Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Perceive Falsary As Truth

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Before the girl could reach the bottom of the mountain, she saw Shen Lian resting on a pine tree. The branch of the pine tree oscillated back and forth along with his body, as if it fell into a melodious breeze. It was an indescribable sense of freedom.

If the heart had no restriction, one would still be a celestial being even if he was at the secular mortal world.

The faint moonlight from a distance away has yet to fade from dawn. The sound of the waters of Ruo Shui came through along with the wind, as if they were speaking the lonely language of an empty mountain.

“Yanying, didn’t I tell you to cultivate the Dazizai Shapeless Sword Aura in solitary retreat? Why did you not listen to me?” His words came striking like a bomb that exploded in Fang Yanying’s mind.

Fang Yanying who had her Five Elements magical sword with her said, “Uncle-master, I have mastered it.”

In a split second, the pine needles of the tree started to fall off as if it was raining in green. The shapeless sword aura was extremely fine as it pierced through each of the falling pine needles without hurting the branches of the tree.

The pine needles rain scattered freely, they went either downhill or landed in the soil.

Fang Yanying held on to her sword while standing, making her look like a sword innate.

Shen Lian gaze landed on her. He sighed and said, “You cultivated in your dreams again.”

Fang Yanying responded, “Yes, uncle-master. I cultivated in my dreams again. This time, the dream was really long. Through my dreams, I found out that Chen Jinchan was the fruit of immortality that you have been looking for. Also, he would be responsible for the fall of Qing Xuan in the future.

Shen Lian sat upright on the pine branch and it stopped swaying. The tree, its branches and Shen Lian stayed static. The light breeze had no effect on him and the pine branch.

He let out a deep moan and said, “Looks like you dreamed of the future and your little adventure is not just limited to travelling to other worlds but also to time travel. This was definitely way beyond my calculations.”

One could tell autumn by observing a piece of leaf; that was the realm of ancient gods. Shen Lian was almost reaching that level and such spiritual sensitive would be a highlight of his cultivation in the future. Speaking of which, the’ Mastery of Senses’ has always emphasized more on the soul and lesser on the cultivation of qi as it focused on enhancing the spirit to the path of Dao. At this very current stage, it could actually overpower the abilities of the Taixu Strategy.

Shen Lian knew that he needed to focus on spiritual enhancement and he would eventually reach the stage where the primordial spirit would combine with the void. By that time, no one would be able to kill him unless there was a stronger almighty who could see his primordial spirit exiting the void. Technically, this would be the only way to get rid of him or else, he would still be able to resurrect.

But he was not the only one who was on this path. Yanxu’s Sky Demon method too took on this path. In fact, the Buddhist Bodhisattva, the strongest Mahasattva would too eventually arrive at this stage.

In other words, the three approaches of Dao, Buddhism and Demon would eventually return to the same destination after achieving a certain level.

Fang Yanying responded, “Uncle-master, that’s not it. I’ve also dreamed that you eventually succumbed to Chen Beidou because you failed to attain the fruit of immortality.

The mountain breeze shook millions of trees and triggered a wave of green. Dawn has finally sent the moonlight off as the sun took over Mount Zhong. As Shen Lian and Fang Yanying was at the south side of Mount Zhong, they did not really feel the heat from the sun that was rising from the east. Instead, the thick dew of dawn was sparkling in glory and it was very dazzling.

“Life is like the morning dew, it is bright yet comforting. When you dream of my death, how did I look? Did I die heroically?” Shen Lian smiled as if he was talking about someone else. At this very stage of life, he has looked beyond death.

This does not mean that he did not mind death. It was more like a ‘if I am alive, I am alive, if I am dead, I am dead’ mindset. Such news would not affect his attitude towards enjoying life.

In other words, no matter how cruel tomorrow will be, you would still have to endure today to get there and that was why you should make today count.

He was not numbing himself against death but he was just being more open-minded about it.

Fang Yanying laughed. All she could thought of after waking up was to kill Chen Jinchan. She was still at the helpless and desperate state of mind until her uncle-master’s words cheered her up.

She responded, “Uncle-master’s sword would empty the entire Mount Zhong. Even Chen Beidou’s temple would no longer exist after the dual.”

“Oh! So my swordcraft had such power during the duel. If I still get defeated under such circumstances and if you did dreamed of the future, that means Chen Beidou is capable of ignoring the material world for a brief period of time.” Shen Lian arched his eyebrows as he wondered why would Chen Beidou invite him to test his swords when he could have just went ahead and challenge Sword Saint Ziwei. Even if he lose the match, he would still be able to protect himself.

His train of thoughts went on full speed as he thought of several possibilities. He then said, “Yanying, did you dream of anything related to the Bier Discussion of Dao?”

Fang Yanying’s expression changed slightly and said, “Nope.”

“Looks like someone might have planted a possibility of the future into your dreams and caused you to perceive falsary as truth. I know a few people who were capable of doing so but only one person would have the motive and potential to do it. No matter what, I can no longer tolerate him.” Shen Lian sounded calm but the killing vibes in him was indefinite. A hint of the killing vibes leaked out from his mind and it caused a pine tree to wilt. Mount Fang Cun that hosted the Bier Discussion of Dao was a special place where if someone attempted to cast a spell, they would not be able to borrow the Mountain’s Shadow. Even if it was just a dream, they would still need the permission of Mount Bier Fang Cun. This proved that Fang Yanying did not travel to the ‘real’ future as the Bier Discussion of Dao did not pop out in her dream.

Shen Lian came down from the wilted pine tree with a slight sigh. The image of Yanxu was formed gradually in his mind, as if he was standing somewhere far far away in the middle of the sea, smiling at Shen Lian.

The vision was fragmented. Shen Lian cleared his bier and it was once again clear from distraction.

If Shen Lian was not quick minded, Fang Yanying would have killed Chen Jinchan, but Fang Yanying also would not be able to kill Chen Jinchan. There were deeper abstruse hidden in this.

The only thing that existed in this side of the world was a pond. Beyond the pond, there would be the lake, river and majestic vast sea. Chen Jinchan’s origins were probably from the rivers and sea beyond the pond.

It would not be difficult for Shen Lian to transfer Chen Jinchan’s fruit of immortality to him. Initially, Shen Lian was not willing to do so but now, he would never do. His powers might be able to improve greatly in a short period of time if he did it but that would also mean that he has stepped into a trap.

In fact, the deformation of his right hand by the demonic god and the lighting up of the Heart Light was part of someone’s plan.

Shen Lian knew that as he rise higher and become stronger, he would be closer to the truth. However, when the time comes, he could also possibly be so hung up about it that he would collapse deep down.

He was reminded of Ye Liuyun’s advice that was hinting that the both of them were caught up in circumstances.

Ye Liuyun would have known part of the truth earlier on, or at least made some guesses about the truth.

But there was not point to overthink. The duel between him and Chen Beidou would be the most imminent event and Fang Yanying’s dream were not completely false. If Shen Lian does not change anything, Shen Lian would be doomed.

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