Commanding Wind And Cloud Chapter 601

601 First Nigh


Lucifer Lucy waved her hand, and she shot out a small lead ball and extinguished the oil lamp in the room. The room instantly dimmed down, and the moonlight shined through the window and faintly lit up the place.

"This?" Qian Jin froze, but he suddenly saw the blush on Lucifer Lucy's face. She already started to slowly unbutton her shirt.

"Lucy…" As soon as Qian Jin said that, his mouth was sealed by Lucifer Lucy's hot red lips. Then, a smooth and sweet little tongue sneaked into his mouth.

Qian Jin's mind turned blank, and his tongue instinctively started to coil around Lucifer Lucy's. Then, his hand was grabbed by Lucifer Lucy, and she pulled his hand toward her waist.

In the next moment, Qian Jin's hand touched a soft body.

Lucifer Lucy's face got hotter. As she sensed that Qian Jin's hand landed on her butt, she, in turn, hugged Qian Jin tighter. Then, she closed her eyes to enjoy the warmth and love of the moment.

Qian Jin looked at Lucifer Lucy in surprise and wondered, "All this…"

"Love me, ok?" Lucifer Lucy held Qian Jin's face with her hands, and she stared at Qian Jin with her single eye and said, "I dropped my ego as a woman and came to you. Please don't push me away. Please don't reject me. Let me give myself to you, ok?"

After saying that, Lucifer Lucy kissed Qian Jin again.

At this moment, Qian Jin stopped overthinking. If he continued to reject, then…

Their lips tightly touched, and their tongues coiled around each other. Now, both of Qian Jin's hands were on Lucifer Lucy's butt, and they stopped being dull. He opened his palm and squeezed the bouncy butt. Then, a streak of heat energy dispersed into his body through his dantian which was slightly lower than his belly button, and some changes happened to his body.

Lucifer Lucy gradually moved back, and Qian Jin continued his advancement. Soon, the two of them fell onto the bed, and Qian Jin's hands moved from Lucifer Lucy's butt toward her waist before continuing moving up. Soon, he invaded her chest.


Lucifer Lucy moaned uncontrollably, and it stimulated Qian Jin further; a body part was fast-changing.

Qian Jin's hands that enveloped Lucifer Lucy's chest stripped away the blockage and grasped onto the bouncy real thing. Then, he sensed that the tips gradually hardened.

Obstacles such as clothes could no longer stop this couple that was in heat, and they soon fell to the ground and lost their functionalities.

Qian Jin sensed the place on Lucifer Lucy's body that was heated and moist, and he lightly thrust his pelvis forward. At that moment, Lucifer Lucy's arms wrapped around Qian Jin, and her fingers pressed onto his back with force. Her fingernails instantly scratched him and almost dug into his flesh.

"Don't stop…" Lucifer Lucy looked at Qian Jin with a blush. "Come in. I'm giving myself to you tonight. I'm going to be your demon girl. Don't be gentle with me. Love me… love me with force…"

Qian Jin lowered his head and kissed Lucifer Lucy's full red lips, and he thrust his pelvis forward harder this time, and he instantly sensed that he entered a mystical realm that he never been to before. At the same time, he sensed burning pain in his lips; Lucifer Lucy bit him.

Instantly, Qian Jin felt like he was different; he was now a real man. Although the path ahead was still closed, he had to continue moving forward.

"Love me… Qian Jin… love me hard…"

Lucifer Lucy's chest tightly pressed onto Qian Jin's chest, and Qian Jin's testosterone was stimulated to the peak under the grinding. His body was moving and doing its thing instinctively even though he was a little rigid.

"Love me… love me deep…"

In the small room, Lucifer Lucy coordinated with Qian Jin's effort rigidly as she moaned, "Love me harder… deeper… harder… don't worry about me… harder…"

The small bed squeaked non-stop. It sounded like it couldn't bear the weight and was going to collapse at any time, but it was holding on.

One human, one demon, they gradually got familiar with this activity and knew how to do it.

Lucifer Lucy crawled onto Qian Jin's body. Her hands were lightly pressing on Qian Jin's abdomen, her smooth and beautiful neck full of hickeys raised, and her giant black wings opened on her back.

Fallen angel bloodline battle form!

At this moment, Lucifer Lucy activated her bloodline battle form, and Qian Jin instantly sensed that the squeeze force increased by several folds. An indescribable thrill hit his body.

Intuitively, Qian Jin turned around and pinned down Lucifer Lucy with his body, and the giant pair of wings completely enveloped them both.

The moon in the sky shined its light onto the pair of black wings through the window like a true expert, and one could see the wriggling feathers.

"Harder… Qian Jin… let your seed in my body… ah…"

Lucifer Lucy moaned again, and her slender legs tightly squeezed Qian Jin's waist.

As time passed, the wooden bed stopped squeaking and groaning.

