Divine Physician Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again Chapter 31

31 For The Sake Of Sleeping With The State Preceptor Ii

Her large body was too heavy. What if she crushed him badly? Not good. This was not good. She had better lose some weight; otherwise she would crush the state preceptor's delicate body. Then everyone's heart would ache.

"Your… Your Highness?" Qing Ling was completely dumbfounded.

In the past, the princess would not say something perverted no matter how fond of Liu Yuchen she was. Not only that, didn't the princess loathe the state preceptor before? Why did she change her mind so quickly?

Liu Li's face darkened too. 'Losing weight to sleep with the state preceptor, this… what kind of reason is this?'

"Your Highness, don't you like Young Master Liu anymore?" asked Qing Ling while biting her lips lightly.

Although the princess did shock her after waking up from the coma, through this short period of interaction, she realized that the princess was not a difficult person to get along with anymore. As long as she did not see Noble Consort Rong anymore, the princess would not stop them from freely voicing out their thoughts.

This version of the princess was much tolerable compared to the previous one.

"Liu Yuchen?" Feng Ruqing chuckled before saying, "Is he more good looking than the state preceptor?"

Qing Ling shook her head in all honesty. for visiting.

Nobody could compare to the state preceptor's good looks.

"Then, is he as kind-hearted as the state preceptor? The state preceptor pitied me for losing my mother, so he plans to guide me personally, and due to his presence, Liu Yun Kingdom will not lose such a talent like me."

Qing Ling was speechless. If what she said was real, the state preceptor was indeed a kind person.

"Is he as pure as the state preceptor? Don't tell me that there's another woman in his heart. The fact that he used to have concubines in the manor is sufficient to prove that he is not a dependable person."

Despite the fact that the concubines were already chased out by her in the past.

Qing Ling kept shaking her head. The state preceptor was not Liu Yuchen. Through these years, it was undeniable that there were people who tried to seduce the state preceptor, but all of them faced bad consequences. The state preceptor was always alone without any woman by his side.

In fact, there was a rumor that he actually did not like women but his pet the azure snake only.

"Since he does not possess the state preceptor's good looks and he cannot even be compared to the state preceptor's kind heart and pureness, why should I like him instead of chasing after the good looking state preceptor?" Feng Ruqing's face lit up with a cheerful smile.

Whenever she thought of the state preceptor, she felt happy. But within seconds, her smile disappeared and her face turned stiff.

"I think I forgot something. The state preceptor asked me to see him this afternoon, but I am too occupied today and have totally forgotten about it."

Doomed. If she had forgotten such an important matter, how would she be able to sleep with the state preceptor later?

"Your Highness… then do you want to go now?" asked Liu Li a few moments later.

Feng Ruqing tilted her head, looking at the beast cage in the garden, stroking her aching head, "It's fine, I still need to take care of these spiritual beasts, I will find the state preceptor tomorrow then. By the way, Liu Li, I will give you a list of herbal seeds to buy." 

"Yes, Your Highness."

Liu Li replied respectfully.

Feng Ruqing raised her eyebrows slightly, looking at her garden that was filled with spiritual beasts, she fell deep into her thoughts.

The presence of these spiritual beasts did solve her current problem, but she was really desperate to increase her strength at the moment. If she encountered a similar incident like what happened today, and there was nobody to protect her, wouldn't she be in danger?

The only solution was for her to improve her strength. Then she would be confident enough to stand on her own two feet on this land.

However, she was more concerned about paying a visit to the general manor.

It was not polite to go empty-handed, but the gifts bought using money were too ordinary.

Suddenly, Feng Ruqing's eyes lit up, her lips curved into a smile.

She remembered that there was a spiritual wine in the medicine recipe book that was able to strengthen one's body and health, increase life expectancy and soothe pain. Since grandpa loved drinking wine, she would visit him after she had made spiritual wine for him.
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