Dont Be A Kept Man Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Real Be A Person

Shen You used to think that the stairs in this broken place were the worst, but now he has to change it. The bed is also bad, crunching when lying on it, and doing nothing is like tearing down the house. His movements can only be light and light, and slowly and slowly.

Shen You was frightened throughout the whole process, his back was tight, and for fear that the bed would collapse, he scolded the broken shop 11 million times in his heart.

Gu Lai Junmei's face also saw some thin sweat, and it was slightly cool when he touched it. There are dots of tooth marks on his right arm. They were all bitten by Shen You just now when he was in love. It was cruel and painful. Nothing.

The bathroom is not big, it can barely accommodate two people. After the bath, they both lazily dont want to move. They are in a kind of philosophical time of wantlessness. Gu Lai will never let himself be in a boring situation. Being able to play with himself, he dug out the stones he bought at the night market stall, and sat by the window to sharpen it with a file. It didn't take long for him to see the sight.

Shen You felt very strange: "You are lucky, you really drove it out, it seems... it's blue."

But they are all cheap stone materials, not valuable.

Gu Lai's original shape is a blue ball. He polished it more seriously when he heard the words, and commented with a happy expression: "Blue is beautiful."

Shen You thought that Gu Lai liked it. Money was the next best thing. He moved a chair and sat aside to sort out the messy jade thread. He had a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder. He concentrated on making it for a long time. Not the slightest confusion.

The sky outside is getting thicker, but the lanterns on the street market are lit up. Fireworks for celebration are placed on the arch bridge, which explodes in the night sky. Some foreign tourists come here specifically for the local lantern festival, and they are not seen during the day. Going out, but in the evening, I call my friends to take pictures and sightseeing.

Shen You leaned forward and glanced outside, only to feel that there was a crowd of people, the streets were crowded with water, and it was difficult to insert needles, where there was any heart to join in the fun, and it was noisy, so he closed the windows directly.

The stone in Gu Lai's hand has been sharpened for most of the time, the file is slightly flat, and the more it goes back, the more it wont move. He has to stop, picking up the things one by one like a baby, and then ask Shen You: "Im hungry. Go down and buy something to eat?"

After hearing this, Shen You got up and wanted to go together, but Gu Lai gently pressed his shoulders: "The bottom is too crowded, you sit down, and I will come back soon."

Shen You didn't insist on hearing this, but he squinted Erlang's legs and said, "It doesn't matter, there are many beautiful women underneath. You can go shopping slowly, take a few more photos, and then slowly come back."

Gu Laiyiyan nodded and hid his lips with a smile: "Okay, I'll come back after shopping."

Shen You could only stare dumbly.

When Gu Lai went downstairs, the lady boss was dozing off at the counter, but unfortunately there were not many guests. The fat cook was squatting at the door sifting peanuts, and carrying a bottle of bottomless oil into the kitchen, back and forth. The footsteps were a little swaying, as if he had drunk a lot of alcohol.

Gu Lai stepped into the crowd with one foot, remembering something, and took it back: "Boss, do you have any authentic snacks here?"

The fat cook lighted a low-quality cigarette and spoke with a strong local accent: "My familys fried peanuts are a must, Dongjie Caos bean curd, and an old mans spicy fish pot, but he always carries a burden everywhere. Huang, you go to the river across the street and have a look. He might be there to watch people play chess."

Except for the first sentence, the following ones should be more credible.

Gu Lai nodded: "Thank you."

When he walked out of the inn, Gu Lai glanced up subconsciously, and it turned out that Shen You happened to be looking at him from the window. After being found, he closed the window with a bang, leaving only a vacant gap.

Gu Lai smiled, immersed in the crowded crowd, hidden in a dimly lit lantern.

The fat cook turned on the gas stove to heat the oil and found that the remaining oil was not enough to fry the peanuts. He fished it twice in the pot with an iron spoon, spit out the smoke from his mouth, squatted down and rummaged in the debris. , Unfortunately nothing happened.

"Madam, you watched the fire, I went upstairs to get the barrel of oil down."

The fat cook dragged a heavy step upstairs. The wooden escalator creaked and seemed to be unable to bear him. The fat cook made a **** in a low voice, then climbed into the cubicle on the third floor, and found that the light bulb was broken. , I could only use a flashlight to look for oil drums in a pile of dried goods. The proprietress murmured a few times in her sleep, changed direction and continued to sleep on her stomach. No one noticed the smoky oil pan on the stove.

An unburnt cigarette **** rolled to the corner, sparks scattered.

This homestay is a wooden building. It has been in disrepair and has no safety measures. When the fat cook was sweating profusely looking for the oil drum, when the proprietress was about to wake up from her sleep, the tongue of fire had already begun to lick everything around. .

The piles of sundries in the kitchen are burning up, along with the blue-dyed floral cloth hung on the wall for decoration. Outside is the old wooden staircase, and an orange-red fire dragon entangles up and burns. It's just a momentary matter.

