Douluo Dalu 4: Ultimate Fighting Chapter 641

Chapter 641: Leader Class

Lan Xuanyu was so stunned. It turned out that there was still a fighting department.

Zheng Longjiang said: "If you are a group task, you really want to do it. I recommend those fighting classes. For example, cleaning powerful alien creatures. It is easier to play with. It also makes our personal strength show. Most Difficult is not this kind of combat task, but the kind of sneak, destruction and brainstorming. The kind of tasks seem to be simple on the surface, but when they are actually executed, they will find a ring and a ring. A little bit will be lost all over the place. There is still danger in my life. I once had such a mission failed, and I almost couldn't come back. So there is a suggestion that when I first perform the mission, I choose the combat mission as much as possible. This will be good for your tempering, and it is not that difficult."

Lan Xuanyu now feels that these two yellow badge paintings are really worthwhile. These things that Zheng Longjiang said are his experience, which he has personally experienced. For the rookies of themselves and their classmates, it is really important.

With a narrow eye, Lan Xuanyu soon had some calculations in his heart.

Want to complete the task in the whole class, twenty-four difficulty, if measured by three-level tasks, it is eight. That is to say, if one is completed in one month, it will take eight months without considering failure. This is also the case for team tasks. If there is another failure, it is even harder to say.

Xiao Qi mentioned safety, and Zheng Longjiang also mentioned it. It is not just to pass the assessment of this year, but also to make the students safe. Combined with so many considerations, the scope of the tasks to be selected next will be reduced a lot.

He also asked Zheng Longjiang some details about the execution of the mission, and the plan in his heart became more and more clear.

Zheng Longjiang left on time when he arrived in an hour. He just performed a mission back. I am very tired. He completed a five-level task. According to Zheng Longjiang himself, so far, he has not received six tasks. Because he doesn't want to die. As for the higher level of the seven, eight, and nine tasks. He is still not qualified to watch until now. It is said that after completing at least three six-level tasks, the panel of the seven-level task can be opened. The same is true for higher level tasks.

Lan Xuanyu also asked about his cultivation, and Zheng Longjiang did not hide it. He has already reached the Contra, and only one step is to step into the title level. You know, he is only 21 years old this year, and he is less than 22 years old.

Zheng Longjiang did not say, but Lan Xuanyu also understood that among his peers, Zheng Longjiang is definitely a leader. Twenty-one-year-old title Doro! The future is estimated to have the opportunity to hit the **** level.

After Zheng Longjiang left, Lan Xuanyu carefully arranged his own ideas. In the afternoon, I went to the mission center again. After thinking, he still has to look at the task panel according to his own ideas to see if he has the tasks he needs.

Early the next morning, the fourth grade is still in class.

Xiao Qiyi reissued their Soul Communicator, allowing them to reconnect with each other. The upgraded Soul Communicator seems to have been equipped with any equipment. The whole body is a big circle, and the outer casing has also become metal, which is obviously stronger. This is to prevent damage.

"Well, the soul guide communicator has been sent to you. The next year, I will see your own. Or that sentence, safety first. I hope that one year later, the first thing you see is that you are safe. Nothing. Then look at the progress of your mission."

When Xiao Qi said the last sentence, he looked at Lan Xuanyu and said: "Xuan Yu, as the squad leader, do you have anything to say?"

Lan Xuanyu stood up and said: "Teacher, I do want to say something to everyone." As he said, he stood up from his position, then walked to the podium and turned to the class.

The eyes of all people are naturally concentrated on the blue Xuan Yu.

Lan Xuan Yus eyes swept over the faces of the students and said: "We have been together for four and a half years. Over the past four years, we have not talked much about each other. Because each of us Especially busy, busy in intense study and cultivation. Over the past four years, we have made great progress under the training of the college. The next year is the assessment given by the college. It is to test our own ability to learn. Our class is a Star Wars experimental class, the college has placed a lot of hope on us, and also has a lot of investment. Everyone recognizes me, let me have been the squad leader for several years. I also want to be a good squad leader."

Having said that, he paused and looked at the ice beam. He said: "From the last semester, Lao Bing and Zhuo Han have been looking for me. I want to work with me to complete the task. Everyone knows that I have For the fixed team, the seven of us have been together, practicing together, and the relationship is indeed better. I have thought about it carefully. I am confident that if we are only seven of us, we should be able to complete the task. However, I am not only the captain of seven people, but also the class leader of the class. So, if you are willing to listen to me and believe me, then the next years mandatory task, I am willing to work with all of you. Unified planning and unified tasks."

When the words came out, the whole class was shocked. Everyone was surprised to see Lan Xuanyu. Also included is Xiao Qi behind him.

This morning, the college has confirmed that because of the increased difficulty, their Star Wars lab can complement each other. In other words, the total amount of each person is enough for twenty-four difficulty. Strong students can replenish their own difficulties to other students. The college also hopes that they will have more people to complete the assessment.

However, what Xiao Qi did not expect was that Lan Xuanyu had directly taken down all the responsibilities, and it was actually taking the initiative to take everyone to complete the task. Rather than self and a few powerful companions to complete the task to contribute more difficulty to their own.

Not to mention that he will have some losses in his points. The sole responsibility of this responsibility is that he has smashed the whole class! Once there is a problem, it is likely that the whole class will not be assessed. Then his squad leader is finished.

Of course, the benefits are also obvious. If he really succeeds, then the cohesiveness of the entire Star Wars experimental class will reach an unprecedented height, and as a squad leader, he is not as simple as the squad leader, but will officially become the thirty-three people. leader.

Therefore, after Lan Xuanyu said this, everyone was shocked first, but soon calmed down.

Lan Xuanyu looked at all the students and said: "If you don't approve my opinion, then I didn't say anything about it. The college has passed our request, allowing us to complement each other. I will also be with my partner. We will do as many tasks as possible to give everyone more difficulty and replenish those students who have not been able to complete all the difficulties."

The whole class is still quiet, and everyone is still watching him. However, their eyes are changing subtly.

Lan Xuanyu did not react to everyone, just smiled. He also considered this situation. After all, everyone has different abilities. If the unity is arranged by him, then it is likely that some of the students with strong ability will also be touched. Nothing can be absolutely fair. Everyone disagrees is also within his expectations. Then his squad leader has worked hard. If he does not agree, he and his partners will work hard to complete the task. More points are more difficult. Just have a good time.

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