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  • Dear Young Master Spare Me Please?

  • Author(s): Scarletblue1201
  • Status : Ongoing
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    Dear Young Master Spare Me Please?292 votes : 4.93 / 5

Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? summary:

She used the Second Master of Liu Family to be kicked out of her paternal family with the cooperation of non other than his own mother. "He's all yours. Don't forget to blindfold him. Even though I know you're a tough girl but his eyes might really give you a scare. You should better be safe than sorry when he wakes up." "Thanks. He's heavy though. I had a hard time moving him on the bed," Han Meixiu replied with a sigh. The woman from the other line laughed. "Take care of yourself." "What about him?" She's talking about this man who was soundly sleeping on the bed. "Don't worry. I have my own plans for him. But I do have one request from you." "Sure, what is it?" "Bite him several times." She was rendered speechless but she obeyed.

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Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 163: Left6 months ago
Chapter 130: Wife7 months ago
Chapter 123: Sick8 months ago
Chapter 113: Deal8 months ago
Chapter 112: Turn8 months ago
Chapter 110: Show9 months ago
Chapter 100: Tears10 months ago
Chapter 99: Favor10 months ago
Chapter 97: H10 months ago
Chapter 93: No10 months ago
Chapter 82: Result10 months ago
Chapter 81: Like10 months ago
Chapter 77: Trust10 months ago
Chapter 73: Idea11 months ago
Chapter 67: Cousin11 months ago
Chapter 66: A Spy11 months ago
Chapter 62: Shoot11 months ago
Chapter 61: Tease11 months ago
Chapter 58: Dinner11 months ago
Chapter 55: Visit11 months ago
Chapter 46: Run11 months ago
Chapter 45: Lunch11 months ago
Chapter 38: Pizza11 months ago
Chapter 31: Gifts12 months ago
Chapter 28: Sunset12 months ago
Chapter 20: Mom?12 months ago
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