Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 703

Chapter 703: Postscript The Finale

Time flies, spring passes and autumn comes, time still displays its invisible magic, quietly changing everything in the world, and several years have passed since Mu Yang and the others returned to the real world.

During this period of time, Mu Yang quickly integrated into modern life, and Melia and April also went on in an orderly manner from their first arrivals to later adapting to life on the earth.

After learning about the earth and the higher-level world frame of the earths space from the goddess named Aya Ye, Mu Yang was surprised to discover that the earth he lived on was actually the same as in the mythology, and there were underworld and earth outside the earth There are still legendary saints and Hongjun Taoist ancestors in the immortal world and the chaos beyond the sky.

What made Mu Yang feel most incredible was that he really saw Pangu in the shop opposite.

This rugged, careless man is actually selling audio and video products.

When Mu Yang saw him, the other party was sitting on a chair and watching TV. The content on the screen showed that it was an old one hundreds of years ago. I don't know how many times he watched it repeatedly. This big man with a breath of poverty... is actually the Great God Pangu, the Heavenly King of Yuanshi?

Muyang's three views are about to be destroyed.

"Ah, the fourth newcomer has finally come out." The other party saw Mu Yang and showed a harmless smile.

"Hello there."

"Would you like to have a few DVDs? They are all hundreds of years ago and are considered cultural relics."

"No, thank you." Mu Yang replied humbly and politely.

"Oh, then forget it, the World Seed I gave you is still easy to use, it must be easy to use depending on your state." Pangu got up and poured a cup of tea for Mu Yang. Mu Yang asked while drinking, "You gave me my accelerated world?"

Pan Gu said, "Of course, you have to know that I got a lot of people in, and only you can get out of it smoothly."

Only then did Mu Yang know that he was lucky enough to travel to the Dragon Ball world because of Pan Gu's power, and the macro world he entered was the world that Aya Ye had opened up before. In general, I was able to have the current achievements thanks to the help of Pangu and Lingye. If it weren't for the opportunity they gave, I would have entered Huangquan when he fell from the high-voltage tower.

"Thank you, thanks to Accelerated World, I was able to go to the present." Mu Yang sincerely expressed his gratitude.

"Nothing, I just slashed an axe in your sea of knowledge, and Ayaba did the rest."

Pan Gu laughed loudly and raised the small axe on his waist, which was the legendary Pan Gu axe.

Next, the two continued to talk, because they were both masters of the eleventh dimension, and there was no obstacle in the conversation. Pangu's strength was much stronger than Mu Yang. For the first time to communicate with such a great god, Mu Yang felt it sincerely. To benefit a lot.

The original illusory world is also called "infinite super-dimensional space", which contains infinite plural illusory worlds. Every minute and every second, countless worlds are born and annihilated. Pangu and the others keep sending people into the illusory world, hoping that someone can survey Break through the realm of illusion and reality, carry the power of the illusion world into the real world, and lay the foundation for promotion to the higher level twelve.

But for so many years, there are only a handful of people who have really returned from the illusion, Pangu and Lingye are still stuck in the eleventh dimension.


After bidding farewell to Pangu, Mu Yang went to Tianwai Chaos to meet the manager of this world, Hongjun Daozu, who was also an eleventh-level master. After a conversation, Mu Yang placed his Muyang world in the chaos void, and reality. The world merged.

It is worth mentioning that after Mu Yang lived on the earth, he unexpectedly saw another group of cyborgs No. 17 and No. 18 in Lingye's home, but those two cyborgs were not sisters and brothers, but sisters.

This situation really surprised him.

Fortunately, although the two have the same name and identity, they are completely different in appearance, which saves each other's embarrassment. Moreover, Mu Yang vaguely saw that Aya Ye's family relationship was chaotic, and each other had a faint lily breath. Muyang doesn't express opinions on other people's private affairs, and takes good care of his family. It is better not to take care of the rest.

One morning, the morning sun rose, dyeing the clouds on the horizon.

