Dragon Emperor Martial God Book 2 Chapter 512

Volume 2 Chapter 512 Mysterious Guest

The phone call was from Ning Lingyu. She informed him that a guest was there and asked when he would be home. Ling Yun replied that he would be home very soon.

"I can't accompany you for lunch. I haven't gone home since I returned to Qingshui City…" Ling Yun gave Lin Menghan a meaningful look after he hung up the phone.

Lin Menghan realized that she had yet to ask Ling Yun about the time he spent at sea!

She had so much she wanted to tell Ling Yun but time was too short.

However, she was very happy to know that she was the first person he visited once he returned. He even brought her breakfast.

Anything was worth it for such a man.

"Then… when will you come again?" Lin Menghan laid in Ling Yun's embrace and asked sorrowfully.

"I was absent for more than a month, so the next few days will be very busy. I'll come again when things are settled. I'll impart the Arctic Palm to you then!"

Ling Yun could see that Lin Menghan made good progress with her Arctic Ice Technique. She had stabilized at Houtian Realm Level Nine and was ready to start her combat classes.

The Arctic Palm was the easiest amongst the Arctic Ice Technique. She just needed to concentrate the True Qi to her palms and shoot it out at the enemy.

Lin Menghan naturally thought of all the other women once she heard that Ling Yun would be busy, which caused sadness to flash through her eyes.

Any woman would be jealous. Lin Menghan was a woman and had an extraordinary time in bed with Ling Yun. She knew that Ling Yun was going to meet the other woman and could do nothing about it. She would definitely be jealous.

Lin Menghan didn't know that the thought didn't even cross Ling Yun's mind. He was having a headache thinking about how to handle Qin Dongxue!

It would seem like he had no other choice than to go home.

Perhaps I can take out a few Night-Luminescent Pearls to appease Aunty.

There was no other way.

"I'll go take a bath." Ling Yun flew down from the bed.

Lin Menghan followed suit. She was now at Houtian Realm Level Nine, so her body was different from before. Even though she was exhausted, she was still able to move freely.

"Hubby, I'll wash you."

"Please don't. I'll probably not be able to leave if you wash me again." Ling Yun put his palms together and begged.

The effects of the afterglow of love-making exuded a charm.

The Lin Menghan of today was different from before. She released herself from all restraints. Ling Yun could put up no resistance to her seduction.

"Don't worry, I'm just giving you a bath so that you can return home refreshed…"

Lin Menghan smiled and followed Ling Yun into the bathroom nonetheless.

After the bath, Lin Menghan used her arms to cover her dazzling breasts and took out a set of clothes and a pair of shoes.

"Try it on to see if it fits." Lin Menghan unfolded a white T-shirt, blocking her erotic body from view.

Lin Menghan got a full set of clothing for him and put it on him tenderly.

She stood back, in awe of her impeccable man.

"So much for slimming down. You're now a clothes hanger and are going to attract so many women." Lin Menghan hinted subtly with happiness and jealousy.

Ling Yun knew when it was favorable for him to act dumb. He changed the subject immediately.

"Wifey, if you're bored these next few days, perhaps you can head over to help Tang Meng with preparations for the grand launch of the clinic."

The clinic had been prepared with no more problems. It was just waiting for Ling Yun to pick an auspicious date for the grand opening.

"Sure!" Lin Menghan agreed without hesitation.

Her worries about her obligation with Long Tianjiao had been lifted. She could now do her best to help Ling Yun with everything.

Ling Yun took the initiative to get Lin Menghan to help out at the clinic even though Yao Rou had been in charge of everything. That meant that Ling Yun didn't want to hide anything from her and was starting to let her get in touch with everything.

It was a form of trust and also a form of letting go. Ling Yun didn't want to hide anything. He knew that it would come out sooner or later anyway.

"I'll get going then. Don't forget to cultivate!" Ling Yun said smilingly.

Lin Menghan had no time to put on any undies. She just put on a nightgown and sent Ling Yun downstairs and into the courtyard.

"Do you dare to come out of the gate?" Ling Yun asked with a devilish grin.

"I dare as long as you are willing!" Lin Menghan put her hands upon her tiny waist, giggling as she walked towards Ling Yun.

"Stop, stop, stop!"

