Douluo Dalu 4: Ultimate Fighting Chapter 640

Chapter 640: Senior Advice

Thinking of this, Lan Xuanyu did not greet the classmates, and quietly except the mission center. He knows that he can't be eager to get the task, so he must know more.

How can I get more understanding? Xiao Qi just gave him advice.

I dialed out the soul guide communication, and the other side was quickly connected. There was a lazy voice. "School brother, I just came back from the mission. I am tired and want to sleep."

Lan Xuan Yudao: "A yellow badge, buy you an hour, talk about the mission."

"Some little, I have returned to Eternal Sky City." Zheng Longjiang's voice was clearly clear.

"Two, only one hour. If you need more time, I will add it." Lan Xuan Yudao.

"Although I can't see this little money, but in order to help my dear school brother, I reluctantly agreed. You will wait for me at the door of the mission center." Zheng Longjiang on the other side hang up the newsletter.

Although there is not much dealing with the senior, Lan Xuanyu asked himself a little bit about him. This is absolutely the money to see, and very thoughtful. Such people, coupled with many years of execution, will have a lot of experience and experience.

The time is not long, Zheng Longjiang Yu Youyou came to the door of the mission center.

"The senior is good." Lan Xuanyu said with a smile.

Zheng Longjiang looked at Lan Xuanyu, who grew up a lot. Some people were surprised: "How is your soul power going? It is so slow to raise. This is the fourth ring? It has been several years."

Lan Xuanyu scratched his head. "I am a little different from everyone. It is slower."

Zheng Longjiang looked at him up and down and said: "Also, you are different from others. Even in the inner court, I will often hear your name. I heard that you even dare to hang in Tangmen, it is amazing!"

Lan Xuanyu faintly said: "Schoolmaster, let's get to the point. The previous time can't be counted."

"Okay. Go to your dorm? It's not suitable here." Zheng Longjiang Road.

"it is good."

The two went to the dormitory of Lanxuanyu and sat in the living room. Lan Xuanyu poured a glass of water into Zheng Longjiang.

"How is it not the water of the sea god?" Zheng Longjiang chanted a sentence.

Lan Xuanyu rolled his eyes. "Schoolmaster, you are not enough to take advantage of it! As your next generation, your elementary school brother, you are not good."

Zheng Longjiang smiled and said: "Nothing is bad. The money is saved. I am under pressure! The guys in the inner court are so powerful. I can't keep up with the slightest effort. But you are lucky. I happened to meet me today. I am actually very few on the college side now."

Lan Xuanyus heart was moving, and the outline asked, but Zheng Longjiang rushed: "You should not ask about the situation in the inner court. This must be kept secret. You cant say how many badges you can give. After you enter the inner court yourself. Go and find out for yourself."

"Okay." Lan Xuan Yu said: "Schoolmaster, we are about to start the Doosan mission soon. So I want to ask you. What are the things to pay attention to during the execution of the mission, and how do you recommend it? Let's complete these tasks? A total of at least six mandatory tasks, or twenty-four difficulty levels. Our class requirements are higher."

After listening to his words, Zheng Longjiang is also a glimpse, "Twenty-four difficulty levels? The college's requirements for you are really not high! We only have 18 difficulty levels at that time. You must not look at only six The difficulty level, in fact, this is the task of two three-level difficulty. I also clearly remember that the task of completing a three-level difficulty is almost delaminated. It is difficult. I also succeeded after the sixth grade."

Lan Xuanyu is close to his brow. "Is it so difficult?"

Zheng Longjiang said: "It will only be more difficult than you think. The reward points for Doosan's mission are almost universal in the federal. You can understand that it is the most expensive currency in the whole country. At the same time, Doudas points have corresponding military strength. These military merits can really be put on the body. When you enter the military work, then you can directly get the corresponding military positions. The military power is not only in the military, but also in the major forces. If you are a Tangmen person and you want to be the captain of the Tangmen battleship, different levels of warships also need different levels of combat power. Understand it. So think about it, have such important points, military skills, Is it so easy to get it? Its all desperate to fight. We are really afraid of being idle for a while, and its not so easy to complete the task. My own okay, my girlfriends mission, most of them are still I helped to complete it, otherwise she had difficulties at the time. Now the elimination rate is about 20%. This is still a good student college that gives extra credits, or more. It had become difficult twenty-four, that's not a little difficult ah! Hope for the best right school brother. "

Lan Xuanyu smiled bitterly: "Schoolmaster, I am not here to listen to you pouring cold water on me. I want to ask you for advice and see what experience can be shared."

Zheng Longjiang said: "This is possible. First of all, I suggest that you are, when choosing a task, you must not consider the fourth grade in the first half of the year, but don't choose the first and second grades. The college has already made two for you. The fourteen difficulty missions must be judged by your ability. Therefore, you can only look at the three-level mission in the first half of the year, and you can try the four-level mission in the second half of the year. When choosing a mission, dont look at the mission difficulty first. It is necessary to look at the distance first, because you are racing against time. Many times, time is the most important. It is better to be more difficult and save as much time as possible. This way you can complete more tasks. It's easy to get up, but it takes twice or even three times. Of course, in general, tasks that are closer are more difficult in the same level of tasks. This is inevitable."

Lan Xuanyu nodded, this proposal is very important, the priority is close.

Zheng Longjiang continued: "The reason why you don't want to choose those first- and second-level tasks is to avoid delays. It is easy to complete, but once and for all, at least ten days, half a month is gone. This is still the most recent. If that is far, one month has passed. Even two months. There is so much time to waste."

"Okay. Understand. Senior, do you think that the team task will increase a lot more difficulty?" asked Lan Xuanyu.

Zheng Longjiang said: "That is for sure. The number and the difficulty are directly proportional. Of course, if you really have a teammate who has a special understanding, there is the possibility of the geometric multiple improvement ability, it is still possible. But the team task is definitely more difficult than the personal task. ""

Lan Xuan Yu said: "I still have an important question. How do you go to the alien planet for the tasks that you have to do personally? We are only students, and there are no warships."

Zheng Longjiang said: "This does not need to worry. There will be a distance in the mission. There is a department in the federal government, it is called the fighting department. This department is full of strong parties, we Shrek has many seniors in it. It is a department that is level with the Temple of War. It is for the Fighters. After each Doosan mission is received, you will be notified of the way you go and what way to return. For example, the battleship will send you to the nearest place, pick up. You will also be waiting for you in the safe area. But if you miss it, you will be killed by default. So, don't miss the time. Keep in mind. It is best to be in the process of performing the mission, in your soul communication. Set the countdown on the device, and return to the time, even if the task is not completed. Security is still the first."

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