Dragon Emperor Martial God Book 2 Chapter 514

Volume 2 Chapter 514 Devil Abolishing Conference

"Ugh… Si…" Liu Suifeng drew a deep breath and let out a strangled cry. The pain was excruciating!

Ling Yun's hand seemed to be transformed into a giant pair of steel tongs that gripped his hand tightly. His hand would be crashed soon!

"Nice to meet you…"

There was no change to Ling Yun's cheerful deposition. He looked on at Liu Suifeng's painful expression with a wicked grin and without releasing any pressure from his right hand!

Ling Yun could play around with the Shennong Cauldron, which was more than a thousand kilograms, when he was at Physique Tempering Stage Four. What more now that he was at the mid-stage of Physique Tempering Stage Seven!

In terms of pure strength, Ling Yun was like a strong adult man, while Liu Suifeng was like a teenager.

Liu Suifeng couldn't move his arms anymore. His body had started to lean to the right as he winced in pain. His movements were ridiculously funny.

"Ahh… L-Let go!"

Liu Suifeng's face went pale as Ling Yun continued to exert his strength. His tone became pleading. At the same time, he turned his twisted face to Qin Dongxue for help.

Liu Suifeng submitted. He had never thought that a youngster eighteen years of age could have such horrifying strength!

What an amazing power!

Ling Yun refused to let go! He wasn't concerned about Liu Suifeng not being able to discern his level. That was normal for him now.

What ticked him off was how frivolous Liu Suifeng was to Qin Dongxue. He had a really uncomfortable feeling in his heart for reasons he didn't understand. He had to teach this a**hole from the secluded sect a good lesson today!

"Nice to meet you…"

Ling Yun finally stopped putting pressure, but he continued to hold on to Liu Suifeng's right hand, smiling at him. Qin Dongxue and Ning Lingyu were speechless.

They had been "shaking" hands for several minutes now. Ling Yun's expression hadn't changed, but Liu Suifeng couldn't stand it. His hand would be disabled if this went on!

"Ling Yun, what are you doing? It's just a handshake. Don't push it."

Qin Dongxue bit her juicy red lips, squealing secretly. This adopted son of her big sister was really hard to read. No one understood what he was thinking or could predict what he would do next.

Ling Yun's discomfort heightened after Qin Dongxue spoke. "Erm… Aunty, I feel really close to Mr. Liu Suifeng. I don't feel close enough to him yet. I want to continue holding on for a while more…"

"Pfft…" Ning Lingyu let out a laugh.

Anymore and Liu Suifeng's knees would probably buckle underneath him!

"It's such a hot day today. How can you let the guest stand there? Listen to Aunty and let go quickly. Be obedient." Qin Dongxue sighed helplessly, pointing to the poisonous sun overhead.

Qin Dongxue knew that Liu Suifeng was on the losing end. However, she didn't want to make it too clear and cause her senior, Liu Suifeng, to lose face.

"Aunty, just let me be close to Mr. Liu for a little while longer. He is so fair, so more sun is good for him. I'm thinking of him."

Ling Yun applied his full force to Liu Suifeng's hand, unhappy that Qin Dongxue was pleading for him!

"Clack, clack…"

Liu Suifeng had exhausted all his strength in defending himself against Ling Yun. Nonetheless, his right hand had made horrible clacking sounds, in danger of breaking anytime!

Another five to six minutes passed…

"Ah—the pain is killing me! Sister, I'm going to attack if you continue to stand there acting aloof!"

Liu Suifeng screamed, discarding his ego. He stood firm and prepared to attack Ling Yun!

Ling Yun smirked. He was waiting for this moment to break Liu Suifeng's hand!

Qin Dongxue shook her head helplessly. She moved to the right side of Ling Yun and tugged at his right arm.

"Be obedient. You're causing Aunty trouble as soon as you come back. How do you expect Aunty to go back to my sect?" Qin Dongxue channeled her plead to Ling Yun with telepathy.

Ling Yun also felt that he had tortured Liu Suifeng enough. He gave a smug look, used all his strength to squeeze Liu Suifeng's hand, and then released it!