Ling Yun didn't want his woman to be seen by others! He shouted at Lin Menghan, who blinked and took a step back.


"Anything else?" Ling Yun paused and asked strangely.

"Hubby, let's find a way to get Big Sister Meifeng back. I miss her," Lin Menghan smiled and said clearly.

Every one of Ling Yun's women was smart!

Ling Yun would definitely bring Zhuang Meifeng back. That was something at the top of his urgent list.

Nothing that Lin Menghan said or didn't say could stop him.

Ling Yun's impression of her changed with just this sentence alone.

"I will."

Ling Yun gave Lin Menghan an intoxicating smile and went on his way.

The Land Rover was on the expressway in a jiffy, going all the way to Qingshui Wharf.

Ling Yun had the windows of the car rolled down to allow cold wind to pour into the car. He was forcing himself to calm down.

He had a lot of things on his mind. Zhuang Meifeng, Xiao Meimei, Cao Shanshan, the Cao Family in Beijing, the Long Family, the Chen Family, the Ling Family, the Qin Family, the Assassins Organization, and the Devil Sect.

Getting Zhuang Meifeng back, finding Cao Shanshan, and saving Xiao Meimei were the most urgent matters for Ling Yun without a doubt.

He had some information about the whereabouts of Xiao Meimei, but Cao Shanshan was still unknown. That was very odd.

Zhuang Meifeng was the least of his worries. The Tranquil Sect was somewhere in Huaxia. The sect wouldn't sprout legs and disappear. He only needed to find the place and bring her back.

He could ask Dugu Mo, Qin Dongxue, Miracle Doctor Xue, Cui Lao, and even Dong Fangting.

He knew that someone amongst them must know where this wretched Tranquil Sect was.

He could even find the Sun Family in Beijing directly. He strongly believed that since the Sun Family was one of their supporters, they must know where the sect was.

However, Cui Lao had yet to return. He came mysteriously and left mysteriously, puzzling Ling Yun. That shouldn't have been the case since his injury hadn't been completely cured.

Even without the old injury in question, Cui Lao doted on Ling Yun almost like his own grandson. How could this be?

The sudden departure of this mysterious old man got on Ling Yun's nerves. He had always felt that Cui Lao must have some inextricable link to him.

Ling Yun could see it clearly from the numerous times that Cui Lao started but stopped himself.

Of course, there was a more pressing matter!

His mother, Qin Qiuyue, had left for the Heavenly Sword Sect for more than a month and a half, yet there had been no news of her. That was what worried Ling Yun the most!

Wasn't Ning Tianya about to die? In that case, why wasn't she back yet?

Unfortunately, Ling Yun wasn't able to contact his mother.

Luckily, their aunt was here. Ling Yun could see that Qin Dongxue and his mother, Qin Qiuyue, were on very good terms. Ling Yun didn't need to be too worried if Qin Dongxue wasn't.

There was a guest at home? It must be an extraordinary guest if Lingyu called me secretly… Could it be…?

Could there be news about their mother?

Ling Yun's fear of Qin Dongxue dissipated. He floored the accelerator and started traveling at 180 kilometers an hour!

He arrived at Qingshui Wharf and continued at the same speed towards Mansion Number Nine. He stopped the Land Rover right outside the villa.

Three people came out from the villa after hearing the roaring engine.

Qin Dongxue beamed like a flower, and Ning Lingyu had a face filled with delight. A tall man of about twenty-nine years of age came out alongside them.

Ling Yun used his divine sense to lock onto that man before he even got out of the car!

He must be a formidable master because Ling Yun couldn't discern his realm!

"Big Brother!"

Ning Lingyu plunged into Ling Yun's embrace with elation, her pair of eyes sparkling.

"It's all Big Brother's fault. I didn't think I would be held up for so long. Lingyu must be very anxious, right!" Ling Yun regained his composure and gave Lingyu a tight squeeze.

"Big Brother, it's great that you're back. We were so worried about you, especially when the natural disaster struck the East Sea!"

Ning Lingyu held onto Ling Yun. Lingering fear gripped her heart.

Ling Yun felt spiritual energy overflowing from Ning Lingyu. He gently patted her back, comforting her. "It's alright, I'm fine…"

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