Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295 Please Say That I Am The Most Hateful Person In The World

Exposing your back to the enemy was a foolish action.

The virtuous lamia struck out with the sword as before, and Scarlet Heaven Sword pierced the man through his back all the way until it came out through his chest.

Sixth kill!

At this moment, the virtuous lamia had become the protagonist of the entire battlefield.

As for Song Shuhang, he took the role of a cleric, and would ferry the soul of every slain assassin.

Song Shuhang asked, "If we keep on killing these assassins, will that flaming eye make a move?"

The virtuous lamia had called that thing deity, so it shouldnt be too weak, right?

Soft Feather said, "Even a Buddha would not be able to bear such offense. It should act unless its just an aggregation of principles and doesnt have its own mind."

While they were talking, the virtuous lamia put away Scarlet Heaven Sword, and raised her head to look at the flaming eye in the sky.

At this time, there were changes that began taking place on her body.

Not too long ago, Song Shuhang had been accumulating virtue in the Beast Realm. Coupled with the virtue gained from ferrying the souls of the six assassins, it caused the virtuous lamia to undergo another small evolution.

Which aspect of her was going to evolve this time?

In the beginning, her evolutions would cause her tail to recede, with it gradually moving towards the lower portion of her body. Currently, her snake tail was already below her waist and abdomen, a particularly dangerous position.

However, during her most recent evolution, she suddenly gained the fat whale mount

What would happen this time? Was her tail going to continue moving downwards, or was she going to get another mount?

As Song Shuhang was lost in thought, a beautiful rune emerged on the virtuous lamias forehead.

It looked as if a floral pattern had been carved on her glabella.

Song Shuhang said, "The result of the evolution this time is a pattern? Its pretty, but I could have simply bought a sticker for a few renminbi in some online store."

Soft Feather said, "In this regard, Senior Song and I do not share the same view."

While they spoke, the rune on the virtuous lamias eyebrow shone slightly, and then a beautiful eye slowly opened in its position. The pupils color was light blue, and there was a small reddish circle at the center.

As long as one were to see this eye, their attention would be attracted to it.

"How come grew a third eye? Its so beautiful, I wanna touch it," Soft Feather said excitedly.

Su Clans Sixteen calmly said, "That eye is dangerously beautiful."

Song Shuhang said, "Heavens. Previously, I ate Sage Monarch Melon Eaters flesh, and she gained a whale mount. This time, I ferried the souls of the assassins who were followers of the flaming eye, and a third eye appeared on her forehead. Are the things I consume affecting Fairy Waiting for a Promises evolution?"

Soft Feather asked, "Theres such a thing? Then, Senior Song, if you ferried the soul of the Phoenix or some other divine bird, would she grow a pair of wings?"

Song Shuhang pinched his chin and gave it some thought. Perhaps I should test it next time?

However, if the virtuous lamia did grow a pair of wings, what am I supposed to start calling her?

Virtuous Phoenix Lamia?

At this moment, Scarlet Heaven Sword said, "Its coming!"

In the sky, the flaming eye began moving.

Itd had six of its men killed, while the rest of its followers did not seem like they would be able to hold on for much longer. All of its people were being beaten up, and it was receiving harsh verbal abuse. It was being treated with such great disrespect!

The flames of the flaming eye burst out and dyed the nearby sky red, looking like a small sun.

At the center of the pupil, an illusory figure appeared.

This illusory figure was the main body of the flaming eye and was the so-called deity.

[Dominate! Control! Force!]

[A foul smell, food thats hard to swallow!]

After this illusory figure appeared, various strange words came out of his mouth.

Then, everyone present seemed to smell a disgusting scent, while their mouths seemed as if it had been filled with disgusting food.

[Hate, hate, hate. Everything that you hate is reflected in my eye.]

After that, the cultivators below frowned.

Everyones heart flooded with what they hated.

Some people hated unpalatable food, some hated other people, some hated certain things, some hated certain animals, and some hated certain news.

Soft Feather said, "What is that I hate? I guess it might be because Ive always been looking for interesting things, so I didnt ever bother thinking about the things I hated."

Su Clans Sixteen remarked, "Although I do have a lot of things I hate, such a low-level technique isnt going to affect me."

Song Shuhang followed, "Recently, Ive really come to hate that troublesome puppet. It never dies and always comes looking for me. Moreover, I never know when itll come for me Also, I hate coriander. "

Su Clans Sixteen said, "Youve been affected."

Song Shuhang replied, "Yes, but only a bit. I still have the light of virtue protecting me."

