Divine Physician Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again Chapter 462

462 Whatever It Takes Ill Do It Iv

Time passed by.

With Feng Ruqing's effort, spirit herbs which would sprout in half a month soon sprouted in front of her.

There was no excitement on the young girl's face. She seemed rather serious.

"Half day must have gone by outside. The spirit herbs have only just sprouted after I have used that much of spiritual qi. A day seems not enough if I have to wait for it to grow."

Her eyes darkened. There was cold sweat on her forehead. She gritted her teeth and took out another purple grape and swallowed it into.

She used the spiritual qi in her dantian as soon as her spiritual power recovered. The spiritual qi was released into the spirit herbs.

It was an endless cycle.

She did not rest nor sleep.


Yue City.

Tang Yu slammed her palm onto the desk heavily in the restaurant. The desk split into half.

Wen Feng stayed by her side and dared not even inhaled deeply for fear that it might anger her more.

"That bastard Feng Ruqing! It's a habit of her to take other people's things. Although I like Nan Xian and hate Tang Yin, Tang Yin is still Nan Xian's fiancée. She's close to Tang Yin clearly but she still stole Tang Yin's fiancé."

'Now, she has taken Rong Yan away too!

'Only that stupid Tang Yin would still follow her after her fiancé was stolen from her!


'Luckily Rong Yan could live no more!'

Nobody could voice out for Feng Ruqing as long as Rong Yan died. Then, she could speak no more.

If Tang Yin said that Feng Ruqing was going to murder the master of Fengyun Manor then she would totally be that villain.

A coldness was seen in Tang Yu's eyes. She laughed coldly. "Wen Feng, this is the token that I took from the elder's room at that time. You pretend to be a disciple of the elder of Fengyun Manor. Go and order the people in Yue City to kill both Feng Ruqing and her father."

Tang Yu understood that Wen Feng was only a guardian. Her status as a lady was respected in Fengyun Manor. But, the outsiders did not approve of her status.

So, the people of Yue City would only obey her order if she used the power of an elder of Fengyun Manor.

Wen Feng was shocked. 'Why did the lady go and steal the token from the elder's manor? How did she steal it?'

Wen Feng felt that it was Tang Yu's habit to steal without knowing the reason.

But, Tang Yu was the lady of the Tang family. It was impossible for her to steal things. He thought that it was impossible.

"Alright, Lady."

Tang Yu's eyes darkened. "And… go and order the people of Fengyun Manor in Yue City to gather here."


Wen Feng received the order and left.

There was only Tang Yu left in the room.

There was a great evil in Tang Yu's eyes. She clenched her palms tightly.

"Feng Ruqing, nobody can steal my things from me! Never!"

There was Tang Yin who had fought with her back in those days. Now, Feng Ruqing was fighting with her too.

'Nobody can ever take my things from me!

'I'll use whatever I have to fight for what are mine!'


It was quiet in the medium.

Feng Ruqing's clothes were soaked with sweat. Her face was pale and the dirt underneath her was wet too.

Sweat ran down her cheeks and entered the dirt.

Her eyes were completely focused on the spirit herbs. There was seriousness and determination in her eyes.

The spiritual qi in her dantian was almost depleted. She wanted to take more purple grapes but she soon found that she had eaten all her purple grapes. There was none left.

"There are no more spirit herbs."

If her spiritual qi was used up, it meant that she would never be able to cultivate the spirit herbs. 
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