Qian Jin raised his hand and caressed Lucifer Lucy's face, and he glanced at her empty eye socket before saying gently, "Are you sure that you don't want me to find you another eye?"

"No!" Lucifer Lucy's stubborn voice sounded again as she looked at Qian Jin, "Even if you can take the eye from Cech, I don't want it."

Qian Jin's hand on Lucifer Lucy's face suddenly shivered; this answer made him think of something that he didn't want to.

"I want you to remember me forever. I lost my eye because of you; you took the eye from your demon girl." Lucifer Lucy said as she grabbed Qian Jin's hands and dragged them to her chest. "Hold them, ok?"

Qian Jin lowered his head and lightly bit her chest, and he licked her earlobe and asked lightly, "Are you going to stay?"

Lucifer Lucy's body lightly shook, and a smile appeared on her face as she said, "You are indeed my man; you guessed it already."

Qian Jin was perplexed, and he asked, "Do you know how dangerous it will be for you if you stay?"

"I know." Lucifer Lucy stared at Qian Jin and said stubbornly, "However, I'm going to stay. After getting the inheritance from the Heart of Lucifer, I think that I have a chance at getting the throne. I don't want to give up this opportunity; I, Lucifer Lucy, will become the empress!"

"Perhaps…" The light in Lucifer Lucy's eyes dimmed, and she continued, "Perhaps after I become the empress, I can potentially stop the war between humans and demons. I don't want to meet you on the Human-Demon Battlefront. If I can't become the empress, I will be sent there. Even if I choose to betray and fled… will the Zence Empire accept me?"

"I'm always…"

"No…" Lucifer Lucy blocked Qian Jin's mouth with her hand, and she said, "I'm your demon girl, but I don't want to become your burden. I went to the Zence Empire with you last time, but it was a calculated risk. Before, I thought that even if I get exposed, I will drag you down with me. But now…"

Lucifer Lucy shook her head, and her long black hair swayed. "If I go back to Zence Empire with you, and my identity gets exposed, what will you do then?"

 "You will come and save me, you will risk everything to save me. You are my man, and I know you will do that." Lucifer Lucy answered her question as her arms hugged around Qian Jin's neck, "My man, do you know how much I love you? I don't want you to battle the entire Zence Empire for me."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I can imagine how grand that scene is." Lucifer Lucy closed her eyes and fell into her fantasy as she said, "If my identity is discovered, the people who want to capture me will choose a moment when you are not with me. Then, they will destroy my strength and tie me up in the center of Central Square at the Holy Capital of Zence. They will try to burn me alive, but you…"

Lucifer Lucy opened his eyes and kissed Qian Jin before she continued, "My man, at that moment, you will kill through layers of guards alone with armor and a single saber, saving me like an unrivaled hero. Even if blood would stain the ground, and many heads would fall to the ground, you will come and save me. It is because you are my man, my only man."

"It is the scene that every girl and demon girl has dreamed around." A proud smile appeared on Lucifer Lucy's face as she said, "It is a scene that many women are willing to die for. I also hope… I also fantasized about such a scene, but…"

"I can't be that selfish." Lucifer Lucy looked at Qian Jin and said, "I can't put you in that state of danger. You need to become the perfect hero in the mind of the public in the Zence Empire, you need to save your father, and you need to step on the entire Qian Family. Defeating Qian Zhanxuan alone isn't enough. If you want to step on Qian Family, you need to use the power of the public to destroy their honor."

"Don't talk; just listen to me." Lucifer Lucy tightly hugged Qian Jin, "I won't go back with you. It also isn't safe for me to go back with you. You are not alone; you have a group of people with you. I won't put you in that situation."

"I, Lucifer Lucy, is your demon girl and not a burden. I need to be helpful to you. About those three missing princes coming back? Don't worry, I have plans. Don't forget, I'm the future empress!" Lucifer Lucy kissed Qian Jin again and said, "Come on, love me again. Also, tell Sister Jane that I took your first night."

Qian Jin looked at Lucifer Lucy who was in his arms, and he thought, "It is dangerous to take this demon girl back to the Zence Empire, but is it less dangerous to let her stay here?"

"Don't worry; I got a lot of benefits from the Heart of Lucifer, and I will use it properly," Lucifer Lucy said as she coiled around Qian Jin like a snake, "Come on, love me a few more times. I want to have your baby."

Qian Jin was silent, and he kissed her. Lucifer Lucy never had to rely on anyone to live, and she wasn't like a flower vast that could do nothing but look good. She had her goals and aspirations, and Qian Jin knew that he couldn't convince her.

"I will protect myself," Lucifer Lucy murmured as she closed her eyes, raised her head, and enjoyed Qian Jin's effort, "I will wait for you to come and pick me up… I will become the honorable empress and wait for you to come back and take me…"
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