Douluos Immortal Swordsman Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Confrontation

The six people of the Haotianzong headed by Tang Xiao flew from a distance fiercely, and the six fell beside Tang San, protecting Tang San, glaring at the people in the Spirit Hall, one by one, they also released their own. Coercion, resist the coercion released by the elders of Wuhun Hall such as Ju and Gui.

Tang Xiao stepped forward, looking at Su Qin with gratitude and appreciation in his eyes, but there were still some incomprehensible and confused expressions in the depths of his eyes. He nodded slightly and smiled heartily: "You are the brother of Xiaosan. Su Qin! Thanks for your hard work, just leave it to us next."

With that said, Tang Xiao stood in front of Su Qin, facing the Pope and other people in the Spirit Hall.

The pope looked at the sudden appearance of Tang Xiao and his group, raised his brows slightly, his eyes showed a slightly surprised expression, his tone was somewhat sarcasm: "Isn't this the Haotianzong that has been unable to shrink from? How come out of your mountain today? "

The other elders of the Wuhun Hall looked at Tang Xiao and the others more solemnly, and then looked at Su Qin one after another, with a strong dissatisfaction in their eyes. In their opinion, Su Qin must have contacted everyone in the Clear Sky School. , Otherwise, why would the arrival time of the Clear Sky School's people be such a coincidence?

Su Qin looked at the people of the Clear Sky Sect who appeared beside him, with a look of surprise and doubt in his eyes. Su Qin didn't know the location of the Clear Sky Sect, so naturally he couldn't notify the Clear Sky Sect. Moreover, according to Su Qin's understanding of the Clear Sky School, they should and will not fight the Spirit Hall for a disciple of the Clear Sky School. Why did they come out today?

Tang Xiao frowned slightly, and there was also a slight dissatisfaction in his eyes, but he was still very jealous of the Spirit Hall. Although they were here to save Tang San, they were not a last resort and still didn't want to offend the current limelight. Sheng's Wuhun Temple.

Tang Xiao stared straight at the pope for a moment, then turned to glance at the nine elders beside the pope, and said in a deep voice: "Under the crown of the pope, although I have not been alive for decades, the Haotian Sect has not been out of the world for decades, but these years have had some foundation We are going to take Tang San away today, and the elders alone cannot keep us. Elders, brighten the spirit ring!"

When the words fell, Tang Xiao took the lead in releasing his spirit ring, and the nine spirit rings with the best spirit ring matching emerged from his feet and surrounded him. The other five elders also released their own spirit rings at this time. They also have nine spirit rings on their bodies, and they are all the best spirit ring matching!

Tang Xiao looked at the Martial Spirit Palace sect, and said solemnly: "Title Xiaotian, the 97-level Power Attack System Title Douluo!"

"Title Lieyang, Title Douluo of the 93rd-level assault system..." The other five elders followed closely with their own titles and levels.

The elders of the Spirit Hall looked at the Clear Sky Sect and his party with solemn expressions. With the addition of the Clear Sky Sect and his party, the situation on the scene once again changed. The Su and Qin parties had nine titled Douluo in addition to Su Qin. The number of Title Douluo was almost the same as that of the Spirit Hall at this time.

The Pope looked at the Haotianzong group with serious eyes, but she did not intend to give up. She glanced at the five Haotianzong elders who were guarding Tang San, then looked at Su Qin and said coldly: "Elder Su, is this your support?"

Su Qin waved his hand somewhat innocently, and said with a wry smile: "Under the crown of the Pope, this really has nothing to do with me, and I don't know they will come."

The Pope took a deep look at Su Qin, and the meaning in his eyes was self-evident. Are you a lie?

Qian Renxue's eyes looking at Su Qin were also a bit complicated. She didn't know if these people from the Haotian School were found by Su Qin, but looking at Su Qin's appearance, she still chose to believe what Su Qin said, but she didn't say anything for Su Qin. Debate, after all, the arrival of the Clear Sky School and her group made her avenge her father even greater.

"I want to see, how do you take Tang San away today."

At this moment, an old voice came from among the people in the Spirit Hall. The faces of the elders in the Spirit Hall were surprised, and their faces immediately showed joy. They already knew who the person was.

At the same time as the voice fell, an old man dressed in plain white clothes appeared beside Qian Renxue. The person who came was the master of the Douluo Palace and the Great Hall of Spirits dedicated to Qian Daoliu.

"See the Great Sacrifice." All the elders of the Wuhun Hall bowed in salute and shouted respectfully.

"See the Great Sacrifice." Everyone in the Wuhun Hall was taken aback, and then they shouted respectfully.

Pope Bibi Dong looked at Qian Daoliu who suddenly appeared, and there was a deep disgust in his eyes, but the expression on the surface did not change. He nodded slightly to Qian Daoliu, which was regarded as a greeting.

Ning Fengzhi, Jian Douluo, and the others felt a little bit in their hearts. They originally thought that with the appearance of the six elders of the Clear Sky School, Tang San could be taken away safely, but now it seems that they still think more!

However, a few doubts lingered in the minds of Ning Fengzhi and others. Why did Qian Daoliu, who had almost never left the Douluo Palace, also appeared here at this time? Apart from Qian Daoliu, is there any other title Douluo in the Wuhun Palace?

Tang Xiao and the others in the Haotian Sect were all cold at this time, and their expressions became extremely solemn. They originally thought Qian Daoliu had been in the Douluo Palace, and only then dared to go out of the mountain to face the Spirit Hall. They planned to take Tang San away before Qian Daoliu could react. But with the emergence of Qian Daoliu, their plan was ruined, and there is bound to be a fierce battle...

Ever since Qian Daoliu helped Qian Renxue start the inheritance of the Angel God, he rarely returned to the Douluo Palace. He had always been hiding in the dark for observation before. He didn't plan to show up, but there are six Vast Sky School members. The appearance of Title Douluo changed the situation, but he had to come forward.

Qian Daoliu glanced at the people of the Clear Sky School, and chuckled twice, "Are you proud of five titled Douluo within decades of avoiding the world? I don't want to look for you, but you will come to the door by yourself. , This is not a breach of the promise with that guy. The old man wants to see how you go today?"

Tang Xiao and the others looked solemn at this time. Although they were a little confused as to what Qian Daoliu's promise meant, they all remained silent, and no one answered, all muscles were tight, and they were ready to fight at any time.

Qian Daoliu was silent for a while, squinted at Su Qin, and said with a bit of dissatisfaction: "Su Qin, I didn't know who told the old man that I liked Xueer. This is it now? You know that Tang Hao's family was killed by Xueer. My father's enemy, but he still has to protect Tang San. Is this what you call a liking?"

Everyone at the scene looked at Su Qin at this time, each of them stared wide, with expressions of surprise and curiosity in their eyes. Su Qin actually liked the Saint Qian Renxue of Douluo Palace?

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