Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Heaven And Earth Symbolism

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Chen Jingchan did not realized that he was smacked in between a legendary duel, he said, “How would one jug of water produce three feet and three inches of rain?”

Shen Lian packed his fishing rod and leisurely came downwards from the rocks filled with moss. Like a light smoke, he landed in front of Chen Jinchan. Chen Jinchan realized that beyond the oversize Dao robe, Shen Lian’s right hand was all bone with no flesh.

It was a big contrast compared to his radiant face and sparkling skin.

Chen Jinchan was stunned but he did not probe further.

Shen Lian noticed that Chen Jinchan’s eyes were fixed on his fleshless right hand but he did not mind at all. He said, “If I say it will work, then it will work. Even if it does not work, it will work.”

The words sounded light but the content was shocking, just like a devine and demon dictator of the heaven and earth whose words were obeyed by all beings.

Chen Jinchan felt bleesed to his soul and asked Shen Lian, “Teacher, please help me. I will obey your orders.”

Shen Lian looked at him and smiled, “How do you know I have orders for you?”

Chen Jinchan let out a deep sighed and said, “You gifted me the dragon carp and taught me the breathing method yesterday. I thought about it and it’s strange that you would treat me so well when we have never cross path before this. I was thinking that I might be useful for you.”

Shen Lian asked, “When did you come to such thoughts?”

Chen Jinchan lowered his head and said, “I am a foolish person. I have only just thought about it.”

Shen Lian smiled ambiguously and said, “You have probably guessed that it is not a coincidence that the Mountain God sent you here and handed you an impossible task, and then coincidentally meeting me here. How can there be such a coincidence in the world? Even if there were, it was man-made. You are guessing if I know the Mountain God and if we have any feud between each other. Am I right?”

Chen Jinchan lifted his head to see Shen Lian’s deep calm eyes that looked like the waters of Ruo Shui after a storm. The eyes looked knowledgeable and any of his intentions were not concealable in front of this legendary person. He lowered his voice and said, “Yes, it was exactly as you said.”

Shen Lian calmly said, “Taishang was also Laozi, the accomplished could be teachers. Considering that you addressed me as your teacher, it showed your sincerity towards me. Would you want to be a disciple of my school?”

Chen Jinchan hesitated, “It is extremely fortunate if I could be a disciple of your school. But I was born in Mount Zhong and bred in the Chen Village.I will need to first get the blessings of the Mountain God Master and the noble witch. I do not dare to overstep the both of them.”

On top of that, he has only just met Shen Lian and he was still pissed at the Mountain God Master for pushing him down the mountains. Moreover, encountering Shen Lian at the bottom of the mountain was definitely not coincidence.

Considering all that factors, and moreover Shen Lian was an outsider. Maybe Shen Lian had hidden agendas against the Mountain God Master and noble witch. Chen Jinchan was definitely not the a cruel and unscrupulous person even if the Mountain God Master treated him like grass. He has benefited from the protection of the Mountain God Master and if he turned his back against him, he would not be any better than a beast.

Shen Lian did not say much, “If that is what you think, I’ll first help you with the water so you can fulfill Chen Beidou’s orders.”

As he finished his sentence, a huge hurricane came sprawling up from the ground. Chen Jinchan was not able to withstand the force and landed on a thousand years old pine tree. He held on the tree tightly but set his gaze at Shen Lian’s position.

Chen Jinchan’s body was shaking vigorously along with the old pine tree. The situation looked really dangerous but it was nothing compared to what he witnessed with his eyes and sensed with his heart.

The hurricane surged out from Shen Lian’s chest. Chen Jinchan could feel the heaven and earth qi vitality of Mount Zhong raged towards the sky along with the hurricane. It dispersed layers of thick clouds and falling snow. For a moment, the sky was clear from clouds as if it was wiped out.

The hurricane that swept the qi of vitality of heaven and earth condensed in mid air and was particularly attention grabbing. The waters of Ruo Shui by the side was also affected and started to oscillate. The creatures around the area did not dare to rest in the water and the flying birds flew back to their nest.

The core of the condensation of the qi of vitality radiated a hint of five colored divine lights. The lights shined the entire land and the waters of Ruo Shui too reflected the pink clouds. It was indescribably stunning.

Chen Jinchan was shocked and stunned. He always knew that Shen Lian was powerful but he did not imagine him to have such capabilities.

The mountains responded to the phenomenon as a five coloured divine being appeared in the sky. Looking at its appearance, it was actually Shen Lian who was magnified for thousands of times. This phenomenon would occur when a Daoist connoisseur used the primordial spirit to trigger the heaven and earth symbolism to emulate the spiritual body. It would require a lot of mana to make it happen, but once its emulated, it would have abilities to lift mountains and set the sea ablaze. Any gifted divine beings and demons would be cautious when dealing with someone like this.

Shen Lian was in his primordial spiritual body as his clear qi dashed up to the sky to form a ten-acres whirlpool that took on a shape of a jug. Shen Lian took the jug and it took a scoop of the waters of Ruo Shui. The deep waters of Ruo Shui was started gushing into the jug as if there was a gravitational force pulling it in. The observant Chen Jinchan noticed that the water level of Ruo Shui was slowly but surely decreasing. The waters of Ruo Shui were so vast that even the smallest drop in water level would mean an incalculable amount of water was drawn away.

The rich vitality of Mount Zhong surged towards Shen Lian’s primordial spiritual body as his mana grew gradually and continuously to support the process of refining the waters of Ruo Shui.

As the water level kept dropping, Chen Jinchan could not help but said, “Teacher, it’s enough! If you continue any longer, the waters of Ruo Shui will dry out.”

Shen Lian who was floating in mid air retracted his primordial spiritual body as the coloured rays dispersed in the air while the dust on the ground dispelled. Shen Lian had a black jug filled with crystal-liked water droplets in his hand.

Chen Jinchan climbed down from the tree and walked towards Shen Lian. He was still shaking as he said, “Teacher, could it be that the water that you just gathered was inside this jug?”

Shen Lian squinted his eyes and said, “Then where else could it be?”

Chen Jinchan was stunned and had no words to say.

Shen Lian continued, “Didn’t you ask for water? Here you go.” He passed the jug to Chen Jinchan who was in so much shock that his face was terribly pale. If this was jug of water was the water collected earlier, it would have been more than millions of catty of water. An ordinary person like him does not deserve something like that.

Chen Jinchan knew that Shen Lian would never use this to harm him but he still had his reservations. As the jug came closer to him, he made the tough decision to accept it. He flexed his arm to catch it and it was the arm injured by the dragon carp earlier on.

He took the jug and it was as light as smoke. But his fractured arm started to hurt and he trembled. The water in the jug started spilling. Within a blink of an eye, the water level below his feet has surged above his calf.

Chen Jinchan forced himself to endure the pain and passed the jug to his left hand for a stable grip.

He looked into the jug and the water level was still as full as it was earlier.

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