Divine Physician Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again Chapter 447

447 Going To The Tang Family Again Ix

The forbidden place in Fengyun Manor was extremely huge that Lao Wu had been searching for Lei Yun for a long while. Once Lei Yun heard Lao Wu's words, he got out of the cave immediately.

However, Lei Yun did not believe that the Lady of Fengyun clan had died.

"Great Elder, you're right."

Everyone got up and walked respectfully after Lei Yun.

"Oh yeah, did you assign someone to watch the lady? I think this thing is not as simple as it seems." Lei Yun paused and asked.

"As the identity of the Lady of Fengyun clan has always been highly protected. I could never send anyone else except Qing Yuan. He has always been watching the Tang family. However, he had to leave as something had happened to Qing Yuan's betrothed recently. Hence, I have assigned another person to go there. That person must be on his way now." The great guardian was walking closely after Lei Yun as he answered respectfully.

It would only take a few days and should not be a big issue. Moreover, nothing had happened to the Tang family besides the fact that someone had beaten up the two elders.

"Um…" The great elder's face was nonchalant. Simply no one could read his mind.

Walking after the great elder, everyone left the back hill of Fengyun Manor.

Suddenly, the great elder stopped in his tracks.

Inside a familiar courtyard, a servant was sitting next to the gazebo with a flower in her hand—a Grade-3 spirit herb.

"Stop messing around! Who is your master? Who has allowed you to step into this place?" Burning with anger, Lei Yun snarled.

"She is the servant whom Tang Yu had brought from the Tang family." Feng Ying glanced at the lady as he said.

"Tang Yu? The disciple of the Lady of Fengyun clan?" No matter what, no one was allowed to set foot in this place. Without any hesitation, Lei Yun's rushed into the gazebo, picked the lady up and threw her out of the Feng Qing Court.

"This is the rule of Fengyun clan! Feng Ying, you have actually forgotten the rules of Fengyun clan? Who has allowed her to do this?" Exploding with rage, Lei Yun looked down at the lady who had fallen to the ground. His eyes turned extremely fierce.

"Pfft! Who do you think you are to do this? I am the servant of the house lady, Tang Yu. When my house lady is back, she will definitely throw you out of Fengyun Manor." Slightly startled, the servant quickly recovered from her stupor and got up. She dusted off her robe as she snorted.

These days, Tang Yu had been throwing her weight around in Fengyun Manor. Her close-knitted servant had since taken advantage of Tang Yu and rode roughshod over everyone in the manor.

"Haha!" Lei Yun broke into laughter. 

"You tell me. Who has allowed to her step into this place?" The corner of his lips curved into a scornful sneer as he turned to look at Feng Ying.

"Great Elder, when the fifth elder looked for you in the forbidden place that day, Tang Yu had run wild and simply no one could handle her. Not only did she make Hong Yu her servant, but she had also taken over the Feng Qing Court and had even changed its name to Feng Yu Court. She is the house lady of Fengyun clan and I am just a servant. I can't stop her from doing this." Feng Ying got down on one knee, her face was calm and nonchalant.

Hearing this, Lei Yun's eyes were blazing with furious rage. He did not notice the word engraved on the plaque just now. He quickly turned his head only to see that the words 'Feng Qing Court' had indeed been changed to 'Feng Yu Court'.

The courtyard was no longer the one he was familiar with.


Lei Yun swung his hand, a strong power slammed right into the plaque. The plaque broke it into two parts, crashing to the ground in a cloud of dust.

"Although Tang Yu is holding the token of the Lady of Fengyun clan and had learned martial arts from her, it doesn't prove that Tang Yu is truly the Lady of Fengyun clan's disciple. Moreover, even if Tang Wu has confirmed that Tang Yu is the Lady of Fengyun clan's disciple, she is not the house lady of Fengyun clan!
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