Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 419

Chapter 419 Second Epic Quality Subdued Beast

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Zhang Che couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief when he saw that pig-like exotic beast charging towards the Earthen Rock Demon and ignoring him flying right behind the giant.

“It’s really a pig! Even though it’s evolved to epic-quality, it still can’t shake of the habits of a pig; so stupid!”

Zhang Che couldn’t be blamed for cursing at the exotic beast. Any exotic beast that had achieved legend-quality or higher would know that the subdued beasts weren’t the main enemy to focus on when facing beastmasters. They only had to kill the beastmaster themselves and those subdued beasts would naturally go away.

Even so, this pig-like exotic beast was charging straight towards the Earthen Rock Demon. It went without saying that its intelligence was very much lacking.

“But it’s better this way. I only have to wait until that fellow is committed into a bitter fight with the Earthen Rock Demon and go ambush it, killing it with the scarlet and white sword in one strike!”

Zhang Che was naturally glad to see that the pig-like exotic beast didn’t come find trouble with him.

Dong dong dong! Dong dong dong!

The charging exotic beast felt somewhat similar to a heavy tank storming the front lines. Its four large hooves produced loud thumping noises whenever it took a step, making the ground tremble violently.

“Strange. Why wasn’t there any commotion when that fellow came charging out from the ravine earlier?”

Zhang Che quickly noticed something suspicious.

Could it be that the pig-like exotic beast didn’t make much noise when it ran normally, and only caused such a huge commotion when it was charging at an enemy?

That didn’t seem to make any sense. Who would purposely remind their enemies before attacking?

Since he couldn’t figure it out, Zhang Che ordered the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon to retreat a little more and observed the battle ahead with narrowed eyes.

Soon, the pig came charging into range of the Earthen Rock Demon’s False Domain. Even so, its charging speed was only reduced slightly. It wasn’t affected much by the gravity field, and continued rushing at the Earthen Rock Demon.

Each of its six large tusks were as thick as a human thigh, over a meter long, and were slightly curved in arcs, shining with a faint dark red luster. One look and you could tell they were dyed in a lot of blood.

“Strange. That pig doesn’t seem to have the powers of a False Domain?” Zhang Che suddenly realized there wasn’t any special energy fluctuations around the exotic beast. It looked like there wasn’t a False Domain in effect!

However, it was normal when he thought about it. Epic-quality exotic beasts only had a chance of having False Domains; not every epic-quality beast would have one. The pig not having a False Domain wasn’t anything strange.

Moreover, although False Domains could be very useful in battles between epic-quality exotic beasts, sometimes they really weren’t that important. Take this exotic beast in front of them, for example. It wasn’t greatly affected by the gravity field!

What truly determined victory and defeat was the compatibility between the exotic beasts’ attributes, as well as the amplification to their basic strength. Their level and quality would oftentimes be a lot more important than any other variables.

If this pig-like exotic beast’s level was at seven-stars, or even eight-stars, the Earthen Rock Demon wouldn’t be a match for it, despite having a False Domain.

The Earthen Rock Demon was naturally not afraid, despite seeing the pig-like exotic beast continuing its charge, while seemingly not affected by its False Domain. It raised its head and let out a silent, furious roar, and summoned another huge rock spear to its hand, hurling it out violently.

With a whoosh, the rock spear flew for less than a second across the five hundred meters between them at the huge pig.

At that moment, Zhang Che widened his eyes.

That huge pig didn’t attempt to dodge or defend against the attack at all. The dense black bristles on its body rippled like water, producing a strange force that threw the Earthen Rock Demon’s spear off its trajectory to the side. It hit the ground and left a large hole where it struck.

“There’s actually such a use for it!”

Zhang Che was in disbelief. Although the force behind the rock spears the Earthen Rock Demon threw out couldn’t be compared to its attacking skills, it was extremely terrifying nonetheless!

The bristles on that pig’s body rippled and negated the attack completely. just like that!

That wasn’t a freaking ordinary pig, but a pig that had definitely practiced Tai Chi!

The Earthen Rock Demon had obviously not expected its attack to fail so easily. By the time it reacted and summoned another rock spear to throw, the Tai Chi pig had already charged up to it, slamming its six terrifying tusks against one of the Earthen Rock Demon’s thick legs violently.

A loud noise rang out. Crushed rocks streaked everywhere.

Zhang Che looked on blankly as the Earthen Rock Demon was pushed back several steps from the collision, a few large holes now visible on its thick leg.

This Tai Chi pig’s attacking power was actually that terrifying!

Luckily the Earthen Rock Demon was naturally gifted with its size advantage. Otherwise, wouldn’t it immediately collapse from injury after being rammed like that?

Zhang Che was immediately certain that the pig was a high-tier epic-quality exotic beast!

As for whether it was seven-stars or eight-stars, he’d only find out after getting a closer look at it with his data eyes.

