Divine Physician Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again Chapter 246

246 The Tiger Has Taken Feng Ruqing Away I

The earth shook violently.

Standing rooted to the ground before everyone could react, a giant tiger rushed over from deep inside the forest.

The tiger with three colored stripes was extremely ferocious. The domineering demeanor from it could frighten one to death. Seeing the tiger, Tang Shan's body shook violently as fear filled his face.

"It's Tier-5 spirit beast—the Three-Striped Tiger."

It was a Tier-5 spirit beast? Why would there be a Tier-5 spirit beast in the Forest of Spirit Beasts?

The three-striped tiger paid no regard to Tang Shan. Before anyone could react, its giant body darted toward Feng Ruqing, bit into her robe, and dashed toward the deep forest.

"Qing Qing!"

Qin Chen's face contorted in shock, he disregarded Tang Shan and rushed after the three-striped tiger.


The Snow Wolf was burning with anger. It got up quickly and dashed after the tiger at lightning speed.

'Divine-Spirit Fruits…Oh no! She is our master! This spirit beast has actually taken my master away? Even though you are a Tier-5 spirit beast, I am not afraid of you! Give my master back to me!'

Although the rest of the spirit beasts were frightened of the Tier-5 spirit beast, Tang Shan was more horrifying. Hence, all of them quickly rushed after the Snow Wolf.

"Let's go get them!" In a somber mood, Tang Zi gritted her teeth as she shouted.

As soon as Tang Zi finished her words, the Iron-Blooded Troop darted in the direction where the three-striped tiger had vanished from sight.

At this time, Tang Shan was the only one who remained standing on the spot. He wiped off the blood at the corner of his lips and looked at the surroundings where everyone had vanished in a flash.

"Tang Zi, you have actually run after a Tier-5 spirit beast? You are no doubt seeking your own demise! It is a pity that I haven't gotten the spirit herbs and spirit beasts. However, everything is fine so long as the Tier-5 spirit beast could wipe out the whole Iron-Blooded Troop on my behalf," Tang Shan sneered. His words were full of resentment.

The Tier-5 spirit beast had appeared just in time. Otherwise, Tang Shan would have lost his life.

Tang Shan glanced coldly in Tang Zi's direction, and the rest vanished from sight before he turned to walk out of the Forest of Spirit Beasts. He did not even spare a glance at the remains of the Tang family's member.

These people could still be his slave if they were alive. Currently, they were simply worthless as they were dead. Naturally, Tang Shan would do nothing for them.


In the Forest of Spirit Beasts, Feng Ruqing's head was swimming from being tossed back and forth by the three-striped tiger. Had it not been for her strength being stronger than an ordinary human, she would have fainted. However, she still had a sick feeling in her stomach. 

This three-striped tiger did not hurt her. It was only taking her to a place, but simply no one knew where it was heading.

This Tier-5 spirit beast was really something. Even if Qin Chen were here, he might not be able to handle the three-striped tiger. 

Soon after, the three-striped tiger stopped in front of a cave.

A pungent smell of blood came out of the cave. Feng Ruqing did not move and merely raised her brows. The three-striped tiger strode forward and took her into the cave.

In the cave, the three-striped tiger walked carefully as if it were afraid that its steps could create a stir in the cave.

Not long after, Feng Ruqing had finally realized the three-striped tiger's purpose. There were a few little newborn three-striped cubs deep inside the cave. However, simply no one knew what they have gone through. One of the cubs had died while the rest of them were hurt and on the verge of death.


The three-striped tiger threw Feng Ruqing on the ground and stuck out its tongue and licked one of the cubs. Its eyes were full of love and tenderness. 
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