Douluos Immortal Swordsman Chapter 497

Chapter 497: Soul Beast Identity Exposed


A loud noise erupted from the place where the two met, and a huge shock wave of energy immediately spread around the two of them.

Qian Daoliu only persisted for a moment, before he snorted, his body flew backwards in the direction of the elders of the Spirit Hall at an extremely fast speed.

Thanks to a few elders who responded in time to catch Qian Daoliu who was flying backwards, otherwise he would continue to fly backwards not knowing how far...

Everyone in the vicinity of the two was rushed out by this huge energy wave. Even Tang Xiao and Su Qin took a few steps back before they could stabilize their stature. The rest of the Clear Sky School elders and Tang Not to mention the third-class people, the shock wave drove upside down a dozen steps or more, and the rest of the weaker people fell extremely far.

Tang San protected Xiao Wu in the crisis, but the two of them hugged each other and fell to the ground. A bright and dripping red flower fell out of Xiao Wu's body. Although she quickly discovered it and quickly retrieved it with her eyesight and hands, the aura leaked at that moment, and it was still at the level of the titled Douluo. The person sensed...

Zi Ji protected Ye Lingling, but the moment she stopped, she also looked in Xiao Wu's direction, with a look of helplessness in her eyes. She also saw the appearance of the lovesick heartbroken red, and muttered in her heart: Is this the fairy flower that can hide the spirit of the beast?

Qian Daoliu stabilized his figure, and seemed to unintentionally rubbed his aching right hand gently, glanced at Xiao Wu in Tang San's arms, and fixed his gaze at Xuedi, with doubts in his mind, why Do soul beasts like to transform into human form? And why does this soul beast obey Su Qin?

The Pope suddenly turned his head to look at Xiao Wu, his beautiful eyes staring at her, and he muttered in his heart: The little guy who ran away back then did not expect you to come here by yourself!

The elders of the Spirit Hall looked at Emperor Xue with expressions of horror and doubt. They never thought that Emperor Xue would be a soul beast! But the unique aura of the 100,000-year soul beast in Xuedi couldn't deceive anyone! Moreover, the little girl next to Tang San is actually a hundred thousand year soul beast?

Why do spirit beasts like to transform into human form these days and mix into the human world?

Tang Xiao looked at Xiao Wu and Tang San's expressions changing, and muttered in his heart: Second brother, A Yin, your children are just like you...

The elders of the Haotian Sect looked at Emperor Xue with jealous eyes, but the eyes looked at Xiao Wu in Tang San's arms became a little strange. They didn't even know how to deal with the first hundred thousand years in Tang San's arms. Soul beast...

Snow Emperor is still a soul beast after all, and he has not received the gift of the Silver Dragon King like Zi Ji, and has the perfect way to pretend to be a human. At this moment, the red spirit power and the unique aura of the hundred thousand spirit beasts immediately revealed her spirit beast identity.

Qian Daoliu stared at Emperor Xue solemnly, and said solemnly: "Xuedi, I didn't expect you to be a hundred thousand year soul beast, and still so powerful! What is your purpose in approaching Elder Su!?"

Qian Daoliu's heart was full of doubts at this time. He really couldn't understand why Xuedi, an extremely powerful one-hundred-year-old soul beast, would follow Su Qin and listen to Su Qin's words? Is there any hidden secret between them?

Qian Daoliu did not pay attention to Xiao Wu's body. Although it was only a glance, Qian Daoliu had already determined that Xiao Wu was a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast that had not even reached the maturity stage after its transformation. His mother is similar, not to worry.

What really made him care about was the powerful one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast in front of him who was called the Snow Emperor. From the Snow Emperor, he felt the threat of death!

Emperor Xue raised his eyes and glanced at Qian Daoliu, and a cold and majestic voice sounded, "Qian Daoliu, this emperor has heard that you are one of the peerless Douluo in the Douluo Continent. Let me show you all your strength. It depends on how strong you, one of the strongest of mankind, is."

A look of interest appeared in Xuedis cold eyes, and there was a bit of warfare in it. It was only when she suddenly became interested in fighting Qian Daoliu, she wanted to know how much human level 99 Title Douluo is. Strong.

Qian Daoliu looked at Xuedi with a solemn expression. He couldn't detect the specific strength of Xuedi. The only clear feeling was that Xuedi was much stronger than him! Even he felt a deadly threat!

At this time, Qian Daoliu also had curiosity in his heart, and at the same time, the fighting spirit that had faded for many years was boiling again. He also wanted to know how strong Xuedi is. There is such a strong person among the soul beasts. The soul empire is a big threat, even if she obeys Su Qin now, she has to guard against it! Such a guy can't stay!

Qian Daoliu took a deep look at Su Qin and snorted. Two yellow, two purple, four black and one red nine spirit rings rose from his feet. A Seraphim Martial Spirit appeared behind him, three pairs of holy wings. Behind him appeared, holy light was released from him, shining on the fading sky, he said coldly: "This is not a place to fight, come to the sky!"

The wings behind Qian Daoliu fluttered lightly, and his whole person rose from the ground in an instant, glanced at the people below, staring at Qian Renxue and the Pope, and then headed towards the sky.

Xuedi looked at Qian Daoliu flying into the sky, looked at Su Qin, and nodded slightly. Although Xuedi did not have wings, flying was a piece of cake for her. The Snow Emperor also rose from the ground, chasing Qiandao Liu in the sky, but at the last moment of leaving, he took a deep look at the Pope.

The Pope looked at Emperor Xue with a solemn expression, she could not see through the specific strength of Emperor Xue, but she also felt a fatal threat from Emperor Xue! Snow Emperor is very dangerous!

In the depths of the Popes heart, even the idea of wanting Xuedi to become her spirit ring arose, but she also knew that even with Qian Daoliu, they would not necessarily be opponents of this spirit beast now, so for the time being. Dispelled the idea of making Xuedi her soul ring.

Qian Daoliu and Xuedi stopped at an altitude of 5,000 meters. They only paused for a while, and the two fought together. The huge sound of soul power collided together, even if it was a few minutes apart. At a distance of kilometer, everyone on the wall below can also hear clearly.

They all sighed in their hearts, is this the clash of peerless powers?

It's terrifying!

Su Qin looked at Qian Renxue's frowning brows deep in the sky, fearing that she would be too worried, and the sound transmission comforted: "Miss Qian Renxue, don't worry, Xue Di is just diverting the big offerings, he will not have Worry about life."

When Qian Renxue heard the words, she retracted her beautiful eyes looking at the sky, and looked at Su Qin, her eyes were slightly surprised. She didn't expect that Su Qin had already learned the sound transmission technique that only a Title Douluo could use before he was not a Title Douluo, but Qian Renxue's gaze towards Su Qin was very complicated. For an instant, she didn't know how to treat Su Qin...

The Pope did not pay too much attention to the battle in the sky, and his majestic voice sounded: "Elders, what are you still hesitating? Let's go together! Be sure to leave Tang San and the one hundred thousand year old soul beast beside him!"

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