[Everyone has something they hate. Your hatred is my happiness. Now, look at me, look at this flaming eye.] When the voice of the flaming eye got to this point, it continued, [What you hate the most will be reflected on my body. I will become a collection of the things that you hate most in the world. Now, please tell me loudly, am I the most hateful person in the world?]

[Please, say that I am the most hateful person in the world!]

[I am the most annoying person in the world!]

[I am the most disgusting person in the world!]

Song Shuhang: ""

Su Clans Sixteen: ""

Soft Feather: ""

Fairy Lychee: ""

All the cultivators present: ""

F*cking hell, this guy is really hateful.

"How in the world did such a deity gather believers?" Song Shuhang simply couldnt believe it.

Are these believers blind?

Oh, right, they are indeed blind.

Not only are their physical eyes missing, but even the eyes of their souls must be gone.

The assassins who were still alive loudly responded, "My Lord, you are the most hateful existence in this world! You are the most disgusting existence in this world, and you are the root cause of annoyance in the world!"

Even if they were beaten up by their opponents, they still screamed out in response to their deity. These were true fanatics to whom faith was more important than their lives.

The figure in the middle of the flaming eye replied, [Very good. Great answer, my dear followers.]

Then, it stretched out its hand.

All the assassins who had been beaten up suddenly overcame the limitations of space and returned inside the flaming eye.

Song Shuhang said, "Spatial ability"

Unless it was like Senior White, who had awakened a spatial skill, this hateful flaming eye should be an existence that was at least at the Ninth Stage.

If it really was an existence at the Ninth Stage, then he could only call Senior White T No, wait! I should avoid calling out his name like that!

Anyway, he had to ask someone for help.

It was either him or

Song Shuhang set his eyes on the virtuous lamia and thought of getting the Empress of Virtue to make her appearance once again.

He solemnly said, "Wear the flat imperial hat!"

As he said that, the flaming eye in the sky turned and stared at the virtuous lamia.

She was the one who had slain six of his followers; she was worthy of its attention.

While the virtuous lamia was being stared at, she raised Scarlet Heaven Sword and swallowed it back into her belly.

Then, she held her throat with both of her hands and screamed, "Aaaaah~"

After letting out the Song Shuhang-style scream, her body slowly fell to the ground and stopped moving.

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly. "I thought that shed already left behind this habit, but now it seems that she has yet to get bored of it."

The flaming eye suddenly said, [It turns out to be a survivor of the Heavenly City.]

It had recognized the virtuous lamia.

The virtuous lamia covered her face with both hands, turned around, and showed her back to the flaming eye.

She was behaving like an ostrich.

Is it really alright for you to show your back to the enemy? Werent the six people that you took out all killed from behind?

The voice in the flames said, [After the collapse of the ancient Heavenly City, there were many evildoers that remained alive. Youre unlucky to have encountered me.]


Flames suddenly poured down from the flaming eye, descending like a small sun.

The heat and the flames were both horrifying.

It felt similar to when he used the Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique with Scarlet Heaven Swords help, but the flames here had a much higher temperature, and were much more terrifying.

Song Shuhang shouted at the virtuous lamia, "Fight him!"

At this time, he was stuck in Doudous body, and consequently unable to enter his Inner World and bring all the fellow daoists away with him. He couldnt even use Scarlet Heaven Sword to slash out the Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique.

Other than the virtuous lamia, nobody could cope with this small sun.

The virtuous lamia was still covering her face, but the third eye on her forehead was carefully looking at Doudous body, which had Song Shuhang inside it.

Song Shuhang said, "Stop playing around, hurry and attack that guy."

The virtuous lamias third eye blinked.

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, "Dont worry, everythings fine."

While it said that, a golden arrow darted in their direction.

The arrow was constantly jumping through space, and each jump would bring it across a great distance.

In an instant, it appeared before the flaming eye.

The arrow shot into the flaming eye.

At the same time, the flames of the flaming eye exploded once again, directly swallowing and melting the golden arrow.

The golden arrow had on it something similar to holy light, which then exploded and resisted the flames.

"So, youve finally come out? You sneaky guy." The figure in the flaming eye laughed, and said, "Newcomer, tell me, am I the one you hate the most?"

"Thats right." An old voice sounded. In the distance, an old man holding a big bow appeared, and he said, "Youre the existence we hate the most."

A thick golden chain hung from the old mans neck.

The certified his identity as a great master of the Divine Beast Department or someone from the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Sect.

The voice in the flaming eye said, "Hahaha, thats an excellent answer. The taste of hate, how wonderful!"

Right after he finished speaking, it suddenly paused.

"Ugh!" It looked down at its chest.

There was a cute sword tip there~




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