When the fat cook noticed something was wrong and hurried down from the attic, most of the entire staircase was on fire. The oil drum in his hand slammed to the ground. He slapped his leg in a hurry, and his voice changed: "Oh, it's not good. Madam! It's on fire!!! Hurry up and report 119!"

The stairs were covered with grease all the year round, his feet slipped, and the wheel rolled down like a ball. The wooden steps were directly smashed out of a gap. The clothes on the fat cook caught fire, making him anxious to roll on the ground. .

Shen You was originally leaning on the bed to play games, but he was really lacking in energy. He fell asleep without knowing it. Perhaps it was an illusion. He faintly smelled a burnt odor during half-dreaming and half-waking. He frowned unconsciously and fell into cold sweat. Then suddenly opened his eyes in panic.

The burnt smell became more obvious.

His complexion changed and he realized something, and quickly got out of bed with his shoes on. Who would have thought that when the door was opened, thick smoke would come in, and tears came out, and his throat was dry and stinging like sand was sucked in. .

The surroundings are noisy.

"Oh my god! It's not good, it's on fire! Hurry up and splash water! Who has a fire extinguisher?!!!"

"The fire is too strong, and the fire extinguisher can't be poured out. Call the police!"

"Is there anyone in there?! Is there anyone in there?! There seems to be someone upstairs!"

"Let him jump down!"

"Oh, I can't jump! There are wires underneath!"

The already crowded Qingshi Alley became more and more panic. A large number of residents gathered together. Some people scooped water from the river and poured it into it. Some people evacuated the crowd hoarsely. They took their own quilts and wanted to put them on the ground as an air cushion. Without going out of the open space, there will be a lot of chaos after a short while, and more people are watching the excitement.

One can face death once, but there is no way to face it a second time.

Shen You couldn't help but think of the fire many years ago. His muscles twitched unconsciously, and his whole body was burning with pain, as if someone had broken his bones.

The smoke billowed, and Shen You was so smoked that he couldnt see anything. He fumbled around on the table, grabbing something in the frenzy, hurriedly stuffed his pocket, and then moistened the sheet with water to cover his mouth and nose, time and time again. He wanted to rush out, but was forced back again and again by the scorching fire waves.

The water in the sheets evaporates instantly, and the temperature is even hotter than the burning charcoal. A large amount of toxic gas is sucked into the mouth and nose, like a hand, which severely choked the throat, blocking all breathing.

"Don't block, don't block! Get out! The fire truck is coming!"

"Everyone hurry up! No life will be delayed!"

Thick smoke billowed up into the sky, and the scorching flames could be seen far away. When Gu Lai confirmed that the place of fire was where they were staying, the packed lunch box in his hand crashed and fell to the ground instantly.

Gu Lai's brain was blank. Before he could react, his body started thinking and acting. He shuttled through the crowded crowds, and had no time to take care of people when he hits them. Finally, he ran to the entrance of the inn and listened to the lively residents outside. He babbled: "It's a crime, the fire truck is blocked, what can the person inside do!"

The wooden stairs could no longer stand the heavier weight. After a dull bang, they collapsed on the small side. Just as the people outside were anxious, a figure suddenly rushed into the fire, and stepped across the broken stairs in three or two steps. Drowned in firelight.

Human life is very short, a mere hundred years.

Human life is very fragile, and an accident can be easily destroyed.

No one can turn back the clock, and not everyone has the chance to start all over again.

If you die, you are really dead.

Gu Lai was so flustered for the first time, he ignored the skin burned by the heat wave, kicked open the crumbling door, and then found that he was lying on the ground in a semi-comatose state. He immediately picked him up and rushed sideways. Get out.

God seems to have deliberately refused to leave them a way. He has not yet reached the top of the stairs. He only heard a loud bang. The kitchen exploded with a bang, blasting the remaining stairs to pieces, and there was no way to go down, Gu Lai. Subconsciously sideways to protect Shen You, but was also dizzy by the powerful explosion, and both fell into the rubble with him.

Shen You didn't know when he woke up, he coughed a few times, and then forcibly held it back. He saw Gu Lai clearly in the thick smoke. For a time, he thought his eyes were dazzled, and his internal organs were torn apart. His collar: "Who the **** let you come up!"

His throat is broken, rubbing like rough gravel on paper.

Gu Lai did not speak, stood up with his hands supported, and rarely corrected his swearing. He felt a slight pain. Mu Leng looked down and found that a wooden thorn was embedded in his abdomen at some point. The blood was bleeding out a little bit, and the black sweater was so wet that it could be wringed out, and it was dark and condensed.

He staggered, then fell to the ground uncontrollably. It was only then that unknown fragments were embedded in the back, and the blood was dripping down wet.

Gu Lai thought, the human body is too fragile...

He wanted to stand up, but he couldn't stop the fading of his strength. With a slight movement, the blood gurgled out, and gradually began to show symptoms of tinnitus and dizziness, and his eyes could no longer focus.

