Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Without Dharma And Without Mindfulness

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At this very moment Chen Jinchan was finally convinced that the jug was filled with a massive amount of water. But he could not fathom how would a tiny jug as such take in a sea-worth of water. As he was pondering on it, the answer- Naxumi Yujiezi popped up in his head.

Very quickly, he understood the meaning of this saying. There was a trick that could keep Mount Sumeru into an apparatus of the size of a mustard seed. He managed to grasp the idea of it but he still could not fathom how would it work.

But that did not affect Shen Lian’s rising position in his heart to a God-like status.

As for how he managed to lift the jug, he could only attribute that to a miracle. These strange forces were something that he have always wanted to explore further. In fact, it felt like he was born to learned these things.

A million words were not enough to describe Chen Jinchan’s gratitude towards Shen Lian, and Shen Lian too stopped him from expressing his gratitude. If it was not for Shen Lian’s deformed right hand, Chen Jinchan thought Shen Lian would have left with the wind.

That freedom feeling of being detached from the heaven and earth was especially obvious when Chen Jinchan was in front of Shen Lian.

The term ‘Flying Celestial’ popped up in his mind.

Chen Jinchan asked, “Teacher, do you have any other commands?”

Shen Liam smiled, “I told you that I will help you with the water and you could return to complete your task.”

Chen Jinchan felt that it was not right to just leave like that. But it seemed that Shen Lian had no intentions of asking him to stay back. Moreover, even if he had a complete three-sixty transformation, it would be almost impossible for him to return to the Mountain God Temple before noon tomorrow.

The more he delayed, the slimmer the hopes of him arriving on time.

He decided to make a move and even if it might enraged the Mountain God Master, he would still ask him about Shen Lian.

Chen Jinchan bidded his goodbye to Shen Lian and his limbs started to fill up with hot qi. As the hot qi rejuvenated him, his fractured arm recovered and the pain reduced greatly.

Actually this was the first time something like this happened to him. Everytime he injured himself, he would recover after sleeping. But this time, he has yet to sleep but the injuries healed a lot faster than his past experiences.

He could only attribute this to the hot qi in his body, or in the other words, the essential qi. He noticed that the essential qi in his body would automatically roam around his meridians and orifices point all the time. It would absorb the qi of essence from his flesh and expand in an observable speed.

He has never cultivated and did not understood that such shocking accumulation of essential qi could make ninety-nine percent of cultivators in the world go crazy over it. After all, everyone’s meridians has a limit on how much it could endure and cultivation time could be a luxury to many. Moreover, to meditate, one would first need to be clear of all distractions and temptations in order to not fall into psychosis.

Chen Jinchan did not have any of these concern. His essential qi kept expanding without consuming his mind and spirit. Even his breathing would naturally changed to Shen Lian’s breathing method.

Shen Lian knew that this could be described as a state of ‘without Dharma and without mindfulness’. Back then, the old fox deity could tell that Shen Lian’s body does not match his spirit and suggested that he needed to reach a state of Dharma-less and mindfulness-less in order to eliminate the drawbacks. Soon after that, Shen Lian entered Qing Xuan and received the guidance of Zhang Ruoxu and endured fifteen years of sufferings at the River of Spirits. He had to go through all that to resolve his plight and that became a solid foundation for his accomplishments in the path of Dao.

It took him so much effort to achieve such feat but Chen Jinchan only needed one night to do so. Moreover, it came by so naturally for Chen Jinchan without having to force anything.

If Shen Lian was easily jealous, the internal heat would have set ablaze externally. After all, he has always been ahead of other people and this would be the first time someone’s potential has outdone him.

Shen Lian knew that his speedy cultivation was contributed by many factors and was not because of his potential. That was why he genuinely admired Chen Jinchan’s heavenly created perfect Daoist body.

It was not a difficult task for him to attain the immortality that was longed by every beings in the universe. All he needed was time and cultivation Dharma. There should not be any difficult obstacles that he could not overcome during this period.

Chen Jinchan gathered his essential qi and his swallow-light body headed towards the mountain top. As he took off for about ten miles, Shen Lian reappeared in front of him out of nowhere. He could not stop in time and was cushioned by a shapeless soft force.

Shen Lian said, “I forgot to tell you something. Please take this stone plate with you and walk towards the Mountain God Temple. No matter who called you, do not respond nor stop for them until you have arrived at the Mountain God Temple.”

The breath of grass and mud was still lingering around the stone plate. It was obviously fresh from the oven. Chen Jinchan did not know to laugh or cry but he did not want to be rude and accepted the stone plate anyway.

He carried the stone plate and the jug, and headed towards the Mountain God Temple. The trail of Mount Zhong was steep and some roads were not accessible by foot. Surprisingly, the stone plate had some sort of power that helped Chen Jinchan leaped a great distance. Or more specifically, a very long distance was shortened into a step for him.

The scenery around him kept moving backwards as he progressed with his journey. When the moon hit the middle of the sky that was full of stars, he noticed a beautiful girl walking out of the moon.


Besides the noble witch and the girls of Chen Village, Chen Jinchan has never seen any other females. But he was sure of one thing, this girl was a rare beauty.

Like the lonely geese in the sky, her beauty shined through the moonlight.

The girl had a sword behind her but Chen Jinchan could not see her full face. All he noticed was the five colored halo that looked so similar to the five colours of Shen Lian. A hint of sharp qi forced towards his mind and spirit, making it hard for him to breathe.

He continued walking thanks to the mysterious force of the stone plate that helped him to do so.

“Chen Jinchan.” The ice cold voice of a girl pierced through his ears. He almost responded to it but he remembered Shen Lian’s words and resisted.

He tried his very best to suppress his urge to look at the girl and focused on heading back.

He walked from night till dawn as the voice of the girl calling out for him lingered in his ears. Her voice has caused his peaceful lake of mind to ripple.

He almost fell for his urges but managed to resist. As soon as he saw the Mountain God Temple, he tottered up the peak and almost tripped to the ground.

The girl left as he arrived at the Mountain God Temple.

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