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Comrade: Almost A Cat Astrophic Love Story Book 2 Chapter 160

Having the vital organ of his manhood held stunned Pei Zhen. He froze and widened his eyes in shocked surprise at Fu Sichen. "You…"

Fu Sichen's expression darkened, and the aura was overbearing to the point of dangerous. But the next moment, as Pei Zhen shook off his state of shock, the sense of foreboding had disappeared.

"What abs?" In an evil flick of his hand, Fu Sichen hit Pei Zhen's lower abdomen, then he straightened up and smiled. "A lazy person like you can only dream of abs."

"Hey!" Pei Zhen retorted angrily in embarrassment.

"You want to see abs?" Fu Sichen smiled slightly, and with a lift of his arms, removed his top to reveal his upper torso. "This is the real Schwarzenegger II."

The physique of golden ratio and a perfectly defined six-pack; Pei Zhen couldn't stop himself from reaching out for a touch.


Pei Zhen's pride didn't allow him to express any words of awe. Embarrassed and ashamed, he glared angrily at the perfect Fu Sichen. He turned around and pulled the blanket over his head. "I'm going to sleep."

That action was an exact reenactment of Pei Pei the Persian cat. Covered from head to toe, it was such an adorable sight.

Unconsciously moving his Adam's apple, it took some time for Fu Sichen to stop himself from impulsively jumping onto Pei Zhen. He turned and walked towards the bathroom.

He had to exercise control.

He mustn't frighten Pei Zhen.

The Little Brat Pei liked to show off as a cool tyrant. If he were topped, he'd surely fly off the handle.

The cool water from the shower head pelted down on him for a long time, but it did nothing to cool the burning desire in him. The usually civilized Best Actor Fu uncontrollably broke out in a string of swear words.

While Fu Sichen was suffering in the shower, Pei Zhen was similarly unable to fall asleep.

His mind tossed and turned, fussing around the thought of someone's perfect six-pack. He reached out to touch his own abdomen unconsciously. Flat and smooth, even a little soft.

Damn it.

If it went on, would it mean that he'd lose his chance to be the top party?

Recalling the previous couple debate on Weibo, Pei Zhen's emotions were in turmoil. A stunner like himself couldn't possibly be the bottom party!

Since he lost out in physical prowess, would superior technical skills be the only way to salvage the situation?

The more he thought about it, the more he was sure that was the case. His eyes snapped open, and he pulled off the blanket and reached for his mobile phone. He started to search.

Only, in response to a national appeal, such information, not only in the context of homosexuality—even in the context of heterosexuality, had been screened off in the interactive encyclopedia!

What else could he do?

Pei Zhen thought for a long while, and then bashfully sent Xiao Nian a message: [Young hero, it's a long night. Where can I get a manual on resolving loneliness?]

After complaining earlier that he was exhausted, the invigorated Xiao Nian responded very efficiently: [Oh, are you referring to a handjob?]

Looking at the dramatic tilde symbol, Pei Zhen could easily imagine what Xiao Nian's expression was at that moment, extremely mischievous.

At the age of 25, it was the first time in his life that he wanted such information. He felt like a teenager raging with hormones, embarrassed with curiosity. With his eyes almost shut tight, he wrote back 'Yes', to which the great manager Xiao replied almost instantaneously.

[Daddy, give me five minutes.]

It didn't even take five minutes—in just two minutes, Pei Zhen received a huge shared resource file. With lingering fear, he glanced at the bathroom door, which was tightly shut. Stealthily Pei Zhen played the video.

"Yes, yes, faster… faster… ahhhh!"

The moment the video played, he got an earful of sweet and unctuous groaning. Pei Zhen glanced at the video—two pale bodies greeted his vision, completely uncensored, their expressions fake. Pei Zhen was so disgusted that he almost threw out his mobile phone.

How despicable, that horrible straight man. He actually sent a pornographic video!

Pei Zhen, who had now placed himself in the 'bent' category, angrily deleted the file sent by Xiao Nian.

[Dissemination of pornographic videos is illegal.]

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