Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Days of Work

After the flight, Han Mingxia was briefed by Liu Zilong on the way to the hotel.

"Remember, observe the people around the person I'm meeting. The way they dress, speak, look, move and even the way they walk. After the meeting tell me all about it." 

"What if there's more than one person? I should observe all? What if they're more than ten?" Han Mingxia was a bit overwhelmed. She only has one pair of eyes, how could she split her attention if there would be more than one.

"That's your challenge." Liu Zilong answered simply with his usual and got out of the car. He walked a few steps ahead of the woman who was now dressed up as a young man. 

She already changed twice along the way. Although she wanted to ask why it was needed, she didn't utter a single word but just obeyed. 

If she remembered correctly, an assistant would be similar to a secretary, right? Was it really necessary to observe too much? 

Han Mingxia while following closely Liu ZIlong recalled her previous missions. There were indeed times she observed people around. But it was because they're about to implement the plan. She needed to guess the next move of the other group in order to know how to counter attack. 

But now, they would simply meet and discuss, what's the point of observing too much?

Until the two arrived in the assigned adjacent room, Han Mingxia was still contemplating. 

"Do you have something to ask?" Liu Zilong turned around while unbuttoning one of his sleeves. His mask was already removed and casually placed on the table nearby.

Han Mingxia removed hers and her perplexed expression came in view. "Isn't it just a simple meeting?"

"Uh-huh." The man confirmed.

"What's the point of too much observation?"

"What do you think?"

Han Mingxia stared at Liu Zilong blankly. She wanted to shout 'wth!' she asked the question first. 

"You can't do it?" Liu Zilong asked, challenging her. 

"It's not that I can't do it. I am just wondering, is the man you're meeting someone we should be wary of? Like doing an illegal activity?" Han Mingxia asked. 

"That's the main point. We need to find out. If one of the men with him is part of your organization, for sure you would know how to distinguish a person that's one of yours, correct?"

"Sorry to disappoint you First Young Master Liu, I don't have a way." 

After Han Mingxia answered, Liu Zilong became silent. 

"Then you'll be the boss and I'll be the assistant." He said after a couple of minutes. 

"What?!?!!?" Han Mingxia exclaimed. Although she was surprised, she actually like this idea better than the other. Her eyes clearly showed her excitement even though she tried to conceal them.

Liu Zilong's lips curled up. "Let's prepare for tomorrow." He said, ordered the woman to sit down before taking out something from his pocket. 

After the briefing, like what she expected, being the 'boss' would be easier compared to being an 'assistant'. 


The temporary position that Han Meixiu held as the head of digital team, became completely permanent. With the help of Liu Zijian she was able to plan her work efficiently. 

From the time she struggled to adapt until the time she could flawlessly complete her work without abusing herself, Liu Zijian was quietly supporting her, giving her tips and advice. 

The couple got used to having Madam Liu around but today she had to fly back to Q City to instruct the next series of their experiment. The older woman might be gone for about a month at least. 

Han Meixiu decided to stay at home to take care of the twins that were getting more and more active. 

Originally, she planned to do some work but she underestimated the power of the two little buns. From being an angel when they were still cute babies, they were starting to become small little devils exhausting her. 

In the end she barely touched the work she planned to finish. 

By the time Liu Zijian came back, the mother and children were already sleeping soundly. When he picked up Han Meixiu, she slightly opened her eyes before rubbing her head on his chest and murmuring something. 

Liu Zijian didn't understand what she was saying but he could feel that she was really tired. 

When Han Meixiu was placed on the bed, her drowsiness started to disappear. Subconsciously she looked at the wall clock and saw that it was almost midnight. 

Realizing that she slept after dinner, Han Meixiu stood up and look around to check if her laptop would be inside their room. After checking that it wasn't, she went out. 

By the time she went back holding her laptop, Liu Zijian already finished his bath. 

"Don't tell me you're going to work now?" He asked. His eyes were moving from her and her laptop.

"I need to finish something. I wasn't able to do it earlier. The twins were hyperactive. It would be better if one sleeps and the other is awake. But if both of them are awake, it was quite a challenge to handle them."

"Mom might be gone for about a month or so. Should we hire someone to help Aung Jing?" Liu Zijian asked. 

"I remember Aunt Jing has a daughter, do you think it's possible to…"

"You didn't know? After she was discharged, she bid her goodbye." 

Han Meixiu was speechless. She felt sad for the middle aged lady. Aunt Jing was clearly worried about her daughter during those times. "Was her case solved?" 

"You didn't ask your friend about it? She was quite persistent to help that time." 

"Xiao Xiao never mentioned that Aunt Jing's daughter left again. She only told me that the police was partly involved." Han Meixiu answered. She could remember the anger of her best friend when she was telling her about it. 

Since Li Xiaozhi became too emotional, Han Meixiu never asked her again about that matter. 

Liu Zijian didn't answer. He instead took the laptop away. "Take a bath and let's sleep. You can work tomorrow." 

"I'm not sure if I can. When the twins are awake they're really…"

"I'll be here. The important matters were dealt with today." 

Han Meixiu beamed with smile. "Then I can go tomorrow and you'll stay here." She said before walking towards the bathroom.

After a few seconds, Liu Zijian chuckled. That wasn't his plan. He planned to be at home provided that she's also there. But his dear wife was thinking of escaping. 

When Han Meixiu finished bathing, Liu Zijian just ended a call. 

"I thought we're sleeping? Why are you still working?" Han Meixiu asked.

"I just gave some instructions for tomorrow." Liu Zijian answered and came towards his wife who was preparing to dry her hair. "I'll help you." He continued picking up the hair dryer. 

"I'm not really sleepy now." Han Meixiu said while her eyes were closed, enjoying the service of her husband. The gentle touch of the man made her relax, washing away the exhaustion created by the two little buns. 

"I need to go to Q City the day after tomorrow." Liu Zijian softly said. 

Han Meixiu abruptly opened her eyes and asked. "Why? Is there a problem?"

"Your mom asked me to find something. It's an old files." Liu Zijian answered.

"Mom? Why did she contact you and not me? I am her daughter." 

"She probably didn't want to bother you as she knew how busy you are."

"But you're a lot busier than me. Can't you ask someone to do it?" She asked although she more or less knew, he wouldn't.

Liu Zijian could just ask someone, but since he planned to do it, it must have been a sensitive issue.

"I have to do it personally." 

"You're not telling me what is it?"

"I'm not yet sure. She asked for an old copy of a certain city development plan. This kind of record should be available publicly but she didn't want that one. She wanted something else. So I need to check what would it be by comparing quite a lot of records in a discreet manner." 

"Why does she want a plan that you're not even clear of? Could that be related to what grandma sent her?"

"Maybe. Because this work will require quite some time, your husband needs to be comforted."

"Huh?" Han Meixiu suddenly got lost. They were just talking about her mother's request, suddenly there's a need for comforting him?

Before she could even react further, the hair dryer has been turned off and carefully placed on the vanity table and her body was picked up gently.

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"Your husband needs energy..." Liu Zijian whispered in between his ticklish kisses as Han Meixiu was softly laid down on the bed.

Of course, there's no more time to refute. 

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