The kitchen robot served a hot breakfast. Muyang was eating breakfast while watching the news. After breakfast, he came to the yard to move his hands and feet alone. He was used to his current life.

Suddenly, there was a burst of cheers from Yingying and Yanyan in the room of the villa. Mu Yang heard the voice walking into the room, and saw April and Gaia, Cyborg 21, Melicia and others surrounded by a cube virtual There is a constant twitter discussion around the projection.

"What are you discussing?" Mu Yang walked over.

"April has researched something very interesting." Melicia's eyes fell to one side.

"Oh, what is it?" Mu Yang patted April on the head.

April's face flushed and she was a little excited: "Brother, during this period of time, I and No.21 have been studying the structure between reality and illusion, and then proceeded through a small piece of good fortune jade disc fragments brought by Hongjun Daozu. Researching, I didnt expect that with the help of Gaias supernatural power, I actually created props that can be used to communicate between different illusory worlds."

Cyborg 21 is a female doctor full of intellectual beauty. Mu Yang brought her over when he established the Faun universe.

She held down her glasses and pointed at the cube projection in the void: "This is a tool to communicate with the imaginary world. You can contact people in different worlds and realize material exchange and voice transmission between each other. If people transfer, further research is needed. "

"Dimensional chat group?" Mu Yang asked curiously.

"Well, it's a good name, it's almost like this function." Cyborg No.21 nodded "Well" and named his invention "Dimensional Chat Group".

"You have a trial run to see what needs to be improved." Mu Yang was somewhat interested.

April nodded, and then glanced at Gaia. Gaia smiled and narrowed her eyes into a crescent shape, throwing out a azure dragon **** power to drive the cube projection to rotate.

"Ding, the system is running, please set up and name the system."

"It's called'Dimensional Chat Group', and its function is similar to an online chat tool." Gaia assisted in completing the setting.

Chi Chi Chi Chi, the silver-blue light gleamed, and a dialog box soon appeared in the void. The maker, operator, and manager of the "Dimensional Chat Group" were written down one by one. It was April, 21. Number, Gaia, Melicia, etc., and then all these information are hidden, and the above-mentioned people are unified as administrators.

The invitations were sent to different worlds one by one, and then a message appeared in the dialog box.

"Ding, soft as water flame Ling Ji join the chat group!"

"Ding, Admiral Green Pheasant join the chat group!"

"Ding, the'Goddess of Mao' join the chat group!"

"Ding, Young Master Yun Lanzong joined the chat group!"

"Ding, Big Devil Piccolo join the chat group!"

"Ding, the Phoenix Academy really joined the chat group!"

In just a few seconds, the names of six members entered the page in the void.

"Oh, oh, it really succeeded." Melicia yelled in excitement when she saw the experiment succeeded, and then chatted with April and the others.

Mu Yang glanced at a few lines of names on the chat group with a weird expression, and already guessed the names of these people.

Yan Ling Ji is the Yan Ling Ji in "Nine Songs of the Sky". It is a mysterious woman who is soft as water and passionate. She has the ability to manipulate flames. Needless to say, the admiral Qing Pheasant must be "One Piece" The general blue pheasant inside; the words of "Goddess of Mao" are probably the big boss Otsuki Teruya in "Naruto".

The young master of the Yunlan Sect is Nalan Yanran, the protagonist's initial opponent in "Battle Break Sphere".

The other two are not aware of which "Dragon Ball" world's Piccolo and the protagonist of "Stone of Destiny" Rentaro Okabe.

Hey, after these people join the group, how should the protagonist in the original work live!

It will definitely be miserable.

Oh no, a few of them are the protagonists of the original work.

"Ms. Lingye has a lot of materials hundreds of years ago, and there must be some of them. Who of you will get it." Robot 21 said.

"I'll get it for you!" Mu Yang shook his head and walked out. He didn't dare to let his own woman touch Aya Ye's gang. It would be bad if she was abducted away.

However, the chat group that April and the others have made is very good, should you make one yourself next time?

Thinking of this in his heart, Muyang teleported to the door of Ayaba's animation store.