Ling Yun's last squeeze lasted for a fraction of a second. However, Liu Suifeng couldn't take the pain, so he used all his True Qi to defend himself. However, Ling Yun chose this moment to release.

Without a target, Liu Suifeng was forced to release his True Qi by jumping five meters into the air!

"Such a high jump. Mr. Liu can definitely earn big money if he were to act as a monkey."

Ling Yun looked up with a sly and knowing look.

He could be a guest from Deity Sword Mountain Villa, but Ling Yun simply didn't care. Ling Yun would teach that person a lesson as long as they dared to be disrespectful to his family and friends.

Liu Suifeng had it good already!


Liu Suifeng fell heavily on his feet. Drenched in his own sweat, he eyed his limp and swollen arm. It was painful, but he felt lucky to be still alive.

The young chap in front of him was really strong!

Liu Suifeng had never suffered such a loss. He would have long drawn his sword if Qin Dongxue wasn't present.


The jealousy monster nibbed away at Liu Suifeng when he saw how Qin Dongxue was so close with Ling Yun.

Nonetheless, Qin Dongxue saved him some face in the end. He would remember how Ling Yun humiliated him and get back at him when the time was right.

He snorted, and his face reddened. "I didn't expect you to have someone of such high level with you. It seems like Master's and the other brothers' worries were unfounded. I'm no longer needed here and will take my leave today!" he barked indignantly at Qin Dongxue.

"Have a safe journey, Mr. Liu. Forgive us for not sending you off!" Ling Yun replied before Qin Dongxue had a chance to speak.

Liu Suifeng dared not retort even though he knew Ling Yun was driving him away. Instead, he continued to direct his speech towards Qin Dongxue. "Sister, Master asked me to tell you that the Devil Sect has resurfaced recently. They have wiped out more than a dozen families practicing the ancient martial arts in less than a month. He wants us to represent the Deity Sword Mountain Villa at the Devil Abolishing Conference that will be happening in a month's time. It will be held at the Wind Thunder Valley in Dragon Tiger Mountain!"

"I originally planned to come over and accompany you to the conference for your safety. However, I see now that my worry was unfounded. You have such a capable person protecting you. I'll get going now. We'll meet again at Wind Thunder Valley."

Liu Suifeng had to explain everything clearly since he was under the orders of his master.

He had apparently just arrived and hadn't had the time to convey the orders of his master to Qin Dongxue.

Ling Yun was ecstatic. The mysterious woman from last night was really from the Devil Sect!

They had concealed themselves for eighteen years. It seemed like the time hadn't gone to waste from the way they were extending their influence.

Wind Thunder Valley in Dragon Tiger Mountain?

Wasn't that where Bai Xianer used to live? He had planned to make a trip there to take revenge on that demon that murdered her family after his college entrance exams!

Devil Abolishing Conference?

Ling Yun would definitely want to participate in such a lively event!

Ling Yun smiled and locked onto his target. There was only half a month left until the college entrance exams. The timing was just right.

Ling Yun was full of scorn when he heard how Liu Suifeng wanted to protect Qin Dongxue on the way to Wind Thunder Valley. He would be killed within three strokes by that mysterious woman from last night!

Liu Suifeng took a glance at Ning Lingyu after he finished his piece. He then glared at Ling Yun before leaping into the air and disappearing from Mansion Number Nine.

"Hmph! Ling Yun, you rascal and troublemaker! Aren't you coming in?"

Qin Dongxue grabbed Ling Yun's arms with both hands and dragged him into the living room.

"He asked for it…" Ling Yun muttered. He rolled his eyes at where Liu Suifeng had stood.

Ling Yun was slightly disappointed about not having any news about Qin Qiuyue. However, he was confident that the Heavenly Sword Sect would be present during the conference at Wind Thunder Valley. He would just have to ask then.

That was something in the future. What was most important now was to appease Qin Dongxue.

Ling Yun could only use Lingyu as his shield now.

"Lingyu, come, return back inside with Big Brother…" Ling Yun beckoned his younger sister.

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