Comrade: Almost A Cat Astrophic Love Story Book 2 Chapter 161

Volume 2 Chapter 161 Embarrassment Because He Was The One Being Embraced

All Xiao Nian got in return for his good intentions when he shared the mysterious file, was a good dressing down. From his character to the national agenda, and even the higher order of human thinking—he was reprimanded on all aspects.

He looked completely idiotic.

Xiao Nian: [Daddy, I am only fighting for the propagation of the human race!]

Sorry, Daddy will never be able to propagate.

There was no way he could get through to the straight man. Pei Zhen was emotionally exhausted and shut off his mobile. Tossing the phone aside, he knitted his brows and started to ponder.

Gay relationships existed in the entertainment circle, Pei Zhen had more or less heard scandals about such men in the past.

Apparently, it was painful to be the bottom party. Especially if the top party lacked skills, it would hurt the bottom party.

Pei Zhen was distraught. He was such a kind person that he would hesitate to hurt Best Actor Fu.


The opening of the bathroom door interrupted Pei Zhen's thoughts. The freshly showered Fu Sichen walked out, hair still wet and a towel hung casually around his waist. He glanced at Pei Zhen and smiled before walking towards the wardrobe.

"Still awake?" He opened the wardrobe door and searched through his clothes. "You have to wake up early tomorrow…"

Before he could finish his sentence, there was a sound of something solid falling onto the floor.

It was a pen.

It looked aged, and the markings on the pen surface had almost disappeared with time. However, upon seeing the pen, Pei Zhen immediately recognized it—it was his.

It had been many years, back when he was in the third year of junior middle school. It was summer vacation then, and his father made the pen for him. It was unique in design—the only one in the world.

Pei Zhen, or more aptly, Pei Zhen's family, didn't care too much about the past. Pei Zhen didn't think much about keeping a broken pen, and his father had casually thrown it away.

But now… this…

"This…" Fu Sichen turned red on the tips of his ears like a child caught hiding away secrets which had been exposed. He laughed as he picked up the pen. "Your father made it himself, and I just felt it was wrong to throw it out."

Hence he had been keeping the pen from the time he was in the first year of high school?

Pei Zhen pulled his blanket close, and his expression was unclear under the dim light and dark shadows. "My father said he was still around, so I shouldn't act like he was dead."

Great, Fu Sichen thought. He had secretly kept the pen, but not because he was thinking about Pei Zhen's father!

Fu Sichen's expression was full of unspoken words. Pei Zhen looked at him over and over, eventually letting out an uncontrollable burst of soft laughter. The moment he laughed, Fu Sichen too started laughing.

Normally, Fu Sichen was cold and tense, and considerably guarded with few words or smiles. When he saw the corners of his lips upturned, it mesmerized Pei Zhen.

How stunning.

His boyfriend was unbelievably good-looking!

Pei Zhen was determined to treat Fu Sichen well, exceptionally well!

As he made that silent decision, suddenly Fu Sichen's words came to mind…

Pei Zhen, you will never know how long I've loved you.

Pei Zhen pursed his lips, his heart full of warmth, and he was even at the verge of tearing up. "Fu Sichen, are you afraid of pain?"

Fu Sichen looked surprised at the question.

"Don't worry." Pei Zhen assured him. "I won't use too much force."

Fu Sichen was stunned by what Pei Zhen said.

Pei Zhen started to get worried looking at Fu Sichen. A sense of uneasiness was growing, and it was getting stronger.

There was no more talking for the rest of the night; it was considerably peaceful.

Only, when he woke up in the morning, Pei Zhen found himself nestled in Fu Sichen's embrace. It caused him some shyness and embarrassment.

Shyness, from the close relationship.

Embarrassment, because he was the one being embraced.

How could that happen?

Pei Zhen lifted his arm and embraced Fu Sichen instead.

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