be dead."

After Lucifer Lucy confirmed that this news was real and wasn't created by the three princes to fool them, she finally calmed down a little and relaxed.

As they found a tavern in a not-so-prosperous town and ordered a table full of food and drinks, Lucifer Lucy started to summarize the situation and express her opinions. "I have a feeling that all three of them aren't dead."

Qian Jin drank some hot lamb soup to warm and comfort his stomach that wasn't treated well in the last few days, and he nodded and agreed with Lucifer Lucy.

There was no way that all three princes died. If one of them appeared, it might be that the other two were dead. However, when all three of them were missing, Qian Jin instead felt like none of the three princes died.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It is all good." Duren Burg laid his face on the table lazily and yawned. "It is a good thing that they aren't showing up. Tomorrow, we will be able to leave the demon territory and return to the relatively safe Frontier."

"Safe Frontier?" A bitter smile appeared on Qian Jin's face. People were killed in the Frontier every day, but it somehow seemed safe in everyone's eyes. It just went to show how terrible their current situation was.

"Return to the Frontier…" Lucifer Lucy who was analyzing the situation suddenly paused, and the bowl in her hand shook slightly as her face changed color. She looked a little dejected and didn't seem like someone who was going to escape from danger.

However, everyone's head was lowered as they analyzed the situation, and none of them saw Lucifer Lucy's expression.

After the great dinner, they all went to their rooms that Lucifer Lucy preordered when they entered the tavern.

In the last few days, the team had been running from the Fallen City as fast as they could; they were afraid that the three princes who knew what was going on were going to suddenly appear in front of them. However, to their surprise, the three demon princes who concerned them the most all disappeared. Even the Demon King issued orders to search for them.

Since the team had been on the run, they never got the chance to relax, digest, and comprehend the benefits that they got from the Heart of Lucifer. Only Cech Flet and Lucifer Lucy's strength were increasing while they fled due to their unique bloodline.

Qian Jin sat before the window and looked at the rising moon, and he thought, "These days, Cech's strength has been increasing non-stop. I wonder what level he is at? How much further away is he from the saint warrior level?"

Qian Jin never doubted that Cech Flet would become a saint warrior. Even though this mixed-blood's warrior power accumulation wasn't as profound as Lucifer Lucy's, he just got a lot of inheritance from the Heart of Lucifer.


The door to Qian Jin's room was slowly opened without any knocking.

Without Qian Jin's invitation, Lucifer Lucy sneaked into his room in a line and lightly closed the door.


The door hit the doorframe, and it wasn't loud.

However, Qian Jin suddenly felt like he had never heard such a powerful slamming noise; a determination was mixed in it.

Lucifer Lucy had never been this determined before.
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