Divine Beast Creator Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259: One After Another

"is it?"

Lifting his head slightly, Feng Yuan motioned with his gaze to the pattern he had laid, and with a flick of his tail, Agunas said angrily

"At least, apart from you, I haven't seen anyone with this ability."

"Hey~ I would be embarrassed if you praise me so much~"

Scratching his head, Feng Yuan looked shy, but after a moment his smile disappeared and his eyes were fixed on the dark purple tentacles that kept hitting the black wind wall. That thing, the eclipse trick is not impossible to solve, but the other party is connected to the depths of the earth. Energy circulation and eclipse tricks are polluting to a certain degree. If you accidentally pollute the energy circulation, it will be great fun.

The pollution will quickly spread across the entire Shenzhou area along the energy circulation, and it will be troublesome at that time. Although the eclipse is not afraid, but it will provoke the beasts of the entire Shenzhou area at once, I am afraid Daxia will be blamed.

"It's really troublesome."

Looking at Xiaoji, Feng Yuan hesitated and said

"You judge with scarlet, throw it directly at the opposite side."

"You just intervened, right?"

Agunas looked at Feng Yuan with some doubts. If it is not so obvious that he just erected a wind wall, Xiao Jis move would be equivalent to announcing that he had taken it. After all, the Scarlet Trial is Xiao Jis exclusive trick. It can be seen that Feng Yuan did it.

"Otherwise? Keep waiting?"

Glancing at Agunus, Feng Yuan said in an annoyed manner. At this moment, Daxia also started. They were prepared in advance. Although most of them were aimed at death, it was not without the means to face the enemy. .

Legendary beasts and above are accumulating power in the rear to guide the release of powerful tricks. The existence of the wind wall reduces the pressure on ordinary soldiers. At least for the time being, they only need to pay attention to the lurking enemies to prevent them from interrupting the legendary beasts and above. Accumulate power.

"Or, look at them?"

Noting Daxias actions, Agunas suggested, after thinking about it, Feng Yuan put his hand on Xiaojis head and said

"Also, wait and see first, if they can solve it, it doesn't have to be so troublesome."

"Follow the plan!"

In the Daxia frontline headquarters, the commanders were quickly giving orders. Although the sudden black wind wall helped them a lot, they did not plan to wait for Feng Yuan to take action. After all, this was their war.

In the sky, the eclipse stopped the movement in his hand, and the breath of death contracted and condensed in front of it. It was very curious about what Daxia would do. As long as the other party's breath of death was prevented from causing damage, its mission would be completed. As for the others, In fact, it doesn't have to be done, such as throwing back the breath of death.

Moreover, now that the other party has made that thing, it is also a little worried about whether the death breath will flow to other places along the energy circulation. If it really is, it will be troublesome. This thing is a very dangerous existence for most creatures.

The wall of death breath was withdrawn by it, and the eclipse just floated in the air. Below, Neillat didnt dare to provoke the eclipse. They knew very well that if they angered it, the other party would not take into account the safety of the Shenzhou area and could directly follow them. Turn upside down.

Looking at the Daxia border, Daxia's guardian beast that appeared over there was their enemy.

"Still unavoidable?"

After sighing, Feng Yuan looked at the border with some helplessness. The warring soldiers covered that area with countless tricks. Turning his back, Feng Yuan looked at the sky and said

"What changes call me."

Flicking his tail, Agunas glanced at the direction of the battlefield from time to time. Would it be better if Veronia came over? It should ignore these war scenes, right?

"What...what are you doing?"

Deronta's complexion changed abruptly and got up. The fishing rod was accidentally knocked down on the deck because it got up too quickly. He looked at Qi Chen and the others, Deronta said

"You wait for me here, I will come as soon as I go, empty green, you help protect them."

After all, Deronta jumped directly into the sea and turned back to its original shape. The huge shadow quickly disappeared under the sea, Kongqing hissed his tail a little, and a spherical space barrier enveloped the ship, although it evolved once. , But it is very clear that its own strength is still far from that of Deron Taby.

