Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 100

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Four-star tier!


And able to shoot rock projectiles!

Zhang Che was stunned!

-The Purple Jade Condor was still a hundred meters up in the air, and there's only the unarmed frisky monkey by my side. How do I handle this?-

As for the Mutated Puffersword and Rotten Ent Prowler whip, even if his weapons were able to wound this Rock Tortoise head in front of him, they were definitely not enough to slay it instantly. If he provoked it, was there any way he could walk out of this alive?

The Rock Tortoise was obviously not the kind of exotic beast with a foul temper. Despite discovering Zhang Che, it remained in a daze, sizing up this unknown creature before it. Its gaze was one of curiosity, as well as observation.

Cold sweat seeped down Zhang Che's back. Only the heavens knew if this fellow would suddenly go on a rampage!

His stiff body shifted backwards slightly to better conceal himself, his eyes staring at the Rock Tortoise ahead. His brain was working at full capacity, yet he had no clue on how he should act.

The Purple Jade Condor would obviously not make it in time if Zhang Che ordered it to come save him. Not only that, if the Rock Tortoise sensed their hostility and shot a few rock projectiles at Zhang Che, he would turn into meat paste all the same.

Using the Rotten Ent Prowler whip to climb back down didn't seem feasible, either.

-Can someone teach me what I should do please? Waiting online, urgent!-

Cold sweat was starting to pour out from even his forehead. His heart was thumping, his legs felt a little weak, sensing the branch he was standing on swaying in the wind.

Suddenly, the Rock Tortoise in front opened its mouth wide.

-Oh shit! I didn't make any hostile moves, did I?- Zhang Che nearly freaked out. The Rotten Ent Prowler whip suddenly appeared in his hand, and he pointed it at the Rock Tortoise without a second thought, activating its extending ability and lengthening it to the limit.

This was purely a move made subconsciously under the threat of danger.

The Rock Tortoise was shocked, too. -I only saw a strange-looking creature and wanted to say hi. Why did he violate my mouth with a whip?-

As the Rotten Ent Prowler whip kept extending, it entered the Rock Tortoise's mouth and reached all the way to the depths of its intestines, the barbs raking up its internal organs.

Leaving aside its tortoise shell, even its skin was able to ignore an attack of this degree, not leaving a single scratch on its body.

However, it just so happened that the Rock Tortoise's internal defenses were extremely weak (Actually, which creature would have strong defenses on the inside?). Being raked up by the whip like this, its vitality faded greatly all of a sudden.

Moreover, the Rotten Ent Prowler whip also contained deadly poison. Now that it was applied on the Rock Tortoise's organs, it further aggravated its injuries.

Under such excruciating pain, the Rock Tortoise couldn't resist letting out a silent roar. It aimed at Zhang Che, who was standing on the opposite branch, and activated its Rock Bullet Gatling skill.

For a short period of time, countless soccer ball-sized rock bullets were fired from the Rock Tortoise's mouth like a machine gun, a powerful momentum behind them, and they slammed into the fruit tree. The trunk of the tree, which was as thick as an adult's thigh, was blown to smithereens, pieces of it flying in all directions.

Zhang Che, who was originally standing on that tree, realized that things were about to go downhill the moment he shot the whip into the Rock Tortoise's mouth. He immediately held onto the whip's handle tightly and jumped off the cliff, without forgetting to recall the frisky monkey back into his spiritual sea.

The Rock Tortoise's skill was activated just as he made his jump. Zhang Che felt a gust of wind blowing above him, followed by a wave of collision sounds. Bits and pieces of wood flew about, as well as leaves and branches. Many of them fell on his head and back, causing him to nearly cry out in pain.

After descending several meters, Zhang Che suddenly felt a tension in his hand, as if he was pulling half of the cliff down, and countless rocks came falling down behind him.

At the same time, Zhang Che also felt his grip loosen, and his figure suddenly plummeted at a faster speed.

"Oh crap, even if I don't fall to my death, I'll be buried alive!"

Zhang Che was on the verge of desperation. Even if he didn't fall to his death, or buried alive, the enraged Rock Tortoise would surely chase him down and turn him to powder.

That was a four-star gold-quality exotic beast; he was no match for it at all!

==[You Killed a Rock Tortoise. Obtained 80 Points of Soul Force. Obtained Rock Tortoise Card.]==

Zhang Che suddenly fell into a daze. -What situation is this? The Rock Tortoise is dead?

-Is there a mistake? A four-star gold-quality exotic beast could actually die so easily?-

Naturally, Zhang Che had no idea that his whip had torn the Rock Tortoise's innards into a bloody mess. The barb's deadly poison immediately spread throughout its organs. Under such circumstances, was there any way that the Rock Tortoise could survive?

He didn't have the time to consider all this. All he had in mind was that it didn't seem so bad if he fell to his death here. After all, he had managed to kill such a powerful exotic beast by himself. Was there any other low-tier beastmaster who had achieved such a feat?

Suddenly, a red figure leapt high up into the air and positioned itself under Zhang Che, catching his fall, then drew a perfect arc in the air, and landed back on the ground a few dozen meters out, continuing to run about a hundred meters, dissipating most of the force before coming to a stop.

"Hanxue is still the reliable one in times of crisis!" Zhang Che wept excitedly, hugging Hanxue's neck tightly, and celebrating being alive.

Without a doubt, during the most crucial moment, the Golden Elephorse King had activated his Lightning Charge skill and jumped into the air, catching the falling Zhang Che and saving him from an ending of becoming meat paste or being buried alive.

Zhang Che looked back apprehensively when Hanxue came to a stop. He saw that a huge area of the cliff was reduced to broken rocks and fell down, forming a huge rock pile under the cliff.

A golden beast card was slowly falling in the air, leaving Zhang Che's eyes shining brightly.

-I really solo killed a four-star gold-quality exotic beast!-

It was only now that Zhang Che remembered the notification that rang out in his mind earlier. He couldn't resist bursting into laughter, and had Hanxue run back there. He extended his hand out and scooped the falling card out of the air.


[Rock Tortoise]

Level: Four Star (Level 39)

Quality: Gold

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: The Defensive Strength of Its Shell Far Outclasses That of Steel, Its Skin is as Tough as Boulders

Weakness: Slow Movement Speed, Extremely Weak Internal Defenses

Innate Attribute: Rock Assimilation. Able to Traverse Freely Within Bodies of Rocks, Has a Pocket of Space of Within Its Body Usually Filled with Rocks, Shoots Them as Projectiles When Enraged to Overpower Its Enemies

Skill: Rock Bullet Gatling, Able to Spit All The Rocks Stored Within Its Body in One Go, Bringing a Strong and Sustained Destructive Force. Cooldown Time: 20 Minutes

Potential: D Rank

Cultivating Directions: ...


-What a pity, I have to wait until I'm Tier Four before I can use this one, as well. I wonder how big this Rock Tortoise is?- Zhang Che shook his head regrettably, his imagination running wild.

Just the head of this Rock Tortoise was a foot in diameter. Using that as a reference according to the usual body ratio, shouldn't its body be as big as a compact car?

The defensive strength of this fellow's shell was far better than steel. Even if it didn't possess much offensive capability, it was as good as a heavily armored tank, allowing it to charge forward without a thought among a group of exotic beasts.

"However, given that this fellow's defenses are so outstanding, why isn't it a defensive-type beast card?"

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