Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 267

Chapter 267: The Driver

Along the way, the three people engaged in a conversation. Their topics ranged from simple ways of living to even politics. To be specific, it was actually a conversation between the two women and the young man only agreed from time to time. 

The old woman was the most talkative one and her 'daughter' would most of the time disagreed with her. The scene at the back seat was like an informal debate. 

The young man who was driving could only act as an audience but he never stressed out any of his own opinion. 

When the car arrived near the market, the old woman dropped whatever the topic they were discussing. "Young man, why don't you eat with us?"

"Mother, he needs to go. We already took so much time of his time..."Zhang Huilng acted as a perfect auntie, not wanting to add more trouble. Her eyes were apologizing to the young man while her hands were gently holding the old woman. 

"That's right. I'm sorry young man. Hold on..." Old Huang said and rummaged inside her old bag that was probably bought a long time ago in this same market. "Here, take this..." She said giving few bills as a 'fare'.

"Grandma, you don't need to. You can use this to buy more ingredients for auntie.." The young man politely refused.

The old woman immediately retracted her hand. "You're really good. You're right, Haha, I don't have enough money to buy for my daughter's food." She lamently continued looking pitiful as she lowered her eyes. 

Zhang Huiling wanted to disappear after witnessing how shameless Old Huang was. If she wasn't in character she already sneered. 

"If it's okay to grandma, I have little money here." The young man took out his wallet. There were indeed few bills inside. He normally used card thus his cash wasn't that much. 

Zhang Huiling wanted to decline. She has money but she left her things in the facility. She thought Old Huang had enough. But looking at the current situation, it seemed the two of them really need extra cash on hand. Of course, people would be really surprised if they would use the usual card they were using. 

"Oh, thank you! Bless you young man. May you meet a wonderful young lady to marry..." The old woman said after accepting gleefully the few bills and stuffing it inside her old bag. The action was too swift as if she was worried that the young man would change his mind. 

"I'm already married, grandma. And yes, my wife is wonderful. We already have kids." The young man answered with a smile. Compared to his polite smile earlier, this one contained more emotion, based from how his eyes formed a layer of loving mist after talking about his own family.

"That's good. You should take care of your wife and your kids." The old woman said. 

After giving the customary bow and bidding goodbye, the young man courteously smiled and went away. 

After the young man left, Old Huang spoke again. "What a pity. He could be a good match to your daughter."

Looking at the direction where the young man left, she answered almost automatically. "She's happily married." 

"You were also happily married before..." Old Huang said l, subtly reminding her that there's no permanent thing in this world. Even relationships that were originally good could turn sour at any moment. 

"Her husband is different from mine." Zhang Huiling insisted. She felt Liu Zijian would never betray her daughter. Some people called it 'mother instinct '.

"I'm sorry." Old Huang whispered as she lowered her head and started to walk. She was indeed partly responsible for the woman's failed marriage. She was probably an ideal leader as she could manipulate people for the organization's benefits but as a human being, she's far from being decent. 

Just how many families she destroyed in the name of black.com? 

Zhang Huiling paused and looked at the back of the old woman who was walking slowly with a stable step despite her age. 

'Did I hear her right?'


'What is leader sorry for?'

The old woman was already few meters away when Zhang Huiling started to follow her. 

After buying what they needed, Old Huang looked around trying to find someone she could ask to send them back. Zhang Huiling insisted they should ride a bus. Although the bus stop would still be more than half a kilometer to the old woman's cabin, it was better than to hire or hitch with someone. 

Zhang Huiling was thinking that the two of them could talk while walking.

While waiting for the bus to arrive, Old Huang pitifully said, "It would have been better if that young man stayed a bit longer. We could have asked him again to send us back..." 

Zhang Huiling didn't comment. She kept her mouth shut. 

After a while, the old woman continued. "Is he your people?" 

Zhang Huiling looked questioningly at Old Huang.

"Child, I've been living in that area even before the landslide occurred. There were times that even within a month, no car would pass on that area." Old Huang said looking at the far distance of the road. In short, the sudden arrival of a car could be considered coincidence if Zhang Huiling wasn't there. 

Besides, even if the young man wasn't fully aware of the landslide that blocked the road, he would never use that road as it was the least convenient. That road was almost abandoned. 

Zhang Huiling lowered her eyes. It really wasn't easy fooling this old fox. Her doubts started to form after the man spoke. 

His voice was familiar. But she needed to confirm if her speculation was correct. 

The young man wasn't talking much and was simply smiling and nodding. When he talked about his family, there was inded changes on his eyes but not much on his face. Like the two of them, he was also wearing a mask. She was actually a bit surprised and touched. 

"He's probably checking if I'm still alive." Zhang Huiling simply answered. 

"It seemed you've got good subordinates, huh. Although he doesn't seem to be like us..."

"The bus is coming." Zhang Huiling abruptly spoke. She didn't want to talk about the young man. This old fox could go on for hours if she wouldn't stop and divert her attention. 


"Book me a ticket. Stop the operation." Liu Zijian ordered Ye Ming after he received all the reports of the men he dispatched earlier. He was currently driving back to Liu residence. 

"Sir? We're going back?" Ye Ming asked again. "I just received permission from Miss Han Mingxia. She said it was fine to check as long as we don't touch the top of the hill."

"We don't need to for now. Just keep the permission if she sent one. We'll go back in K Country within the day."

"Okay." Ye Ming puzzledly answered. Just a few hours ago his boss asked to monitor multiple locations and even dispatched few people and now he telling him they're going back?

'Is there an emergency in K Country? Something happened to the young madam?' Ye Ming thought as he dialled a string of numbers to relay the order to stop the operation. 

When Liu Zijian arrived in Liu's residence, no one was at home. He strode quickly towards his bedroom, removed his disguise and changed his clothes. His face was flushed in pinkish hue as his skin wasn't used to wearing this kind of thing. 

Except for the two old women, no one knew that today, the Second Young Master of Liu Family became a driver. 

Earlier, he separated from his men and followed the road that was considered the least connected to the map. He knew that the road was blocked due to the landslide. He wanted to check if there's some kind of clue in that area but found the two women instead. 

It would be too suspicious if he would insist on going thus he offered to help. Maybe it was also engraved in his bones to help elderly, he sent the two to their destination instead to a nearby bus station. 

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Along the way, he was actually entertained while the two were having a heated discussion. Although more than half of what they were arguing were considered nonsense, it wasn't that bad. 

When he was a kid he didn't want to be close to any female, especially older ones as he suffered from massive unwanted attention. 

It seemed that after getting married and being close to his wife, his defense against older women eventually started to disappear. He would be fine if the women would be considered his family, like his own mother in law. But the two were strangers. That was what he thought at first. 

After leaving, Liu Zijian pondered. Based from the report he received, there was indeed an old woman living around that area. The grandma mentioned her daughter was visiting. But from what he read, the woman didn't have a family. 

The sudden arrival of a daughter?

He actually smiled as he figured out who was that Auntie. Since she said 'stop and go back', then he could only abide. 

He already made sure she was okay. Based from how they the two women talk, they were clearly familiar with each other.

He has good news to his wife. 

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