Demons Beside You Chapter 601

601 Super Failure Club

"Let go. I'm leaving."

"Mr. Chen, our organization doesn't have anyone with combat abilities. The last leader was a toxicologist from Mexico, but he quit after one mission. And the one before that"

West kept complaining. Chen Zhao realized that the leaders of the supernatural organization were all foreigners.

"Don't you have a local leader?"

West looked at Chen Zhao with a pained expression. "I'm the current leader."


West was about to cry. "I'm the current leader. But before this, I was just a secretary. Every time we have an event, I have to get help from foreign organizations. Every time, we have to pay a few hundred thousand dollars. Within half a year, all our budget is spent."

Chen Zhao's expression darkened. "America should have a lot of powerful witches. How come you don't go for them?"

West looked like he was constipated. He couldn't say a word for a long time.


"They said that they look down on us."

"None of them came?"

"We once invited a witch."

"And then?"

"She scammed us of one million dollars and then disappeared."

For some reason, Chen Zhao felt that the Supernatural Organization of America was just a Super Failure Club.

West felt helpless. Chen Zhao felt helpless too.

Chen Zhao couldn't get rid of him. If not for the fact that the group title had "America" in it, he would've floored the gas pedal.

"So this means that, when you said you wouldn't be talking to me if I used supernatural abilities to commit crimes, you were actually lying?"

"No, our members behind us are prepared to attack at any time."

"Where? Call them out for me to see."

Five people came out of the car behind them. One was a boy around Yura's age.

One had an edgy mohawk, one was an elderly man with a cane, and there were two women. One woman wore glasses and looked nervous, while the other did look quite powerful. She was probably the one with the most battle intent.

"These five are our main fighting force," West said.

It might be Chen Zhao's imagination, but when West mentioned these five, he seemed to be a bit proud.

Chen Zhao got out of his car. "Show me your talentI mean, abilities. Old guy, you first."

West immediately waved. "Bir, come, show your true abilities."

Bir took two steps with his cane and then threw it to the side. "Argh!"

Then Chen Zhao watched as the old man named Bill started expanding. He turned into the size of Hulk.

But the next instant, Bir started shrinking and fell to the ground.

"I'm gonna dieI'm gonna die."

The others hurried over to help him up. Chen Zhao massaged his temples.

At first, he thought that this old man wasn't bad.

But then he went down in three seconds. That was too fast.

"Bir isn't in a good state today. Usually, he can last 30 seconds." West quickly waved his hand. "Come, Moore, you're next. Come, come."

Moore gulped and walked up hesitantly.

"He has a family magic spell. Moore, come."

Moore's body shook. Chen Zhao rubbed his forehead. There were two?

He thought that he was seeing things, but yes, there were two.


"Yes, cloning."

"And then?"

"And then what?"

"So, he became two, then what about his combat abilities?"

"He's taking boxing lessons now," West said.

One kid turned into two kids, so his combat abilities doubled.

But his foundation was a bit too low, wasn't it?

Okay, he was still a kid, so Chen Zhao couldn't have such high standards. He had room for improvementprobably.

"Who's next?"

The guy with an edgy mohawk came out. "My name Morid. I'm a naturalist. I can control plants."

"Okay, please begin your performance."

His description sounded reliable, even though his appearance looked unreliable.

Edgy Morid walked to the side of the rood. Chen Zhao felt the magic on him.

Then the plant before him started moving and walked out like a person.

It was like Eugenice, the Forest Shepherd.

However, it was a bit shorteronly around one meter tall.

"I can only control plants this big now, but my magic is improving really fast," Morid said confidently. "I'm sure I'll be able to control towering trees in the future."

Chen Zhao looked over to the two women. They had completely opposite personalities. One had a sharp aura while the other looked timid.

"What about you two?"

"I'll do it. My name is Jollinash. My skill is elemental magic, especially wind."

She opened her arms and Chen Zhao immediately felt a furious wind blowing in his face. Beside him, West couldn't keep standing and had to grab onto the car.

Oh? This was a bit legit. It finally wasn't comedic.

Jollinash's wild wind lasted for around a minute before finally stopping.

Even though it still lacked combat abilities, it was at least still legit magic.

"Not bad, miss," Chen Zhao said. "So, you're name is Jollinash?"

"Yes." Jollinash looked proud.

"Then what's her name?"

"Baliya." Jollinash tugged the sleeves of the glasses girl beside her.

"Hello, sir. I'm Baliya."

"Please begin your performance."

"Here?" Baliya asked.

"Is there something wrong?"

Baliya glanced at West who nodded. "Do it."

Baliya took out a bracelet and handed it to Chen Zhao.

"What is this for?"

Baliya didn't reply. She started squirming. Then she tossed her glasses away while still wriggling.

Chen Zhao was confused, but something in his body seemed to have been activated.

Baliya danced while taking off her clothes.

Next, Chen Zhao's right arm suddenly swelled, scaring everyone.

Even Chen Zhao was scared. Baliya's striptease ended too. She stared at Chen Zhao in shock.

"What's going on? How did it get activated suddenly?" Chen Zhao was confused. His Mouth of Gluttony hadn't been activated in a long time.

"Baliya has Godials blood. They have a special magic culture, similar to Shaman war songs and dances. It can temporarily stimulate her comrades' potential."

"Butshe's doing a striptease?"

"She's never learned the war dance before. Before we hired her, she worked at a bar." West paused. "As long as you hold her special bracelet, you'll be able to feel her dance."

"Tell me. If she does this dance on the battleground, will it stimulate our potential or the enemy's potential?"

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