It went without saying it was impossible for the fellow to be nine-stars. Otherwise, the Earthen Rock Demon wouldn’t have only a few holes in its leg; its thick leg would have directly broken from the impact. It would have lost its balance and fallen to the ground, allowing that Tai Chi pig to torture it as it pleased.

“Hng!” the huge pig oinked. Pointing its six tusks straight ahead, it charged towards the Earthen Rock Demon’s injured leg once more. With another loud crash, countless bits of rock flew everywhere.

After receiving two consecutive rams, the Earthen Rock Demon’s leg was half shattered. Many cracks were visible near the wound. It was likely that its leg would shatter completely with another hit.

The Earthen Rock Demon was finally enraged. A dirty yellow light shone from its body, quickly drawing in the earth elemental powers below it to repair its damaged leg. Lightning flashed in its hand as it activated its attacking skill. A long spear flashing with electrical light instantly tore through the air, aimed at the back of the huge pig’s neck.

That Tai Chi pig’s defensive ability was activated again. However, the Earthen Rock Demon was using its skill. How could it be negated so easily? Although the rock spear’s aim was thrown off slightly to the side, it managed to leave a deep wound on the back of the pig’s neck regardless, directly tearing a large piece of meat off.

“Hnhnggg..!” the pig cried out miserably. Large amounts of fresh blood sprayed out from the neck wound it just received like a spring, immediately dying its black body red, adding some savagery to its appearance.

Zhang Che grew excited when he saw this.

However, epic-quality exotic beasts were sure to have two skills. That pig obviously still had a second skill left in its arsenal. Zhang Che didn’t dare to approach carelessly.

Heavens knew what type of skill that pig had left, or how it attacked. Zhang Che’s life would be in danger if his armor couldn’t block it.

Moreover, the Earthen Rock Demon could still hang on. It wasn’t necessary for Zhang Che to run forward at this point.

Receiving an injury on the back of its neck had instead aroused the huge pig’s ferocity. It sprang forward, moving all four hooves quickly, charging endlessly at the Earthen Rock Demon’s thick legs.

Although the pig’s charge didn’t have the acceleration of a running start, and as a result its impact was reduced significantly, under the continuous collisions, the Earthen Rock Demon’s leg kept cracking further, bits of rock continuously ripped off of it. Despite the Earthen Rock Demon trying its best to manipulate the earth elements to repair its legs, it wasn’t able to keep up with the destruction.

Even now, Zhang Che had yet to see this huge pig using an elemental attack, except for when it used its skill earlier.

Could it be that this epic-quality exotic beast only had reckless charging as its ordinary attack and that elemental attack skill?

It was impressive regardless. If it wasn’t because of the Earthen Rock Demon’s unique life, any other mid-tier epic-quality beast wouldn’t be able to remain standing if they were in the giant’s place..

In a fit of rage, the Earthen Rock Demon didn’t care to keep an ace up its sleeves, and activated its other attacking skill.

In the next moment, with that huge pig at the center, extremely sharp earth spikes burst out from the ground with whistling sounds.

The pig wailed. Although the black bristles on its body rippled fiercely, they were unable to divert such a concentrated attack at all. The huge pig was immediately pierced by countless wounds of various depths on its body. Large amounts of fresh blood squirted out from those wounds, looking incredibly miserable.

-This fellow… it’s about time to use your skill!- Zhang Che guessed. Just as he did, he saw the huge pig’s body suddenly shake for a moment, then turn into an artillery shell. Launching from dozens of meters away, it directly slammed into the Earthen Rock Demon’s abdomen.

There was a loud rumble. Countless rock bits flew in all directions like rain drops. Even Zhang Che, who stood a few hundred meters away, felt his armor get struck by the shrapnel, producing clanking noises.

His jaw nearly fell from shock at the sight ahead.

After the huge pig’s full-body collision, the Earthen Rock Demon’s massive body broke apart in the middle. The two halves of its body directly came crumbling down to the ground.

Fortunately, the fellow’s weakness was its head. Otherwise, that huge pig’s skill might have smashed it into a dissipating streak of light.

Although it didn’t die, the Earthen Rock Demon was heavily injured. Although the fallen parts of its body was trying to fuse back together, the large amount of dirt-yellow light was unable to glue them together.

“Rush forward!” Zhang Che suddenly yelled when he saw the huge pig turning its body around and building up speed again, wanting to ram into the Earthen Rock Demon’s upper body. The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon instantly turned into a blur, traveling hundreds of meters and appearing at the Earthen Rock Demon’s side.

A scarlet and white mix of light shot out from Zhang Che’s brow like lightning, directly winding around the pig and cutting it into pieces.

Since both of that fellow’s skills were exhausted, Zhang Che no longer had anything to fear. Naturally he would go all out and strive to cut it down in one attack!

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