Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Detached

Next, a few people made an appointment, and then on the day of the game, Mu Yang took his wife, son, and relatives and friends to the Kongwang World to watch a flourishing game.

The collisions between individuals in parallel worlds are indeed very interesting, and Melia and others are all enjoying it.

After the game, Mu Yang returned to the world of Mu Shen to retreat.

Time is long, and the white horse flies.

Hundreds of years have passed without knowing it. During these hundreds of years, Gaia has continuously improved her realm with the help of the leading cane. Now she is second only to Mu Yang, and Melia and others have all become One party master.

A total of 36 universes have evolved in the world of Faun.

Each of these universes must be accompanied by the gods of destruction and the world king. There is no doubt that Monkey, Vegeta, Buu, Broly and others have become candidates for the gods, and even Califora in the sixth universe. He was resurrected by Mu Yang and brought to the world of Mu Shen to become a god.

It is worth mentioning that Kalifula finally married Mutian and is now playing in the Lair of Time in full swing.

After a long period of hard work, the younger generations such as Mu Qiu and La Zili finally gave birth to offspring. They finally fulfilled Cypril's wish. You must know that they have been waiting for hundreds of years.


On this day, Mu Yang stood on the square of the Mu Shen Palace, and felt the energy brought by the chaotic air rushing outside through the diaphragm of the Mu Shen world.

Suddenly, Mu Yang's figure flashed, and he floated to the depths of the vast and profound chaos.

He beckoned in the direction of Mu Shen's world, the huge world suddenly turned into a water ball into Mu Yang's body, and then turned and headed towards the huge pillar in the macro world.

"Gaia, control the inside of Mu Shen's world, there may be a turmoil after a while." Mu Yang spoke to Gaia in the world.

"I see, Master Muyang." Gaia answered seriously.

After receiving Gaia's answer, Mu Yang nodded, staring at the magnificent chaotic starry sky, and flew towards the top of the Optimus Pillar with a squeak.

The surrounding scene changed instantly, and Mu Yang's spirit was shocked by the cool feeling. He quickly adjusted his strength and strengthened the protection around his body.

Flop, flop!

The chaotic turbulence hit Mu Yang's body, and the whole person was calm and lavender flames were burning all over his body.

As we continue to shuttle to the top of the Optimus Pillar, the surrounding scenes show unusually colorful colors. The light of the entire starry sky is distorted, like the horizon around a black hole, with a touch of sparkling glow from a distance. It spread to a certain place but suddenly stopped, disappearing out of thin air, as if the entire space had been cut off abruptly.

Dingdingding, small stones hit Muyang's body, but they were all blocked by the energy layer on the surface of the skin.

With a slight glance, the black stones came into the line of sight.

"Black Stone, it turns out that this thing came from the top of the Great Pillar." A light smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and Mu Yang's concentrated spirit penetrated the last barrier...

Suddenly, the scene in front of him suddenly changed, and Mu Yang came to a vast starry sky with nothing around him, and he had already left the scope of the macro world.

In the world of the Red King, the Red King is playing chess with Sai Jiali. The slender hand holding the chess piece trembles slightly, and his bright eyes look into the deep space: "He has taken the final step."

With a smile on his mouth, he continued to put the chess pieces on the chessboard.

On the side of Kongwang, the beautiful goddess smiled, and she was intoxicated with a frown: "The world over there is more exciting!"

In the entire macro world, only the two of them felt that Mu Yang had left.



This is the world that Mu Yang's soul has been dreaming about for a long time. He did not expect that after passing through the portal of the macro world, he would return to the real world. It's just that this earth seems to be a bit different from what he knew, and human civilization has entered the interstellar age.

Here, the footsteps of mankind are all over the solar system, and Mars and the moon have become sites for human existence.

Feeling the power in the body, the surging endless energy showed no signs of diminishing, and the world of Faun in the body was still running steadily.

"The strength has not weakened at all, it is still the strength of the eleventh dimension. The history of this world is exactly the same as the previous earth."

Thoughts swept across the blue planet, and the historical picture appeared in front of Mu Yang.

Its 2540. Four hundred years ago, there was a biochemical crisis that affected all mankind. That disaster took 90% of all lives. Mankind suddenly lost the position of the earths hegemon and could only live in Among the artificially cast city walls.

It was not until one day that a goddess descended from the sky that human beings regained their original status.

"Goddess, goddess... I didn't expect that so many things have happened on the earth in the past few hundred years." Mu Yang couldn't help but express emotion after consulting the history of the earth.

"Brother, have you arrived at your destination?" April's voice came through the Faun Palace.

"Here, here is another earth." Mu Yang didn't say that this is the real world, because in his opinion, there is no boundary between the present and the illusion.

After releasing Melia, Melis, April, Gaia and others, they all lamented another earth here.

"It's really the earth, but it looks a little different."

Gaia shook her head in confusion, "Master Mu Yang, I feel the breath of Dragon Ball here."

Mu Yang's expression was stunned. After searching, he actually found Dragon Ball, "Damn it, how can there be Dragon Ball in the real world?"


In a city in the East China Sea, a beautiful woman with a beautiful face sneezed. If Mu Yang was here, she would find that this woman looked very similar to the Red King and the Kong King.

"Sister, you don't know how to catch a cold because of your physique." A red-haired woman was lying behind the beautiful woman, her chin resting on her shoulder.

The beautiful woman chirped: "It's probably the person Aye and Ahong said is coming. I sensed the energy of my dragon head cane."

The red-haired woman said: "Would you like to see him?"

"No need. If he can find Dragon Ball, he will find us on his own. By the way, my animation store should have new items. The recently released'Kurosaki Mea' figure is very good. You can come in quickly. ."

The red-haired woman cast a white glance at her sister, then sipped the fragrance in the air with nostalgia, and stood up reluctantly.


On the other side, after discovering the dragon **** on the earth, Mu Yang searched carefully and finally locked a large-scale animation store. At the door of the store, there was a "basket" filled with crystal clear dragon balls. Say there are dozens of sets.

"Master Muyang, these dragon **** are real." Gaia picked up a few dragon **** and checked.

"I can see it."

The bright red beads really brightened Muyang's eyes.

"Excuse me, who are you?" Mu Yang led Gaia in.

This woman sitting in the shop manager's position looks very similar to the Red King~wuxiaworld.online~ is vaguely the silver-haired woman he saw when he broke through the eleventh yuan.

The beautiful woman smiled: "My name is Lingye, the owner of this store, by the way, there is a person named'Pangu' in the audiovisual product store opposite!"

When Mu Yang heard it, he was dumbfounded.

What is going on, Panguza ran to open a shop.

Are his Pangu axes sold?




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