Although the possibility of encountering an enemy in the Black Sea is not high, dont forget that the weather changes are the characteristics of the Black Sea and the Sea of Stars. When Dronta is there, the opponent can forcibly prohibit extreme weather from appearing around. When leaving, it is obvious that there is something important and urgent to deal with, and it may not have the ability to maintain the limits of this place.

Although Qi Chen and the others didn't know Kong Qing's identity, they knew better about the weird things about the spirit beasts around Feng Yuan, but why did it ask Kong Qing instead of Nagya or Long Bodor?

Seeing Yang Hong looking at himself suspiciously, Nagia shook his head and said

"If it is for extreme weather, my abilities may not be easy to use."

The opponent is a sacred beast of space. It can use space cutting and abnormal connection to make extreme weather bypass them on the space level. Nagya cant do such a thing. Its normal form is mainly based on enhancement and assistance. The opposite is pure attack and destruction, neither of which is suitable for dealing with extreme weather.

And the Black Sea, there may not be enemies chasing, after all, it is a land country that is doing it against Daxia, not to mention whether they will do it against Qi Chen somehow, they don't have many suitable sea beasts.

Dont see how long they came out, Deronta used the high-speed channel to take them deep into the Black Sea. Those people dont have the ability to chase them so far in a short time. Besides, what else can they get when they chase Qi Chen? benefit? Deronta just asked Kong Qing to help prevent danger.

In the deep sea, Deronta watched the energy circulation a little bit of life. The energy circulation under the land is naturally connected with the energy circulation on the sea floor of the stars. The energy circulation on the sea floor of the stars is the origin, and the energy circulation under the land is the end. At once, Delongta directly cuts off all the connections from the seabed to the subterranean energy circulation in the Shenzhou area.

Because of the abnormal energy circulation in the Shenzhou area, the submarine energy circulation with the abnormal increase in energy flow speed gradually returned to normal. Delongta looked in the direction of the Shenzhou area and silently warned the Shenzhou area's beasts in the Shenzhou area.

As the Delonta cut off the connection of the energy circulation, the energy circulation in the Shenzhou area began to fall into anomalies. Because the two formations were extracting the power of the energy circulation, the energy circulation under the land was rapidly depleting.

"Quick fight and quick resolution. If the stalemate continues, there will be trouble in the Shenzhou area."

After being reminded by Delonta, Agunas couldn't help but said to Feng Yuan, there is no way, the energy circulation in the sky has not slowed down due to the actions of the old guard the last time, if the energy circulation under the land also has an accident, The trouble will be big, and the spirit beasts in the entire Shenzhou area will be severely affected.

Whether its the elixir and the food of the spirit beasts, they all rely on the overflowing force of the energy circulation to grow vigorously. The energy circulation in the sky is not bad. After all, there is almost no elixir in the sky, and the effect is basically the spirit. And the demand for those spiritual materials is not great, but it's different on land.

What is going wrong, I am afraid that the spirit beasts will fight for the reduced resources.

At this time, some of the divine beasts in the Shenzhou area gave up paying attention to the war between Daxia and those countries and turned to find the trouble of Delongta. After all, the only thing that can cut off the connection between the Star Sea and the energy circulation in the Shenzhou area is it.

"Dronta! What do you want to do!"

By the sea, a divine beast constantly bombarded the Black Sea with its unique tricks. The creatures in this area were all scared off by this horrible scene. Of course, it was not here to provoke. Although there were many tricks, it was actually not right. How much damage did the creatures in this sea area cause.

Deronta popped out from under the sea and looked at the beast contemptuously

"Are you trying to provoke my patience?"

"I just want to know why you cut off the circulation of energy between land and sea!"

The other party responded angrily, as if Deronta didn't give a satisfactory explanation, it just wouldn't stop.

"Do you know that your Chinese land is frantically extracting the power of the energy circulation in the Black Sea? If it is not cut off, what about the creatures in the Black Sea?"

Ignoring the angry beast, Deronta said flatly, but when she heard Deronta's words, the other party was stunned.

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