When talking about the "dimensional chat group", Ayaba was also very interested. After extracting the information that April and the others needed from the history of the earth, she summoned Pangu and them to discuss together building a similar "dimensional chat group" Such a super-large imaginary construction device.

Pangu and Hongjun were working hard to advance to the twelfth level, and they were all very interested.

So a few people teamed up to build a super-large system based on the "Dimensional Chat Group" and Good Fortune Jade Disk as the hub, which can be used to communicate between countless illusory worlds and the real world.

Two years later, the equipment construction was completed.

With Muyang, Lingye, Pangu, and Hongjun as the highest authority, Hongye, Lingmeng, Sister No. 18, April, Melicia, Gaia, and the six saints are the highest authority. The system of sub-level managers is established.

"What is this thing called?" Ayaba asked after the architecture was built.

"It's better to call it'the heavens and the world', using the jade disc of good fortune as the center to establish a super-large world group connecting the three thousand big worlds, hundreds of millions of small worlds and the middle world, and then continue to absorb the illusion and the world The world, one day we can use it to reach a higher level twelve dimension."

Mu Yang thought for a while and said ambitiously.

Everyone thought about it a little bit, and felt that the name "Heavens and Ten Thousand Realms" was indeed appropriate, so I decided on it like this.

"Okay, it's called The Heavens and Myriads!"

You must know that the illusory world is also called "infinite super-dimensional space", which contains infinite plural illusory worlds. If this "all heavens and all worlds" can grow, combining the power of illusion and the world, it is obvious that it will become a twelfth-level world group. , Muyang and the others can benefit from it.

Therefore, Mu Yang and others are very concerned about the maintenance of "the heavens and the world".


After countless years, the gradually growing "worlds of all heavens and ten thousand realms" really reached the legendary twelfth level world, and Mu Yang and others vaguely saw a higher realm.

And at this moment, somewhere in the void.

A team of men and horses came across the infinite world. Pangu, who was responsible for guarding the "worlds of all heavens and all worlds", saw that the opponent was coming fiercely.

Pangu's strength was extremely strong, and one person severely wounded three of the five opponents.

Immediately Hongjun Daozu rushed over, and the two of them made it impossible for the five to get out.

"Tang Xing, those two are too strong, go and call Xia Ya and the others."




Finally finished. The book was uploaded in August last year and ended in August this year, exactly one year.

The plot of this book is slightly thinner than the previous version of "The Strongest Myth." The main reason is that the outline design tends to be gentle. Originally, it was considered that the protagonist is an earthling and cannot be promoted like a Saiyan, but obviously the reader We don't like the slow-paced plot, so the results are far inferior to the previous one. In desperation, we can only drastically cut the outline when the plot progresses to the destruction of Vegeta Star, which is about half the content.

Originally, according to estimates, ~wuxiaworld.online~ should reach more than a thousand chapters when it ends. Because many plots and settings are discarded, the seven hundred chapters are over.

Everyone can see that many of the characters and settings in the book were briefly introduced in the later stages, and the plots of the Demon King God and the Dark Dragon God also ended hurriedly, which took up a lot of space in the original outline. But looking back after writing it, at least there are no big pits missing. The source of the black stone and the role of the S cell have been written. The only thing is that the reincarnation of the universe has not been written, and it is generally satisfactory.

After watching the finale and the postscript, everyone should be able to see that those who were injured by Pangu are Shiwang, Uwang, Datianguan, Dragon God, and Demon Buu in "The Strongest Myth". The next step must be Xia rushing to rescue with Myers, Xi Ling, No. 18 and others.

The two protagonists will be the first.

If you dont understand, you can read my previous books, "Legend of Dragon Ball Aya Leaf", "Legend of Dragon Ball Aya Leaf", "Dragon Ball Twins", and "Dragon Ball: The Strongest Myth."

In the future, I may rarely use this account, or I may open another trumpet account. There is always a banquet in the world. I hope I will have the opportunity to gather again in the future!

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