Douluo Dalu 4: Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347: Are All Actors

Lan Xuanyu couldn't let the "audience" see that he could use the Light and Dark Thunder at will, so who would dare to challenge him? What to do with Tianyang spar? Therefore, this play still has to be performed.

Li Menglong furrowed his brows and stared at Lan Xuanyu on the stage. When Lan Xuanyu announced the martial arts contest, he had already made up his mind to win, and got his father's approval. Therefore, in the two battles just now, the first was a trial, and the second was really ready to start targeting Lan Xuanyu.

The one-eyed rubber tribe Zhu Cheng naturally made the shot at his suggestion. Originally, Zhu Cheng was specially invited this time, just to pit the Tianlong clan. Although the Tianlong tribe and the Tianma tribe have always ruled the entire Longma galaxy together, the competition between the two has always existed. The Tianlong clan is dominated because the strength of the first Tianlong is stronger.

This time the Tianlong did not come for the first time, the Tianma tribe naturally had some ideas, at least in the challenge, it must attack the Tianlong tribe to a certain extent. Zhu Cheng is one of the secret weapons.

But he never expected that Zhu Cheng would lose so quickly, and Lan Xuanyu's outburst would be so strong. Li Menglong felt that the explosive power produced by the Golden Dragon princess in an instant, if he was on top, he would be seriously injured even if he could resist it. Those who are weaker will be wiped out directly! This is too fierce. Moreover, at the time of the Dragon Contest, "she" didn't seem to be so good! Did you improve in just a few months, or is your strength hidden in the Thang Long Competition? Is this the Tianlong tribe deliberately pitting their Tianma tribe?

But when I recalled the situation at the Thang Long Competition, it didn't seem to be the same. At that time, the golden dragon princess fought to the very end. As far as the Dragon Race is concerned, the champion of the Thang Long Contest is so glorious that no one can be courteous to her in this regard.

In this short period of time, Li Menglong's thoughts were also transferred. At this time, the third challenger has already appeared.

Another ray of light plunged into the payment bucket, and a strong figure had already stepped onto the stage in an instant.

There is a ten-minute break between each battle, but the challenger has to invest money before proceeding. Place a bet first to be challenged in front. This is obviously this kind of calculation. This time, it was not arranged by Li Menglong, but he was clearly prepared to pick up the bargain.

This person who was on the ring was also an alien, with a strong and sturdy figure. The whole body was covered with a black carapace, which looked like a human, but under the black carapace, it looked a little weird. Moreover, he has no hands, his arms are like two giant sickles three meters long. He is four and five meters tall. Just as soon as he took the stage, he burst out with an extreme sharp aura.

Mantis Sun Weiping! Li Menglong knows this one. This Sun Weiping is the young patriarch of the Mantis tribe. The Mantis tribe is known as the first unit on the ground in the Dragon Horse galaxy. Among the top ten dragon horse galaxy races, the Mantis tribe outrageously ranked sixth. It is a real big family. The ranking is also above the Yukong Clan. Otherwise, it is impossible to easily take out the Heavenly Spar.

Sun Weiping is well-known among the young generation of strong men, and is known as the first strong man of the young mantis tribe. Heir to the next patriarch. He also has a resounding nickname, Inverse Magic Sword. It is said that a pair of praying mantis scythes once killed a god-level powerhouse. The battle is extremely tough.

The reason why the Mantis tribe can become the sixth powerful race is the opposite of the one-eyed rubber tribe because the number of their tribe is very large. Tens of millions. And every mantis tribe is a natural warrior.

The adult mantis tribe can reach about four meters in height, and are born with a pair of giant sickles indestructible. Can easily tear off the boot armor. Their flying ability is not outstanding, more is good at taxiing. But in ground combat, it is extremely tough. A pair of praying mantis swords spread out, invincible. The ground forces of the Mantis tribe, even the Tianlong and Tianma tribes, are extremely important. Known as a god-level army of galaxy invasion.

To put it simply, if it is a mecha warrior of the Douluo Federation facing the Mantis tribe, a mantis tribe can certainly not defeat a mecha, but as long as there are more than three mantis tribes, or the strongest of the mantis tribe, Mecha is in trouble. And the mantis clan standing soldiers, there are 40 million. How many mechas are there for the entire human race?

However, the praying mantis also has their problem, and this problem is mainly focused on the problem of the brain. The mental power is weak. This is also the biggest trouble restricting the entire mantis tribe.

The Mantis tribe has almost no scientific research strength, and the powerful body makes them need no scientific research on their original planet. By virtue of their own strength, they can defeat almost all opponents. On their original planet, they have no natural enemies. They are born fighters, but they don't produce or research technology. So it will eventually fall.

At the beginning, the Praying Mantis took the initiative to join the Tianlong and Tianma tribes because they were guaranteed to provide enough food. But it needs the Mantis tribe to provide the tribe as a force.

The battleships of Tianlong and Pegasus will carry mantis soldiers. Once ground invasion or contact warfare is carried out, the role of the mantis soldiers can be greater.

The carapace on Sun Weiping's body was dark and shiny, and his face was covered with scales. A pair of huge inverse swords cut open on both sides of his body, staring at Lan Xuanyu, and suddenly said, "Princess Golden Dragon, give up. In the current state, you are definitely not my opponent. Be my wife, and you will be the wife of the patriarch in the future. Our offspring may be able to give birth to the mantis dragon."

As soon as this statement was made, the audience was in an uproar, and this person's thoughts were really...

Or say that the praying mantis have no brains, and the dragon knights of the dragons are still there. Isn't this offending people?

The first person of Tianma looked at Zhong Zhichang and Huang Liangwei beside him with a smile but a smile. There was no change on the surface of Zhong Zhichang, but Huang Liangwei had already frowned.

Zhong Zhichang turned his head and glanced at Huang Liangwei, before Huang Liangwei's face returned to normal. The spirits of the two also touched each other.

Huang Liangwei: "This girl can really act,'she' is not injured at all. It is not very expensive."

Zhong Zhichang: "Don't act, and then cover up for'her' a bit. Don't let Tianma see it."

Huang Liangwei: "Don't worry. This guy is definitely coveting our'blue', and it doesn't exist. This guy of the Mantis clan really has a brain drain. No one can blame others for the death."

Zhong Zhichang: "Yeah"

Where is the super **** level powerhouse simple? Huang Liangwei just took the first shot, not only to protect the No. 1 ring, but also to prevent the explosive power of the light and dark thunder from spreading to the outside world. At the same time, it is also to cover the aura of the Light and Dark Thunder, so that the head of the Pegasus and the Super God-level powerhouses of the Tianma tribe cannot really feel the energy fluctuations of the Light and Dark Thunder. At the same time, he also helped Lan Xuanyu conceal his aura.

When Huang Liangwei took the shot, Tianma was originally prepared to take the shot, but at that instant he was interrupted by the Dawning Dragon Knight Ruowuwu, and he was slow. At this time, he couldn't really turn his face or something, so he could only let them do it.

However, what Huang Liangwei didn't know was that it was precisely because Lan Xuanyu felt it was him that he released his uninjured state to him. Otherwise, the treasure hunter will naturally cover up, how could he leave such a flaw?

For a while, everyone can be said to be fighting wits and courage, each showing his own magic. Only then caused the clamor of Sun Weiping, the rebellious sword of the Mantis tribe.

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