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  • Detesting The System: Sundering Fate

  • Genres : System -  op -  detesting the system -  sundering fate
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Detesting The System: Sundering Fate summary:

The MC gets Thanos'd after "stealing" a Goldfinger from a high-level deity and is forced to get stronger so said deity may one day take back the stolen Goldfinger. As a result, the MC is booped into the world of Danmachi with nothing more than a couple rags and three cheats he didn't even get to pick. From nothing, he will become hilariously overpowered and potentially traverse the anime-verse with the power of his system; Destiny's SystemAuthor's note: Don't be fooled by my powers of clickbait, that creepy Majora's Mask moon will NOT be in the story. I just thought it looked cool while thinking of things to photoshop for the cover. If you leave a review, please state if the clickbait got you. Hahaha...

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