Douluo Dalu 4: Ultimate Fighting Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Difficult Task

Lan Xuanyu listened carefully to every word of Xiao Qi, and kept everything he said in his heart. This is all experience. Very important to them.

Xiao Qi pointed to the big screen in front of him: "There is a level mark above the big screen. It shows the difficulty of the task. Generally speaking, the lower the difficulty, the more the number of tasks, and it is convenient for you to pick. The difficult task, The number is small. The higher the difficulty, the more dangerous it is, the more difficult it is to complete. I recommend that you try a first- or second-level task first, feel it. Then do difficult tasks. Now follow me. Go to the registration, you will be free to move after the registration is completed, and see the task."

The registration process is not complicated, knowing that they will come today, the college has already prepared them for them. Moreover, the college has their files. In fact, the registration process is mainly signed and confirmed. They are the resources to complete the mandatory tasks of the college, and then hand in the soul guide communicator.

After handing in the communicator, Xiao Qi ordered free activities and he did not leave. Anyone who has a question can ask him.

Lan Xuanyu and his friends came to the bottom of the screen to watch. He had to look at it first and what kind of tasks he had.

Did not go to the low-level first, second, and third-level task screen, but directly to the fourth level of difficulty.

The college's order is to let them complete the average four-level difficulty task. In other words, the assessment of them should be able to complete the four-level task.

Look at the big screen in front of you, on the big screen, the level 4 is very difficult, and it is constantly scrolling. Each task is preceded by a number. The following is a brief description of the task, specifically to go in at the console to view the details. The latter is the corresponding score given.

Level 4 difficulty mission: number one one three seven, go to the Mars to get the fire crystal. Ten ignoring tasks with a weight of more than 50 grams were completed. Each gram of fire crystal corresponds to one integral. The final points are redeemed according to the number of fiery crystals. The mission is completed and an additional 100 points are awarded.

Fire Mars? This is where Lan Xuanyu doesn't know, I have never heard of it.

Listening to the name is not a comfortable place.

Level 4 difficulty mission: No. 1239, follow the Federal Fleet to the Mammoth Galaxy to explore and become a pioneer explorer. The exploration time is over one hundred hours and is approved by the military for the mission. The number of people is not limited. Point rewards are based on federal military assessments. Minimum guarantee, one hundred points.

Where is the mammoth galaxy? Lan Xuanyu looked a bit stunned. If it is a faraway place, how long will it take to go back and forth? Not to mention that this hundred hours of exploration time is uncontrollable. You must listen to the military command. This is a task that cannot control time. Obviously not very suitable.

Level 4 difficulty mission: No. 1629, go to Heaven Star, and hunted the Seventh Ring Soul Saint Star Interplanetary Pirate. Need to be on the list of federal wanted. Number of participants: III. Appendix: List of federal wanted lists. Mission reward: 200 points.

This is the mission to the heavenly star! It looks okay. However, how to enter the paradise is a problem. Also look for ways to go in, identity cover. This does not seem to be that easy.

When looking at the tasks of Lan Xuanyu, I found that all the four-level tasks are not so simple. Many need to be fully prepared to be possible.

This is only a four-level difficulty task. Lan Xuanyu went to the side to see the five difficulty tasks.

This look makes him somewhat speechless. One of the team tasks can participate in forty people. The mission requirement is to annihilate an interstellar pirate group. Among the interstellar pirates, there is a Contra-level strongman sitting in the town. And there are six warships. Is this what ordinary people can do? Not enough resources to complete?

After reading a few more tasks, Lan Xuanyu felt that it was impossible for them to complete. I couldn't help but walk to Xiao Qi and asked: "Teacher, how do I feel that many of the tasks here are not what we can do at all. I can't see hope for the five levels of difficulty."

Xiao Qidao: "That's it. Do you think that military merit is so good? In fact, some tasks want to be completed, not only have their own fixed team and contacts. At the same time, they must have sufficient strength and resources. For example, there is a Their own small fleets and the like. Those large-scale missions are actually giving us the power of these parties. The federal system is called the Fighting Battle Network. Everyone who performs the mission is called the Doom. The really powerful Skyrunners all have their own squad. Relatively speaking, our college students are more likely to accomplish more personal tasks. Because we are more focused on individual abilities than other forces. So, you You can pay more attention to some personal tasks. Those team tasks need to be backed by forces."

Lan Xuanyu nodded and said: "Then I will look again."

Xiao Qi smiled and said: "Don't you know Zheng Longjiang? You can also ask him. His mission is very good. He is the best among his peers. His experience should help you. ""

Lan Xuanyu eyes bright, yeah! You can ask Zheng Longjiang, the senior in charge of the eight-ring repair. Is it already the title of Douro? In the task he completed, there must be a lot of difficulty.

Everyone is looking at the big screen of the task with great interest. They are all judging which of your tasks are suitable for you, what can be done and what cannot be done.

But without exception, there is almost no clue. After all, this is the first time they have contacted them. And almost all tasks are done on an alien planet. It is simpler to cooperate with the military and to complete some tasks with the Federal Space Fleet. The hard part is to act alone to complete the task.

This makes everyone feel a little confused. After arriving here, Xiao Qis commentary is very rare. He has basically said what he can say. How to choose tasks and how to complete tasks is a test for students.

Today is a preliminary contact for everyone, which also makes everyone understand why Teacher Xiao will say that they should choose a simple task to carry out. Because this is to be familiar with the task. The process of getting familiar with the task is very important.

Lan Xuanyu watched it for more than an hour before leaving, and he also saw some panels of difficult tasks. There are no tasks above seven levels, and the most difficult task is six. After asking about it, I know that if you want to see the seven-level task panel, you need to have enough points. Fighters are also graded. High-level players can pick up those high-level tasks. One is for security and the other is for confidentiality of tasks. When it comes to high-level tasks, many times the task content is federal secrets. It is not allowed to be seen without being tested.

Although I can't see the seven-level task, even if it is a six-level task, I let Blue Xuanyu be shocked and stunned. One of the six-level tasks is described as follows: Kill any Heavenly Lord of Heaven Star. There is no limit to the number of people.

Is killing God level a six-level task? What do you want to do for tasks above level 7? Is it difficult to destroy the planet?

After careful observation, Lan Xuanyu discovered some rules, and these mandatory tasks were collectively referred to as Doosan missions. Among these tasks, each level is difficult, and the difficulty of the task is greatly increased. And the higher the level of the task, the greater the difference in difficulty.

The tasks of the first two levels are relatively simple, and the most is to consume time, and they can still do it with their ability. However, tasks above the third level are difficult or even dangerous, and must be carefully selected.

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