Divine Physician Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again Chapter 140

140 I Will Never Marry Another Woman

"Chao Yang, you're a commander's son. If it weren't for my respect for General Nalan, do you think that I would only punch you once?"

Qin Xun laughed coldly as he flipped his sleeve and left.

Chao Yang was red with anger. His body moved and stood in front of Qin Xun.

"You've punched me, don't you even dare to walk out of here."

"Scram!" Qin Xun roared in fury. He tightened his fist till it made cracking noises and greenish veins were popping under his skin.

Qin Feiyang and Commander Chao quickly stood up.

He frowned and said, "Xun'er, calm down. I know you're worried about Pinyao's health but you can't vent your anger upon others."

Although Chao Yang's father was only a commander, he had a good relationship with Zhangqian. Even so, he shouldn't be doing this.


Commander Chao's swept a gaze at his own son.

"You're normally very calm and collected. Why is it you said such a thing on this very day?"

Even though he was mad at Qin Xun for his actions but nevertheless, it was Chao Yang's fault to begin with. Even so, he still believed that his son would not say such a thing on a whim.

"The princess brought a herb dish for Lady Qin. I was honestly feeling happy for her but in the end, Qin Xun didn't think it through and decided to punch me. Am I not innocent?"

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. His kind gesture was misunderstood and misinterpreted. How could he remain calm?

Qin Xun's emotion had gotten the better of him. His anger took over his rationale. Ignoring whatever Chao Yang had just said, Qin Xun threw another punch at Chao Yang. In the blink of an eye, Qin Feiyang appeared in front of Chao Yang, blocking his punch.

"Xun'er, don't be emotional!"

Qin Feiyang frowned at Qin Xun and then shifted his gaze to Chao Yang.

"Young Master Chao, did you just say that the princess… brought… a herbal dish?"

Chao Yang replied sarcastically, "Remember the time I've told all of you about the scar-removing herbal dish? That was given to me by the princess! And now the princess brought some herbal dish for the lady, so the lady should get better. Instead of acknowledging people's good will, Qin Xun decided to attack me!"

"You…" Qin Xun wanted to vent his anger but some of the things that Chao Yang said rang in his ears and he faltered during his speech.

"What did you just say?"

Not long ago, Chao Yang received a prescription which could remove scars. He raised that topic today, hoping that Qin Feiyang and he could head over to the General Manor and present it as a gift to Nalan Zhangqian.

That's why the words herbal dish, was not something foreign to Qin Xun.

"So that's why …"

A smile appeared upon Qin Feiyang's face.

"The princess has already turned over a new leaf. She will never hurt Pin Yao. Plus, there's Yi'er by Pin Yao's side. You don't have to be overly concerned. Xun'er, you have indeed overreacted, plus you've hurt Young Master Chao."

Qin Xun was speechless.

That evil wench turned over a new leaf? How can he believe that?

"Father… Why do you trust the princess?"

Qin Xun's eyes were filled with surprise, as he turned to face Qin Feiyang.

Qin Feiyang chuckled as he said, "Do you remember the spirit wine that I drank at the general's manor? That wine was gifted to the general by the princess! Even if the princess accidentally bought such good wine, the general already told her the value of the wine. But she insisted that the general accept her gift."

"Do you think that the princess of the past would present such a valuable item to the Nalan family? I'm afraid she would have given it as a sign of loyalty to Noble Consort Rong."

Qin Feiyang's face lit up with a huge smile but after thinking about Qin Xun's overreaction, his face sank a little.

"On another note, you owe Young Master Chao an apology."
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