The fire outside was so strong that there was no way to rush out. Shen Youyao heard the sound of the fire engine, stood up, and knelt down weakly, his forehead violently violently, and he slapped himself violently. Trying to drag Gu to avoid the corner with a smaller fire.

Gu Lai's body still hasn't erased some programs of the system.

[Ding, the detection is severely hit by an unknown external force, it will automatically start the dormant state, during which time it will not be able to sense the outside world, countdown, 3, 2,...]

Turn off hibernation.

[Ding, the detection is severely damaged by an unknown external force. After scanning, it is recommended to enter the sleep program. Forcibly shutting down is likely to cause damage to the motherboard. The remaining energy is less than 5%, which is not enough to maintain a normal state. Shut it down?


[Operation is successful and has been closed.

Gu Lai opened his eyes and found that his whole person was firmly held in his arms by Shen You, and the other party was kneeling and propped up on it, blocking the falling spark debris for himself, and his shoulder was a black mark, blood black. mottled.

Gu Lai moved his hand to his abdomen and pulled out the wooden thorns in his body blankly. He estimated the fire outside, and finally determined that there was a 30% chance to escape. He clenched his hands tightly, covered with sticky blood stains. , A stream of blood gushed out of his abdomen, struggling to get up, but was firmly protected by Shen You.

Shen Youneng could faintly smell the burnt smell of his skin and flesh. He was so painful that his hands were trembling, cold sweat fell in large drops, and then quickly evaporated due to the high temperature around him, and heavy objects fell from time to time. There was a dull sound on his shoulders, but he didn't move.

The beam of the room has collapsed in half, and is gradually pouring towards them. Gu Lai never realized that Shen Yous strength could be so great that it was too difficult for him to break free. He reunited little by little with the little energy left. Looking at Shen You: "It's okay, let go of me..."

He is a system, just a piece of written program. There is no life or death.

He can take Shen You out.

Regardless of the consequences.

Shen You was full of blood, and his handsome facial features were blurred. He protected Gu Lai's wound and head, and said in a low voice: "I am dead for you this time, don't regret it, you know..."

[Ding, the remaining energy is less than 2%, a serious warning, it is recommended to enter the dormant state.

Uninstall the hibernation program.

Already emptied.

The beam on the top was overwhelmed and fell straight down from mid-air. Gu Lais strength was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, a struggling force pressed Shen You under him, propped up a little distance, and the heavy beam crushed most of the house. It hit his spine straight--

Gu Lai closed his eyes and waited for the program to collapse. However, a shallow blue light lit up all over him, and the beam was blocked by an invisible force and scattered dust in the air.

The whole world seemed to have been pressed the pause button, and it was incredibly silent.

The flame maintained its meandering shape, no longer beating; the remaining water droplets from the fire fighting fell ticking, and finally stopped in the air; people maintained the posture of the last second, like a lifeless painting.

The light blue light curtain slowly unfolded in mid-air, reflecting the appearance of a beautiful woman. The medal on her shoulder was a cluster of gorgeous roses, coiled around the sharp blade, she whispered: "System 008. "

Gu Lai was stunned for a moment. He didn't respond in time and unconsciously hugged Shen You tightly. His expression disappeared for a moment: "Executive officer..."

The woman's maroon curly hair fluttered: "This human body will usher in death in the next second. Come back to the space station with me."

Gu Lai didn't speak, but his nervousness leaked out exactly. The mental power of the executive officer was a dense net, closely tied to the thinking of all systems.

The executive asked: "Is it good to be a human?"

Gu Lai didn't know how to describe it: "It's complicated."

But it's far better than being a cold program.

The executive glanced at Shen You: "Do you want to be a system with endless life, or be a human being and only live for decades?"

Gu said, "Human, I want to be human."

This world is an icy circular chain. The cause and effect owed many years ago will be repaid in another way after years of overlap. They will meet again in a predetermined time.

The executive did not speak, and after a while, cut off the spiritual connection between them: "Gu Lai, live well."

"In the future, your life will no longer depend on cold mechanical energy for maintenance, but warm blood."

The light curtain was in the air, quietly dissipating invisible, and the woman's face gradually blurred, as if she had never appeared.

Gu Lai staggered and hugged Shen You, and walked outwards step by step. The light blue light from his body was drawn out, and then turned into countless fragments, filling the incomplete road, and finally forming a translucent ladder.

caveat! caveat! Energy leak! Energy leak!

Gu Lai stepped across the flame and walked down step by step.

[The energy is less than 1%, the function is paralyzed in a large area, please replenish the energy in time, and the sleep state will be forced to turn on... Ding! The sleep program has been emptied and cannot be forced into it.

Gu Lai: [Close the protection program]

Ding, closed

Gu Lai: [Clear all programs and cut off the connection with mental power. This is the last instruction and will not be repeated.

Ding! Please confirm again.

Gu Lai: [Confirm.

When he hugged Shen and walked to the door, the ladder built up by the blue energy cover slammed and the flames began to consume everything around him, and the water droplets in mid-air quietly fell to the ground, soaking the green and yellow lawn, and dripping down. In the cracks of bluestone.

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