Crossing Worlds Provocation Chapter 767

Chapter 767:


Wen Xuan's lips moved, and he wanted to say something, but he stammered suddenly, unable to say anything for a while.

Her eyes became sour and astringent, and even the whole person felt a little at a loss.

When she looked at Lu Xiao again, she saw Lu Xiao, who was usually unsmiling, looking at her softly, with a smile in his eyes.

Huh, tears fell from her eyes.

Turning and turning his head, he lay on his chest and started crying.

Crying like a child for a while.

If she had been surprised by all these "coincidences" before, but now, no matter how confused she was, she also reacted. She was not here to attend other people's weddings.

But she... her own.

Everyone is here.

Her relatives, Lu Xiao's parents, Shen Lin and Xiao Zaijun, as well as all the members of the Hoh Xil No Man's Land, Uncle Li, Jin Zhu, and Ama.

Even her son Lu Pingan is here! Wagging his tail happily, jumping up and down.

It is more complete than when I was in Beijing.

It really gave her no regrets.

It's just that she didn't expect that Lu Xiao would arrange such a big surprise in private without her knowing anything.

While shocking her, she was extremely moved.

In the last second, I was envious of other people's wedding, but in the next scene, I learned that she was the heroine of this wedding.

Wen Xian couldn't help crying. In the end, Lu Xiao coaxed her softly and gently, holding a square paw to wipe her tears. Then she sucked her little nose with teary eyes and gradually eased back.

And Lu's father Lu's mother also came to her.

Mother Lu looked at her crying, not to mention how uncomfortable she was. When Wen Xian looked at Mother Lu, she walked up with red eyes and gave her a hug.


She called out softly, her voice hoarse, and she was somewhat dependent.

Mother Lu embraced her lightly, stroking her hair, her eyes flushed slightly, and her eyes were full of pity:

"Hey, today is a good day for your wedding, don't cry, your eyes will not look good if you cry."

After the two people moved apart, Lu's mother also helped her to wipe her tears, her gentle face was full of love and distress, and when she spoke, she also choked a little:

"The old man always said that good things are hard to come by. If you fail to succeed the first time, it means that it is not the time. Everything will be going well today. You are all good children. God will always bless you."

Most definitely.

It was not easy for the two of them to walk all the way.

Whether it is before or after meeting.

The wedding was still ready to begin. All the friends and relatives gathered together, because the first time I had regrets, so the second time I did my best. Everyone gave them the most sincere blessings.

Everyone was seated one by one.

Because Wen Xian's relatives are quite special, it was Wen Yu who put on a suit, and the handsome and white boy stood beside Wen Xian, instead of the elders in the family, personally handing over her sister to his brother-in-law.

Even if the teenager is not old, his height is close to 1.8 meters, handsome and tall.

On this day, the sun was just right and the breeze was blowing, accompanied by a lazy and gentle sound of "CantHelpFallinginLove".

Under everyone's gaze, Wen Xian was holding his brother's arm, wearing a retro and elegant, holy and beautiful wedding dress with a tulle over his head.

Just like that, stepping on the carpet full of red roses in Pucheng, step by step, towards her lover of this life.

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